Fortnite Maker Raised Millions of Funds For Ukraine

Epic Games, the company that created the popular game Fortnite, donated $144 million to aid the humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.

On March 21, Epic Games announced they would donate all the money made from in-game sales until April 3 to victims of the war in Ukraine. It included fees for cosmetic in-game items that users buy, virtual crypto bought online or in a shop, and other video game fees.

With the help of Xbox, they raised $144 million. The fees that Xbox, a Microsoft company, would take from users for items they buy in-game were part of the donation, as well.

On Twitter, Fortnite thanked the people who helped them in their humanitarian efforts. They announced that the funds would go to Direct Relief, UNICEF, UN’s World Food Programme, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and World Central Kitchen.

Among other companies fundraising for the humanitarian needs in the war-stricken country is another video game company, Humble Bundle. This games company that sells video collections online has also raised funds for the victims of the war in Ukraine. 

On March 25, Humble Bundle tweeted, “Thank you all for your support,” and announced that they had raised over $20 million through a bundle of games, software, and books. 

Just seven days earlier, they explained the proceeds would go to Razom for Ukraine, the International Rescue Committee (IRC), International Medical Corps (IMC), and Direct Relief.


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