Discounts Like No Others – Grab Your HostGator Coupon Code And Prosper Online

HostGator is one of the biggest names in the web hosting industry.

Thanks to its tempting offers, stellar service and memorable mascot the company is home for more than nine million domain names. It is particularly suitable for sites with US audience, as its two datacenters are located in Texas and Utah.

The combination of modern infrastructure, excellent technical support and very affordable plans is very tempting. To sweeten things up even more, the company runs promotions frequently.

Securing a HostGator coupon and scoring the best hosting deal possible is remarkably easy!

Not only this, but even without a discount code HostGator has one of the lowest monthly fees for those who pay for two or three years in advance. Given that establishing a successful online presence from scratch takes a considerable amount of time, committing long-term makes a lot of sense.

Affordable, rich in features and easily scalable, the HostGator plans are offer great value for money even without discount codes.

If your site grows unexpectedly fast, the HostGator plans scale up nicely.

HostGator provides the full range of web hosting services: domain registration, shared plans, cloud hosting, managed WordPress hosting, a website builder, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), dedicated machines and reseller plans.

And you know what?

You can get a discount coupon for each and every single one of these services.

I kid you not.

HostGator Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is by far the most affordable and least demanding type of web hosting service. It requires no technical knowledge whatsoever and costs a few dollars per month.

For those of you, who are looking for a place to launch a website, HostGator has two types of shared hosting environment: the legacy shared hosting plans and the HostGator Cloud.

The latter is slightly more expensive but has a few advantages over the regular shared hosting.

Most notably, the cloud plans pack more computational power and provide much greater redundancy and security as each site is replicated across three different servers. Cloud users can also benefit from a dashboard that monitors and evaluates various aspects of the site’s performance.

Lastly, changing the parameters of a HostGator Cloud plan is extremely easy. You can request additional RAM or CPU power using a simple slider. The resources will be allocated almost immediately. Once no longer needed, removing this extra computational power is equally easy.

Albeit slightly more expensive, the HostGator Cloud platform provides great value.

HostGator offers Microsoft shared hosting plans, too. There are two of them, with the small offering being able to host a single domain, while the Enterprise package has room for five sites.

All shared plans sport unlimited bandwidth and server space and include a variety of programming tools, statistics, database management interface and many other perks that make the webmaster’s life easy.

At the moment, all shared Linux plans can be purchased with some impressive discounts: up to 60% off is what one HostGator coupon code gives.

The Windows plans also enjoy some sweet price reduction but only at about 40% off.




Discount Codes for HostGator Shared Hosting Plans

At the moment, there are several discounts that sweeten up the HostGator shared plans considerably.

To begin with, you can have your first month of hosting for a single cent. Use the discount code PENNY and pay $0.01 for a full moon of hosting services. It applies to legacy shared and Windows hosting but not to HostGator Cloud.

Still, PENNY is a very minor discount that makes sense if you opt to pay on a monthly basis. Should you commit for two or three years, which makes the most sense financially anyway, you’d be much better off using the promo code FREEUPGRADE3, which can slash down the total expense with the staggering 60%.

The HostGator promo codes can reduce the price of shared hosting by the staggering 60%!.

This HostGator discount code works with all shared hosting products, including the Cloud.

However, for HostGator Cloud the best code currently available is SNAPPYC579, which would reduce the hosting fees with nearly 50%. FREEUPGRADE3 chops off only about 30% of cloud hosting plans.

Lastly, for Windows hosting, you’d benefit the most from SNAPPY, which is somewhat of a universal HostGator promo code.

Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress powers nearly 30% of all sites in existence already, and its widespread adoption shows no signs of slowing down.

As a result, managed WordPress hosting is something more and more hosting companies begin to offer.

HostGator’s managed WordPress plans are among the most affordable packages of this type, starting at $5.95/mo for hosting a single site. For comparison, a similar product at BlueHost starts at $19.95/mo and at DreamHost at $16.95/mo.

The main limitation of managed WordPress hosting plans at HostGator and elsewhere is the number of domains that can be hosted.

