Instagram Live Streams Can Now Have Moderators

Instagram is letting users take control of their Live by appointing a moderator. Through the three little dots in the comment bar during a stream, they can search for a particular account or choose from a list of suggested moderator accounts.

Once the Live is in full swing, the assigned moderator can report comments they may consider inappropriate or unfit. They can fully turn off comments for a viewer or remove a viewer from the stream immediately.

It is almost shocking that Instagram just decided to add this feature, as more and more platforms that allow live streaming have already made the decision to do so some time ago.

Facebook already lets users add moderators to their streams. And six years since Instagram launched the ‘Live’ feature, many streaming platforms found it necessary to add a moderator option, as the comments can get hateful and abusive. 

Twitch is another platform that has allowed moderators in an effort to fight trolls and remove inappropriate comments from streams. This feature is especially useful as it will enable content creators to take complete control of their streams.

Instagram’s decision to introduce this feature comes at a time when the social media platform is trying to attract more creators to their ‘Live’ feature with the fact that they allow creators and influencers to monetize their streams. 

With the new option of adding a moderator, a person’s Instagram Live stream can be a much better place with no disgusting or inappropriate comments.



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