Joe Rogan to Try Harder after Spotify Issues

After criticism, US broadcaster Joe Rogan has pledged to offer different views more often in his podcast.

He was recently criticized for spreading COVID-19 misinformation on his podcast on Spotify. Famous musician Neil Young asked for his music to be pulled from the music-streaming platform because of Rogan’s podcast. Fellow musician Joni Mitchell followed in his footsteps.

After this, Spotify released a statement saying that they are working on adding warnings for episodes that discuss COVID-19.

Joe Rogan has apologized for it and pledged to do better in future episodes. He posted a 10-minute video on Instagram in which he vows to try to include different opinions and views in his podcast. 

He further denied “wanting to spread misinformation,” He said that he supports Spotify in their plan to add such advisory warning. He admitted he gets things wrong sometimes, but his only intention with his podcast is to talk to people.

Rogan further added that he admires Young’s and Mitchell’s music and harbors “no hard feelings.”

The controversy surrounds episodes in which Rogan chats with virologist Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Peter McCullough. In the episodes, Malone and McCullough came forward with views different from the CDC’s information.

The US broadcaster said that he’d try to research better and make sure he has all the facts before recording episodes in the future. 

His podcast has around 11 million listeners per episode on average.

Spotify’s CEO said that the warning they plan to put up will re-direct listeners to information about the virus. Daniel Ek also pointed towards existing guidelines regarding spreading misinformation.

Among misinformation, they mentioned saying things about COVID-19 not being accurate or getting infected on purpose to gain immunity. 

It is not the first time Rogan has faced criticism during the pandemic. Earlier this month, experts and doctors sent an open letter to Spotify about the misinformation being spread through the podcast.

Celebrities like the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have come forward saying they’re “concerned” about the spread of misinformation, but they will continue to work with Spotify.


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