WordPress hosting at HostGator comes with automatic installation and updates of the popular CMS. It sits on servers optimized for WordPress that deliver faster performance thanks to a CDN and Varnish. They also have advanced security and some WordPress-exclusive perks like MOJO marketplace.

Google Analytics are also ready to use.

And if you still think that $5.95 per month is too much, just grab a HostGator redeemable discount code for WordPress hosting and get an even better price.

Discount Codes for HostGator Managed WordPress Plans

The code you can use when ordering a managed WordPress hosting plan with HostGator is: SNAPPYW579.

It can reduce the price with 60%, which is insane!

To put things in perspective, the biggest WordPress plan would cost you only $358.24 for three full years using SNAPPYW579 upon purchase. The actual price is $826.20.

It doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

HostGator VPS Plans

When shared hosting cannot quite cut it, be it due to high traffic or resource-heavy applications like Magento, a Virtual Private Server is the next logical step.

All VPSs have dedicated resources and much greater account isolation than the shared environment.

At HostGator, you can go for a semi-managed VPS, which would provide you with a nearly absolute control of the virtual machine, which is not so frequently seen in other hosting companies. A semi-managed virtual server requires a considerable amount of technical knowledge for its proper administration.

HostGator provides fully managed virtual servers too, equipped with cPanel for total, yet easy control of the server.

HostGator’s VPS plans are very flexible and diverse.

HostGator’s virtual servers pack a decent amount of power under the hood, providing dedicated resources and numerous tools for advanced site management.

The smallest VPS has 2 CPU cores, 2GB of RAM and 120GB of SSD space; ample for any CMS and most custom coded sites. Indeed, you can find basic VPS plans with even more impressive specs, but none can match the HostGator’s price of $19.95 per month.

Truth be told, this looks more like a fee for a pricey shared hosting, rather than a virtual server.

Admittedly, this low price is achievable only with a discount coupon code, but fear not as they are abundant and easily obtainable.

Discound Codes For HostGator VPS Plans

VPS solutions are pricier than shared hosting plans, but with the generous HostGator promotions you won’t really notice the difference.

Right now, the three VPS plans can be purchased with up to 75% discount!

All you need to do is insert the promo code SNAPPYV2 and prepay for three years.

The discount is mesmerizing, as with the biggest and most expensive of the three VPS plans you’d be saving nearly $4,000. That’s not a small sum.

HostGator Dedicated Plans

Ultimate control, speed, reliability – these are but a few of the many virtues a dedicated server has.

Of course, having an entire server is a serious investment, but if your site – or sites – needs resources, this is the way to go.

Similar to the VPS plans, HostGator can give you a semi-managed server or provide full support. In case you know what you are doing, a semi-managed solution would do the trick. HostGator support would handle basic configuration and hardware management but nothing else.

A managed dedicated server is supported more extensively, with the support team of the host installing OS updates and providing backups. They also monitor the network and the system performance, effectively taking care of the security for you.

Relatively recently HostGator updated the dedicated plans, but legacy dedicated servers are still available. They are even more affordable, with the smallest plan starting at $79/mo, which is insanely low for an entire server.

HostGator has two dedicated platforms.

The new plans begin at $119/mo, which is still very cheap for a 4 core Intel Xeon-D CPU, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD and uncapped bandwidth. Indeed, the storage is HDD, but for $20 more you could have 512GB of SSD, 8 core CPU and 16GB RAM. Regardless of the type of storage you choose, you should know that all dedicated servers come with RAID-1 configuration for faster data retrieval.

The advertised prices are valid with discount. If you need to scale up your operations, hurry up and grab a HostGator coupon code for the most affordable dedicated hosting you can dream of.

Discount Codes for HostGator Dedicated Plans

Renting an entire server is bound to be expensive, but it you pay for three full years and use the right coupon code, you can save BIG.

Go with SNAPPYD2 and cut the price in half. An Enterprise dedicated server would normally cost $10,404 for three years, but with SNAPPYD2 discount code will fall down to $5,364.30.

