40 Jaw-Dropping Google Stats & Facts (2020 Edition)

Google is well known for its amazing products. The Google company profile shows just how well-regarded the American multinational technology company is as one of the world’s largest technology companies alongside Apple, Facebook, and Amazon.

Founded in 1998, it not only specializes in cloud computing, online advertising technologies, and software, but also in hardware and sponsorships. In order to fully understand the company, we’ll be looking at a number of stats on the subject. This should help advertisers, users, and entrepreneurs alike stay knowledgeable about its products, its financial growth, and its economic impact.

The Top Google Stats (Editor’s Choice)

  • Google acquires an average of one company every week.
  • Google had tried selling itself to the Excite online company for $1 million but was turned down.
  • The name “Google” is derived from the mathematical term “googol.”
  • Google has several domains that cover the most common misspellings of its name.
  • Google processes over 63,000 search queries every second.
  • Google recycles 100% of its electronic equipment.
  • In 2014, Google built its first car from scratch.
  • 12% of Google searches are made by voice.
  • Over a billion people use Google’s products and services.
  • 27% of visitors to Google.com are from the United States.

Google Stats and Facts: Products & Services

1. Google has over 251 products, including its search engine.


There are many people out there who might be wondering if Google’s search engine is all that contributes to the company’s rapid growth and fame. However, it should come as no surprise that Google has more than 251 products to provide for the multitude of Google users out there.

2. Google acquires an average of one company every week.


Starting in 2010, Google has acquired at least one company every week on average. This goes a long way toward increasing its revenue, not to mention drawing more notice to the company. Having various subsidiaries and products is a unique business strategy, one which the company continues to successfully invest in. In this way, Google Inc can also leverage these acquisitions as it strives to innovate more and more.

3. Google processes over 63,000 search queries every second.

(Ardor SEO)

With the massive number of active users on Google’s search engine every day, it really isn’t a surprise this number is so high. Essentially, this amounts to over 5.5 billion searches per day and a whopping 2 trillion searches per year. Additionally, the search engine handles a mammoth  amount of desktop searches. In October of 2019, Google handled 87.96% of desktop searches. This data is according to the Google search statistics from Internet Live Stats and the most recent SEO statistics.

4. Chrome accounted for 32.48% of all mobile web traffic in the United States.


Chrome’s browser, which is owned by Google, was responsible for nearly a third of all mobile web traffic in the US. This means, according to reports from VentureBeat, that Chrome now has over a billion mobile users.

5. As of 2018, the number of domains with Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages reached 31 million.

(Search Engine Journal)

Google has provided great and unique innovations to help developers attain better skills and portray their knowledge more effectively. The widely known Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) isn’t left out here. In 2018, the number of domains using Google’s AMP technology reached a whopping 31 million.

6. Over 2 billion lines of code have been made across all of Google’s internet services.


This is exponentially greater than nearly any other program in existence. Joomla, for instance, has only a small fraction of that, i.e., 370,000 lines of code. If Google services consisted of Joomla code lines only, it would take 54,054 Joomla platforms to put all of these services to work. Developers may find it interesting to know that the code for every one of Google’s online services is all tied together, meaning it’s all in one place.

7. In 2017, a whopping 250 million security warnings were sent out to users by Chrome monthly.


For a very long time now, malware has been a dangerous threat to internet users, with malicious hacking attacks occurring every 39 seconds, as per latest cyber security statistics. According to the top facts about Google, Chrome has made sure it can detect millions of security breaches and malware infections.

8. Google shut down Google+ due to software design flaws.


Google has provided various products to the public. However, on April 2, 2019, the company had to shut down its Google Plus platform. This was due to software design flaws and low user engagement.

9. Google acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion.


In 2006, Google saw the potential YouTube presented. In order to turn it into the world’s largest video site, Google bought the platform at a price of $1.65 billion. Today, YouTube stats show that the website reaches 500 million views every day and has nearly 2 billion logins every month.

10. Google’s Android platform is the world’s leading smartphone platform.


Android smartphones have grown really fast, and most companies now make use of the operating system when making phones. Google’s Android leads the world when it comes to the largest smartphone platform, surpassing Nokia and Apple with a 33% share.

11. Google Maps statistics show that the app has been downloaded more than 5 billion times.

(Android Police)

Due to the fact that Google Maps is highly regarded as one of the most useful apps in the world, thousands of downloads are made every day. The Google product appears to be used just as much as Google’s search engine, and for a long time now Gmaps stats have counted millions of active monthly users across the product’s entire platform.

12. Google Drive reached 1 billion users.

(The Verge)

Google Drive has really gone a long way, storing millions of files. Offering its storage service to the public has been very helpful. Although Gmail is more widely used than Google Drive, Drive effectively retains its users, making it one of the top Google products alongside Gmail, according to the top Gmail statistics.

