7 Biggest Announcements Made at the Microsoft Surface Event

Microsoft unveiled a slew of new products, including a high-end laptop.

The updated Surface Pro 8, a new premium laptop with a behind-the-screen hinge, and a camera-equipped Surface Duo 2 were all announced at Microsoft’s latest Surface event.

Surface Laptop Studio

Surface Laptop Studio, Image: Microsoft

The Surface Laptop Studio is Microsoft’s newest premium notebook. It is a powerful device with a hinge behind the screen’s middle that allows you to move the screen forward to touch or draw on it.

Surface Pro 8

Surface Pro 8, Image: Microsoft

The Surface Pro 8 is a major revamp of Microsoft’s famous Surface Pro line, with thinner bezels, two Thunderbolt 4 ports, and a larger touchscreen of 13 inches. Moreover, it works with Microsoft’s latest Surface Slim Pen 2.

Surface Slim Pen 2

Surface Slim Pen 2, Image: Microsoft

The Surface Slim Pen 2 is a new stylus from Microsoft that features built-in haptics for more tactile feedback.

Surface Duo 2

Surface Duo 2, Image: Microsoft

Microsoft’s latest Surface event also revealed that its Surface Duo 2 includes a triple-lens camera system and 5G network support, highly requested by customers. What’s more, a new Glance Bar displays information like the time and the remaining battery when the device is closed.

Surface Go 3

Surface Go 3, Image: Microsoft

Microsoft’s low-cost Surface Go 3 is getting updated with new Intel CPUs.

Surface Adaptive Kit

Surface Adaptive Kit, Image: Microsoft

Microsoft’s latest Surface Adaptive Kit now includes port indicators and labels for easier use. There are also opener tools to pop out the kickstand and help you open the lid.

Microsoft's Ocean Plastic Mouse

Microsoft’s Ocean Plastic Mouse, Image: Microsoft

Another big announcement involves Microsoft’s Ocean Plastic Mouse made from 20% recycled ocean plastic. What’s more, its packaging is 100% recyclable.


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