WPForms Coupon/Promo Codes/Deals 2020

You’ll find a WPForms limited-time discount on the website as well as a discount upon check out. Here are the two deals you can get when you buy the contact form:

Coupon DescriptionPriceExpiration DateApply Coupon
50% on all ordersLimited Time Deal
60% on all ordersAt Checkout on Incomplete Form

What WPForms Coupons/Promo Codes Are There? 

WPForms offers a WPForms contact form plugin coupon code for a limited time on its website. The top WPForms offers include 50% off on all four payments as well as getting an additional 60% at checkout for completing buying the product. 

For non-profit organizations, there’s 75% off on WPForms Pro, without the need for a WPForms Verified & updated promo code. Non-profit organizations will only have to pay $99 each year. There’s also an Affiliate Program that you can join to earn a 20% commission each time another user uses your referral link to buy a WPForms product. 

You can promote the company and its products on your social media accounts, website, and blog.  If you sell the Basic License, you earn $7.90, the Plus License earns $19.90, the Pro License earns$39.90, and the Elite License earns $59.90. Joining is free.

How to Redeem the WPForms Coupon Code? 

You can redeem the newest WPForms coupon code by following these steps:

  • Visit the website
  • When you click on “Pricing,” a red pop up with a limited time offer will appear at the top.
  • You have three hours to redeem the offer to get 50% off on all four payment plans.
  • Just click on the payment plan you want, and the receipt will show the total price with the 50%  discount. 
  • Complete the purchase.

Failure to complete the purchase shows another pop up saying that you can get an additional 60% off upon completing the form and checking out to complete the purchase. However, this offer is only valid for first-time customers, not recurring ones. 

Non-profit organizations have to fill out an application form to qualify for the 75% discount. You’ll need to sign up with WPForms to buy the product. 

Who Is the WPForms Coupon for? 

WPForms special deals, offers, and discounts are for all customers, whether they’re new or old. The company offers limited-time deals on all plans, and it’s one per person. Register for free to get the WPForms discount code

Other Deals 

WPForms doesn’t offer a free trial or any subscription deals for signing up. It does have an affiliate plan to earn money and offer discounts to non-profit organizations. It offers limited-time deals throughout the year, but you’ll have to check the website often to see if there is any active deal going on.

Refund/Cancelation Policy 

WPForms doesn’t offer a free trial, but there is a 100% no-risk double-guarantee policy, which is valid for 14 days from the time of purchase. If you don’t like the product, you’ll get a complete refund. 

Saving Tips and Tricks Without a Coupon

If you don’t have a WPForms discount coupon, there isn’t any other way to get a discount. As we said earlier, there’s neither a free trial nor a discount at signing up. If you’re a new customer, you can leave a form incomplete, so the website asks you to fill it to get the 60% discount, which is one of the best WPForms money-saving options. If you aren’t a new customer, you’ll have to wait for the company to give a WPForms coupon, special deal, and WPForms promo code. 

Why Choose WPForms? 

WPForms works to make your life easier by providing you with easy to use contact forms. It offers contact forms, payment forms, survey forms, newsletter forms, registration forms, and more than 100 templates to choose from. You can use a WPForms coupon when available to get huge discounts on the different payment plans.


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