New Technology Discovers Over 300 New Planets

New research from NASA has confirmed the existence of 301 new exoplanets by using the deep learning neural network, ExoMiner. 

These recent discoveries were approved for publication in the Astrophysical Journal so that scientists worldwide will get the chance to learn about what this means for future space exploration. 

The initial search began with the Kepler Space Telescope, which has helped scientists detect and confirm 2,870 exoplanets during its ten years of service. 

However, scientists decided to use new deep learning and artificial intelligence technologies to examine data from Kepler, which then led to the confirmation of these new exoplanets.

The team leader, Hamed Valizadegan, said that no one could verify these potential planets until ExoMiner examined the data. The neural network was created using different tests and techniques that experts typically use to confirm the existence of exoplanets. 

After inputting all of the data and protocols into ExoMiner and then teaming it with NASA’s Supercomputer, Pleiades, the new tech was able to distinguish between actual exoplanets and fake positives more precisely than previously possible. 

Valizadegan said that due to the accuracy of ExoMiner, “when it says something is a planet, you can be sure that it is a planet.” 

Unfortunately, none of the exoplanets discovered seem to be Earth-like, as they don’t orbit their parent stars’ habitable zones and are not made up of the same materials.  

However, the hope is that the ExoMiner and similar new technologies will help to give us a better understanding of other solar systems and planets and what makes the one that we live on so special.


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