YouTube Reportedly Pays Podcasters to Film Shows

YouTube has been notably offering shows between $50,000 and $300,000 to have podcasters make video versions of their already existing shows. Bloomberg published a report saying that they’re financing podcasters who are willing to make video-based content.

YouTube has become popular as a video platform, and it still is. However, it hosts some equally famous podcasts like Logan Paul’s Impaulsive, Full Send Podcast, H3 Podcast, and many more. 

YouTube was also instrumental for the growth of Joe Rogan’s recently controversial playlist podcast before Spotify bought its exclusive rights in 2020.

As some stats indicate, YouTube has already started making great strides towards changes that will revolutionize the way its users approach the platform and how they approach available content.

Notably, YouTube has been making small developments for a more pleasurable experience for the listeners of the platform. 

It recently allowed Canada-based users to listen to music without opening the app. This feature used to be only possible for YouTube Premium subscribers.

The video platform also appointed Kai Chuk, a long-time YouTube staffer, around the same time and put him in charge of their podcast efforts. 

While Spotify maybe people’s favorite podcast spot right now, YouTube understands that getting podcasters to make exclusive videos for their platform could help them lure more users to their side.

The Verge reached out to Google for a comment on this matter but has not received any comment yet.


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