13. Gmail has over 1.5 billion active users.

(Android Police)

Google mail has gone far beyond what many had first anticipated. Today, it now has more than 1.5 billion active users. Due to the unique and useful innovations that this company has provided, it’s become significantly easier to integrate Gmail with other products by users. As we can see from most Google Gmail stats, just about anyone can understand how important the product truly is, what kind of impact it has, and what future changes it will bring to the world.

Stats on Growth & Finance

14. Google owns more than 200 domain names.


Many reports and unique case studies have been presented concerning this, since it’s perhaps one of the top Google fun facts. Due to its many products and internet services, it comes as no surprise to a lot of people that Google has so very many domains under its purview. And with the endless number of upcoming products, people will be seeing quite a few more.

15. In 2019, Google generated almost $134.8 billion in ad revenue.


This impressive Google revenue data clearly shows that the company can handle its users’ needs thanks to its strong financial standing. From advertising revenue alone, Google made nearly $134.8 billion. This was possible through one of its most popular services, commonly known as Google Ads.

16. Google has multiple owners.


Unknown to a lot of people in the world today, Google is not in fact owned by just two people. So who owns Google now? In fact, the company is owned by several people and bodies—all of whom have collective rights to a specific percentage of shares in the company. Nevertheless, the top reports show that founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin own the most shares in the company.

17. Google uses less power and energy in its data centers than you’d expect.

(Google APIs)

Many assume the company uses a huge amount of energy across its many data centers. However, Google actually uses 50% less energy in its data centers when you compare it to similar companies.

18. Google is the world’s second largest internet company by revenue.


Although Google becoming Alphabet Inc’s subsidiary happened a long time ago, it still earns more revenue than Alphabet. As of 2019, Google makes an annual revenue of nearly $162 billion. This sets it up as one of the biggest internet companies in the world today, with Amazon topping the list, and Facebook coming fourth.

For comparison purposes, Wix, which also generates its revenue from ads, as well as from paid subscriptions, generated only 0.55% of Google’s annual revenue.

19. Google has 118,889 employees.


When looking at most companies today, Google is known for always standing out from the crowd. These Google facts show that running so many products at once doesn’t just require great financial stability, it demands enough arms to oversee its data centers, apps, and so on. The company may have started out small, with just two people. However, today it has over a hundred thousand employees.

In contrast, nearly half of all small businesses in the US have 1–5 full-time or part-time employees.

Google Stats on Usage & Demographics

20. 12% of Google searches are made by voice.


According to recent Google data, its searches indicate that about 12% are made by voice command. Voice searches are fast becoming a regular trend, especially for mobile and smartphone users. Voice search statistics indicate that 20% of all mobile search queries are mobile. Today, artificial intelligence and smart speakers help make the act of searching with your voice highly efficient. In fact, 50% of all searches are expected to be voice searches by the end of 2020.

21. Over a billion people use Google’s products and services.

(Popular Science)

There are a whole bunch of internet users today. And the data shows that a good portion of them use Google’s products. According to the reports, over 1 billion people actively use Google and its products.

22. 27% of Google.com’s visitors were from the United States.


Case studies and top reports concerning the best stats about Google showed that the United States accounted for over a quarter of all the web traffic directed at Google.com. China, Brazil, and India are also among the top countries that make use of Google and its diverse range of services.

23. You can use Google Assistant to put your shopping list together.


The OK Google trends linked to Google Assistant’s AI on Android devices can be used to accomplish several things. One of these includes making a shopping list. It might seem simple, but having the AI do the work for you can make a big difference in your day-to-day tasks. Apart from making shopping lists, users can easily adapt it to control and manage their home’s digital smart devices.

Google Stats and Facts on Economic Impact

24.  Google employees in the US get death benefits equating to 50% of their salary.


Google guarantees death benefits for its US employees. This means that said employees’ surviving spouses will receive 50% of their salary each year 20 years after they pass.

25. In 2014, Google built its first car from scratch.

(The Guardian)

One of Google’s impressive innovations is the self-driving electric car it made in 2014. Unlike most others, this one had no steering wheel or pedals. On top of that, it had a range of 100 miles.

26. The Google market share among the world’s search engines is 87.96%.


For a very long time now, Google has dominated the search engine market. We can clearly see that Google firmly holds the worldwide desktop market share. Bing comes in second place here at a mere 5.27%.

27. Google recycles 100% of its electronic equipment.

(Colocation America)

Recycling is a great way to save energy and effectively prevent pollution. For this reason, Google takes measures to ensure it recycles 100% of the electronic equipment leaving its data centers every day.

