About Us

Who are we?

We are a group of passionate —and a little nerdy—tech enthusiasts, dedicated in body and soul to help you find the best tool for your every website-building need.

If you have an amazing idea—or even more so, the need—for an attractive and functional website, why should you fight and struggle for making it a reality? We strongly believe every individual should be able to enjoy the fulfilling, empowering process of designing, building, creating and ultimately managing their own website—regardless of their programming skills. But that can only happen if you have the right tool.

That’s why we work day and night to provide you with the most in-depth reviews and resources to make your seeking and selection process for a website builder a lot more easy, comfortable, and even fun!

Our mission

There is one and only one goal for us. As dramatic as it may sound—pretty dramatic, that is —this is our reason to be: to boost you web entrepreneur spirit. “How” you ask? By providing you with only the best, most complete, and up-to-date information about the oh-so-many website builder solutions available on the web. We want to empower your creative soul—and the soul of all who want it—with even the smallest piece of information—from prices, to features, to user friendliness, to speed, and more—about the best and latest website builders out there. With the many resources and informative post we provide you, the lack of technological knowledge is no longer an excuse to limit your creativity—not to mention the possibilities for both you and your business!

Our vision

To someday—not too far from today, hopefully— become the ultimate best source of information for absolutely any—we mean any—website-builder related query.

What is this about?

The idea for this project is to translate all of our team’s SEO, design and overall tech knowledge and expertise into helpful reviews and resources for anyone who wants to build a website themselves. We want to teach you how to make the most out of each and every website builder tool, and therefore, make your search process for the right software a lot shorter, as we also reduce the learning curve for figuring out how to use it. We will help you bring you website idea to life, no matter if you are a long-time experience web developer, or a total tech noob with zero programming knowledge.

Our Passion for our work

By now you probably already know this, but we might as well say it one more time. We are a group of web developers and designers and we love what we do. We love to do website creation, we love to talk website creation, we love to teach website creation, and we love when other love website building. We just can’t get enough of it! And every day we strive to make our work as reachable as possible for the beginner, and as meaningful as possible for the expert.

How we got started?

Yes, we know it all about website builders. But it wasn’t always like that.

Back in the day, Deepak, wanted to start a website of his own, but he had no idea where to start. So, like many of us, he had to do a lot of research. How could he have a good looking, functional website without having to pay a fortune for it? Browsing through the internet, Deepak was surprised to realize how many building and design solutions were available for him to DIY his own website. Amazing! Right? But among these dozens of tools, how could he know which one was the most suiting for his every website needs? Deepak had to spend a lot of time—and patience! —studying each and every website builder that he ran into. It was a long and draining process, but there was no way around it. He needed the information and there was no other way to get it… was it?

And that’s when it hit him.

What if he wasn’t along in this struggle? What if there were millions of people that desperately wanted, or even needed to build a website themselves? What if they—just like himself—didn’t know how to get started? After all his research, Deepak had the answer to these questions, and he was willing to put all of the valuable information he gathered to good use; to help fellow rookies find the best tool to build a website of their own without having to spend so many ours and tears looking for it.

Very soon, what started as simple idea, grew into a business, which eventually turned into what we all know today as Websitebuilder.org

Company values

Here at WebsiteBuilder.org we like to do things on: And “what is that way” you may ask?

First of all, we are proud to call ourselves impartial. We have absolutely no favorites, and there’s definitely no one we arbitrarily despise. No one is paying us for what we write, and—as tempting as that might sound—we would never go that way. Every review we write is transparent, objective, and true to the facts. We are also kind of perfectionist freaks; we strive for excellence. Everything we post goes through a more-than-a-double check, so that no mistake find their way through. We make sure that every single piece of information and resource that we are sharing with you is absolutely top notch. And as maniac as that may sound, we still like to have our good times. Here at WebsiteBuilder.org believe that good work comes from a good place, so we make sure our team is always happy and satisfied with our working system and environment.

Reviews on the website

On WebsiteBuilder.org, you won’t only find reviews that we write ourselves about the site building solutions available. You’ll also find comments and reviews written by real users about their experiences with the website builder they use, the problems they faced when using them, and how our information and resources helped them overcome those problems. We encourage you to share your experience with our community too!

How we perform a review

In order to provide you with the best information and resources that we can, we do a strict and in-depth analysis for each and every website builder in the market—no exceptions. Although you’ll find absolutely every single detail of information regarding the application, our main priority—which we know best—is the technological part.

These are only some of the aspects we go through:

  • The price plans available and the benefits of each of them
  • The loading speed of the site and how the technical background of the builder app affects it
  • The features offered to provide a mobile friendly experience of your site for your users
  • The search engine optimization characteristics offered by the platform to boost your site’s reach
  • The integration factor of the apps, meaning which functions it offers by default, and also which others can be integrated to customize your site
  • The options available for you to interact with the visitors to your site
  • The blogging features and how complete they are
  • The customer support service, their communications channels, their accessibility, and—of course—how helpful they are
  • The features offered by the tool to not only make the building and designing process easy and intuitive, but also to achieve optimal performance from your website
  • In WebsiteBuilder.org, we make sure to find out how raliable,secure,fast,bug free and ultimately worth it is a software by running tests and trying the tool ourselves, and then sharing our impartial,objective and reviews about software.

In WebsiteBuilder.org, we make sure to find out how reliable, secure, fast, bug free, and ultimately worth it is a software by running tests and trying the tool ourselves, and then, sharing our impartial, objective review about the software.

Our resources

Besides our in-depth reviews, in WebsiteBuilder.org you’ll also find numerous resources—such as infographics and other visual aids— to provide you with guidance and help. Our team works day and night to make your site building experience as smooth, easy, and—why not—even fun as possible. Your lack in technical knowledge should be a limitation to your creativity! And we’re sure our resources will open many doors that perhaps were closed before. With every infographic, chart, and post we share with you, we help to boost your ideas and make them a reality.

Our Team

Deepak- CEO

In a nutshell, I am a managing parter, an entrepreneur, and electronics graduate, and a tech lover. There are tons of website builders available on the web, but just some sites that properly and efficiently rate them. That’s what triggered the idea for a reviewing and comparing website. Thus, WebsiteBuilder.org. Here on this site, we try it as easy as possible for all of those who are getting started with their website, but that have absolutely no—or at least little—knowledge of the technical side. We want to help you bring your physical business to the web.

Muninder- User Design

I’m a software engineering graduate, researcher on user design for websites, usability analysis—and overall a tech geek—. I’m in charge of keeping this machine—that is WebsiteBuilder.org site—running nice and steady. I make sure that everything related to our webpage runs smoothly, from the web design to the user-friendliness. And I integrate the concepts of usability, user design and technologies to make site load fast in to our site to make it fast, usable and likable for you, user.