With such discounts, you can go crazy and purchase two servers!

HostGator Reseller Hosting Plans

Ready to flex your entrepreneurial muscles?

HostGator has several tempting reseller hosting plans. By purchasing a reseller package, you can run a hosting service of your own by renting HostGator servers.

With the unbelievably generous HostGator discount codes, you can secure the biggest reseller package for three full years for less than $900 in total. This sounds like a very small initial investment for creating your own company.

With 140GB of SSD space and 1400GB of bandwidth, customer management tools, a billing system and white label for your brand you can host easily more than 15 clients. Even if you charge as few as $3/mo (which is incredibly low for a shared plan), you’ll be making a profit.

Starting your own hosting business with Hostgator requires a laughably small initial investment.

Of course, this is nothing more than a basic example. With the right marketing strategy and planning you can create a business that can be your main source of income. HostGator puts in your hands all the tools necessary to create unique hosting plans that can attract customers with ease.

Naturally, being a successful reseller requires not only talent for business but, ideally, also technical skills as you’d be the first line of support for your clients. Many issues can be discussed and resolved with the HostGator support, but your customers will be contacting you.

Using white label reselling services means that your brand will be the one selling to the end users, who would have no idea that HostGator is behind the scenes.

If you think that you are ready to grab your financial future in your hands, a HostGator reseller discount is already waiting for you.

Discount Codes for HostGator Reseller Hosting Plans

Getting a hefty discount is just what your reseller business needs. Saving big early on to build up your client base can be really beneficial and set you on the right track without much risk.

The HostGator discount code that can do just that is: SNAPPYR192424.

It cuts the cost nearly 60%, bringing your initial investment to $898. By all standards, this is a very meager sum to pay for three years for a product that can change your life.

When done correctly, reselling hosting services could really help your financial independence.

HostGator Website Builder

Many hosting companies are jumping onto the website building bandwagon. With the likes of Wix and Weebly securing tens of millions of paying users, it is not surprising that everyone wants a piece of the cake.

One thing to notice with virtually all site builders is that they are, on average, more expensive than a simple shared hosting plan. The reasons for that are many, but, most importantly, you get hosting and site building tools bundled together.

Developing a comprehensive and easy to use website builder is not that easy (you’d be surprised how many companies got it utterly wrong), but it seems HostGator’s solution is a good one.

I gave it a quick test run and was quite pleased with its interface and overall functionality. Everything you’d expect is there and runs without any noticeable hiccups.

Now, the HostGator website builder plans start at $3.95/mo, which is the cheapest I’ve seen for such type of product, but it has its limitations. The second plan is $16.90 and the third $28.94.

After a discount code has been applied, the most expensive plan can go down to $5.95/mo.

Keep in mind that scaling up with the site builder plans can be a costly endeavor, as most coupons and discounts are valid for the first payment and the difference between $.395 and $16.90 is huge.

Site builders simplify things but can be binding.

Before going for a website builder of any sort, keep in mind that migrating your site away from them is either impossible or very difficult. In other words, unless you want to rebuild everything from scratch, you’d be bound to the site builder of choice with strong ties.

This, and the fact that website builder plans are not the cheapest even after a HostGator promo code has been applied makes me reluctant to recommend it as a viable option. After all, you can have a managed WordPress installation for about $5 a month and use some of the WordPress WYSIWYG drag and drop editors.

WordPress is highly scalable, more flexible and provides much greater control over your website.

All the same, the HostGator website builder is extremely easy to use and well-optimized so might be appealing for many.

Discount Codes for HostGator Website Builder Plans

If you choose the easy way into a webmastery, buying a website builder hosting plan for three years makes perfect sense.

Indeed, it even makes sense to purchase the biggest of the plans because of the heft discount; the many features you get right off the box justify the price tag. This is especially true if you intend to engage in eCommerce activities.

Just use the promo code BUILDERBUSINESS and you can get the biggest site builder for only $240.

That’s over 60% off!

HostGator Domain Name Registration

Most hosting companies today can register domains, allowing you to manage all your services from the same place.

