DOJ to File a Case Against Google Over Ad Business

The United States Department of Justice is currently collecting resources in preparation for a case it plans to file against Google. It’s investigating the tech giant’s years of work so that the DOJ can sue it for illegal dominance of the digital advertising market.

According to three reliable sources who want to remain anonymous amid the ongoing investigations, DOJ’s lawyers from its antitrust unit are now doing a series of interviews with publishers to gather data and information to help them build the case.

Notably, this will be the second case the department will file against Alphabet Inc.’s largest unit. Bloomberg reported last year that the DOJ was working on a lawsuit against Google for alleged violation of antitrust laws for dominating the online search market.

The plan to file another case this year is part of the federal government’s drive against the most prominent technology platforms in the US that have been operating for around a decade with minimal regulations. 

The DOJ is also investigating Apple Inc.’s control over the app store. On the other hand, the Federal Trade Commission is investigating for its reign over the online retail market. 

The commission has also sued Meta Platforms Inc., attempting to force the company to sell off WhatsApp and Instagram, the world’s number one photo-sharing platform

Returning to Google, federal scrutiny over its online advertising business has begun since Trump’s administration. In 2020, the attorneys general from 16 states and Puerto Rico filed charges against the tech company for the alleged monopoly of the digital advertising market.

The said case accuses Google of closing a secret deal with Meta to manipulate online auctions for advertisers’ buying and selling ad space on publishers’ websites.

While the DOJ refused to comment on the ongoing investigation, Google denies all these allegations.


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