Walmart May be Joining the NFT Market

As reported by different media outlets, Walmart may start offering NFTs and cryptocurrency.

According to some reports, in December of last year, the retailer filed a few trademark applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The applications are for selling virtual goods, NFTs and cryptocurrency.

A spokesperson told Engadget that Walmart is exploring its options and how new technologies could change the shopping experience. Even though the applications are filed, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Walmart will jump on the NFT market as soon as possible. 

The spokesperson said they routinely file trademark applications, so they didn’t confirm or deny the rumors.

However, Josh Gerben, a trademark attorney, said that the trademark applications are too detailed to be routine. So it seems that Walmart is evidently thinking actively about making NFTs and cryptocurrency a part of their shopping experience.

Walmart joining the NFT and cryptocurrency game would not be too big of a surprise, as other big companies have already jumped on the bandwagon. 

Big companies like Nike, Adidas, and many others have already started selling NFTs, with Nike selling a digital copy of your sneakers along with them. 

Some of them have even mentioned their intentions in creating virtual spaces, while Facebook recently re-branded as Meta and talked about fostering and using metaverses.

So, it is not shocking that Walmart is rushing to adopt such new technologies to stay current, up to date, and give its shoppers the most innovative shopping experience.


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