I am generally reluctant to register domain names through hosting companies, as dedicated domain name registrars often have much better deals.

In general, web hosts charge significantly more than dedicated domain registrars.

Generally speaking, HostGator falls square into this rule, as a .COM domain costs $15.

However, the company has a nice discount going on that can bring the initial registration cost down to $5.99.

The thing is that HostGator, just like most other hosting companies, doesn’t include privacy protection for the WHOIS information of your domain. You’d have to pay for it separately and the price is $14.95.

Discount Codes For HostGator Domain Name Registration

If you want to manage all your services through one place without fiddling with nameservers, registering a domain name through HostGator is just fine.

Make sure to use the discount code DOTCOMSUPERDEAL, as it lowers the price considerably upon registration.

Where To Find HostGator Coupon Codes

Finding HostGator discount codes is very easy. The company runs generous promotions on a regular basis, and you can find the redeemable codes on their site.

This page displays all ongoing promotions HostGator has to offer. Currently, there are eight active coupon codes on the page, but you will notice that there is no discount mentioned for Windows shared hosting.

In fact, the FREEUPGRADE3 promo code works well for Linux and Windows plans, but you can always try and even greater discount code: SNAPPY. The HostGator’s mascot is really friendly toward customers’ wallets!

Check out the HostGator discount coupon page regularly for new promotion and deals.

Keep in mind that the discount codes and promotions are valid for the initial purchase. When the time for renewal comes up, you’d have to pay the full price of the package.

It is always worth a shot to contact HostGator billing or sales team when the time to renew is nigh and ask about additional discount codes. This is a generous company that doesn’t shy away from offering really competitive prices to its loyal customers.

How To Redeem HostGator Coupon Codes

Redeeming a HostGator discount code is fairly straightforward.

Applying the discount is done at the last step of the ordering process. Once you select your plan and billing cycle, you need to insert your account information (if this is your first HostGator purchase) and payment method.

When everything is filled in, just above the general terms and conditions, you will see the discount code field. Copy the promo code you wish to use from the HostGator’s coupon page and paste it in, then hit the “Validate” button and watch how the amount due shrivels and dwindles away.

Using HostGator discount codes is extremely easy.

It is, indeed, as simple as that.

In case you want to purchase a product that doesn’t have a promo code displayed on the coupon page, try typing in SNAPPY.

HostGator Payment Methods

Discount codes are nice, but they don’t nullify expenses completely.

HostGator supports some of the most popular payment methods. Debit and credit cards issued by Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover can all be used. You can list a card under your HostGator account for automatic recurring payments.

Another option is to link your PayPal account to HostGator so that automatic payments can be processed on the due date.

You can make your initial purchase and settle recurring fees with HostGator in a number of ways.

Lastly, HostGator accepts checks and money orders too, even though both take considerably longer than paying with a card or through PayPal.

Discount codes can be applied to hosting products purchased with check or money order, but for the purpose you’d have to contact the HostGator sales team. They will set your account up, apply the promo code you wish to use and activate the account once the payment has been received.

Snap A Discount Code And Secure The Future Of Your Website

HostGator has impressed over the years as a company that knows how to handle growth and expansion without compromising its services.

Constant investment and improvement put the Gators up there with the best hosting companies of today.

Despite its size, HostGator remains a friendly place, quick to adapt, evolve and keep the pace of the modern technologies. All these achievements do not have a negative impact on the prices.

Quite the contrary, HostGator continues being one of the most affordable hosts, regardless of what type of service you need. Regular promotions and very generous discount codes make the initial signup a no-brainer.

HostGator dicounts give great financial flexibility and security early on, when your site is in its infancy.

Securing three years of extremely cheap hosting reduces the initial investment in your website dramatically. By the time you need to renew your services, even if you don’t get a new promotion, your site might very well be profitable enough.

One thing is certain: the HostGator discount codes give you a lot of breathing room early on, allowing you to focus fully on the building and development of your online presence without thinking about hosting expenses, as they become negligible.

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