Other Interesting Facts About Google

28.  Since its arrival in 1998, Google has changed its logo 7 times.

(Inkbot Design)

The company’s present logo is treated as the 7th logo ever, but it’s the 6th since the search engine opened to the public. So far, there’s no indication that the company has made plans concerning another change. Of course, it provides a new, unique logo every day on its search engine, but it leaves its official logo the same. The latest branding statistics show that Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc., spends $2.41 billion on branding.

29. More statistics about Google show that it owns domains covering its name’s more common misspellings.


It’s pretty rare for a company to own multiple spellings of its name. But Google has proven its uniqueness in this way. Most of these cover the standard basic typos. For example, it owns domains like gogle.com, gooogle.com, googlr.com.

30. Google owns 23 out of the top 100 websites on Alexa.


Some of the most popular Google truths are well-known by millions as the company is so influential. One of the more simple, unsurprising facts is that many of Google’s websites rank among the top in the world. Alexa’s current rankings show how popular a website is, and today, Google has its top domains ranking amongst the highest there.

The list also features popular social media networks, as well as the “front page of the Internet,” Reddit, known for lengthy site visits, which, on average, last 16 minutes.

31. One of our more fascinating Google stats, the name “Google” is derived from the mathematical term “googol.”


Many people wonder where the name of this big technology company derives from. In actual fact, the name “Google” comes from a mathematical term known as a “googol,” which refers to the number 1 with a hundred zeros following it. While this may not have been the company’s first try at a name, it’s the one that stuck. 

32.  So what was Google’s original name? It was first nicknamed “BackRub” before eventually changing to Google.

(Business Insider)

Naming a product or technology isn’t an easy task for developers. Larry Page and Sergey Brin had first named their product “BackRub” because the system checked backlinks to estimate the importance of a website.

33. Google Street View is also used by Google’s driverless cars.


Through AI technology, Google’s driverless vehicles can use Google Street View to help them get around. It’s been one of the company’s best innovations, according to the top reports and analyses made over the Google Street View stats.

34. Each Google office is designed to never be more than 150 feet away from food.


This, of course, comes as a unique benefit to those working in the Google company. According to Forbes, no part of any office on Google’s campus can be more than 150 feet away from access to food. And this isn’t all there is to know about Google.

35. Google tried selling itself to the online company Excite for $1 million but was turned down.


It’s a big surprise to a lot of people that the world’s second largest internet company attempted to sell itself for just a million dollars in 1999. Perhaps because Google hadn’t yet been on the market long enough to prove itself, Excite’s SEO chose to turn it down.

36. Google Map stats show that Google Maps contain 21 million gigabytes of data.

(Google Maps Widget)

Today, people use Google Maps almost all the time. Through its available satellite images and street images, users can easily find their way across town in places they’re completely unfamiliar with. This may have something to do with the vast amount of data the app contains. Luckily, due to the many impressive technological innovations Google takes advantage of, usage is never affected by the amount of data this product houses.

37. Alphabet Inc is the current owner of Google.


Larry Page serves as CEO of the popular Alphabet Inc. While still running the company, he and Sergey Brin are also Google’s founders. Google is the world’s second largest internet company and has the number one website in the whole world according to Alexa. Today, Google is worth billions of dollars, so much more than the company it originally tried to sell to.

38. Google uses code names for its stock levels.


When dealing with stocks from Google, people should always understand the Goog vs Googl concept. As a matter of fact, each name is made to represent different classes of Google stock.

39. In 2013, 56% of internet users Googled themselves.


It’s perfectly normal to Google questions about the things people see around them, but have they ever thought of Googling themselves? Well, 56% of people who used the internet in 2013 did so. And among the Google user base today, a good number of people still do.

40. The “I’m feeling lucky” button costs Google $110 million per year.

(Business Insider)

The “I’m feeling lucky” button is a well-known feature that provides fast queries over the search engine. The feature was introduced to help users bypass ads without having to go through the search results page. The top Google stats report that the feature costs the company over $110 million. This is due to the very fact that it avoids advertisements and quickly takes the user to the first search result after typing their query.

Bottom Line

The company has been given quite a lot of nicknames by most of its users. Since the founders first switched to “Google” from “Backrub,” it’s become the most-used search engine and one of the most recognizable online companies in the world. Google has a great history with the internet, generating huge profits thanks to all the services it offers today. Google is also known for handling sponsorships, especially when it comes to software development learning. On top of that, Google is well-known for its efforts to protect nature and help society.

We put the above Google stats together to show everyone what Google really is, how it works, and how it has efficiently impacted our world’s economy. As we can all see, the company has made waves in the search engine world. It’s clear Google won’t be going away anytime soon.


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