Impact of the T-Mobile’s Data Breach Remains Unclear

T-mobile, a mobile telecommunication company, has admitted to being hit by a data breach but cannot confirm yet if the attack impacted its customers’ personal data. Allegedly, the breach affected 100 million of the company’s customers.

According to Vice, someone on an underground forum claims to have acquired the data stolen from T-mobile servers. It includes physical addresses, Social Security information, and the unique identification numbers of individual mobile devices called IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity).

A previously issued statement by T-mobile revealed that the company is investigating the claims made on the forum but cannot share any other information at the time being.

Additionally, the company is confident that the entry point used to gather its data has been closed. That being said, the investigation is likely to take some time, despite the company working with the utmost urgency.

Notably, it is not the first time the company fell victim to a data breach. In 2018, a data breach compromised its customers’ information, such as addresses, account numbers, and names.

In December 2020, yet another incident took place. The company said it did not include more sensitive data, such as credit card information, tax IDs, PINs, passwords, or Social Security numbers. However, some of the customers’ call-related information and phone numbers may have been exposed.


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