Hybrid Is Likely to Keep Pushing Growth, Zoom Observes

Zoom, a popular video-conferencing tool that took the world by storm as the world scrambled to keep up with the new circumstances in the business world brought by the pandemic. 

And, according to Ricky Kapur, the head of Asia Pacific at Zoom, this platform will stay a relevant tool for employees worldwide even as they start returning to offices. 

An increasing number of organizations are turning to a hybrid work model, where employees combine working in the office and at home. Still, Zoom’s popularity doesn’t seem to wane. 

There are three major post-pandemic shifts companies invest in, and, according to Kapur, this is pushing Zoom’s growth.

Employers worldwide are attracted to the idea of creating inclusive, hybrid, and collaborative workspaces for staff that would meet the employees’ demands for flexible work arrangements that would allow them to do their job responsibly no matter where they are. 

That’s the first change encouraging growth.

Furthermore, customers’ increased demand for more convenience in communication makes companies re-imagine how they approach and engage with customers.

Consumers expect companies to give them the means to have meaningful communication with companies, regardless of the industry. 

Finally, many companies are building whole platforms to reach out to new customers, especially in the education and health care fields.

People worldwide used Zoom to keep up with school and work, but growth recently slowed as companies and schools went back to in-person working and studying.

Though Zoom’s revenue recently slightly decreased after the spectacular growth, its users are unlikely to lose interest in using this platform completely. 

According to Kapur, employees are likely to want to keep the perks and flexibility the platform provides as they transition into the hybrid model.


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