Google to Customize Play Store App Ratings

Not all apps in Google Play Store can have the same features and functionalities across all countries due to differences in national laws and universal law of Android fragmentation.

The thing is, no developer would want their ratings to be dropped just because one of their app’s features is borked in a single country.

Furthermore, some apps do not work well in larger tablets or foldable forms. So, specific ratings for other forms come in handy. With their help, users are warned that an app might not be as functional compared to its performance on their phone.

For these reasons, Google will customize Google Play Store app ratings to improve how it calculates and displays app scores. In other words, the tech giant plans to roll out form factor-specific and country-specific ratings.

These changes are expected to be of more use to both users and developers. The rollout of the country-specific ratings is expected to take place this November. As for the form factor-specific ratings, we are likely to see them in early 2022. Developers can also expect a notification from the company if these changes will affect their app rating.

Google also announced that it would be releasing more Play Store metrics and data for developers to use in Google Play Console. For more changes, check Google’s blog.


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