35+ Ways To Build Your Own Website (The Ultimate Guide)

So, you want to build your own website? Don’t worry – I got you covered. Below I have listed a bunch of possible options to create the site you want, whatever type you need. 

Personal Website

You want to make this all about you – duh! Ditch the lame old resume and opt out for a more dynamic way of spreading the word about yourself. 

  1. About.Me

About Me

Not about me as in this article’s writer, but About Me as in the online platform, which is out there to help you tell the world who you are and what you do. Think of it as your online interactive CV that you can choose a beautiful design for, easily edit all relevant information, add links to your blog and social media profiles, etc. You can get your about.me page for free. There is a yearly fee of $79 if you want a custom domain, none of the platform’s branding on your site, as well as customer support.

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  1. Weebly

Weebly image

If your goal is a personal website with several pages, with a fancy design that you can easily customize, then you should try Weebly. This fabulous website builder platform has several themes that you can use for the aforementioned purpose. It offers four plans that range from Basic to Business, depending on your site’s type. But for a personal website, I would suggest subscribing to the Starter plan, which includes a free domain, for $8 per month when paid on an annual basis.



  1. WiX


Envision your dream website and bring it to life using WiX. Just select one of the stunning templates that catch your eye and move from there. You can play with it however you want using a simple drag-and-drop editor. The basics are free, but they also offer a range of premium plans that you can choose, if you want to be fancier in terms of the domain name, or maybe need more storage space. For more information, see our detailed review of WiX premium plans. As far as premium plans are concerned, you could also make use of a Wix 50% discount.

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Business Website

It’s 2017, and it’s all happening on the internet. You obviously want to work on your business’ online presence. Look below for several ways to introduce your business to the world, in a time and cost-efficient way.

  1. Elementor

Elementor image

You chose a domain and bought a hosting spot, installed WordPress, and that’s when things got tough. You chose a theme, but you’re not sure how to edit it. All that code talk made a mess in your head. If this made you think “Yup, that’s me” – don’t worry, it’s not just you. Relax and turn to Elementor – a free online service where you can build your theme from scratch (or customize a pre-designed template) before you say drag-and-drop. It is THAT simple. When you’re done, you just import that theme to WordPress and that’s it – you now have a professional looking, mobile-friendly business website. You can get this fabulous page builder for free! Or get many more features with Pro, for $49 per site.

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  1. Sitey

Sitey image

This website builder has all the tools you need to get online today. Unless you have more than a simple site in mind, which you can build for free, you can choose one of their paid plans that feature what you need. Otherwise, you will go through a simple sign-up process, click to choose an eye-catching template, drag-and-drop to customize it, and that would be it. Your business will be online for the world to see, looking stunning on any device. Sitey offers a free plan, but the option to feature your own domain is only available with the paid plans, which range from $10 to $20.

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  1. IM Creator

dave image

This platform offers pre-made stripes and polydoms that you can use for building your own website. Don’t worry if those terms don’t ring a bell; they are draggable-and-droppable, so you can build a fabulous looking website in no-time, with no coding skills. Just choose a template, make a few edits here and there to modify it the way you want to and your website is ready to go live, looking great on any device. All that is free, but if you’re looking for a custom domain name and maybe some email addresses, you can subscribe to their premium plan which will cost you $10 or less.

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eCommerce Website

A web-shop is a tad more complicated than your common info-site. But that does not necessarily mean that building your own eCommerce website should be complicated as well. Still, you'd need to conduct proper analysis before launching your ecommerce website. Once you're done with preparation, see a brief description about the top website builders for an eCommerce site below.

  1. Shopify

Shopify image

One of the simplest eCommerce website builders out there. You can reflect the personality of your brand in terms of design, sales channels, etc., with no coding skills whatsoever! Shopify is an all-in-one web-shop solution that handles marketing, payments, secure checkout for your customers and shipping. The monthly rent for your online store varies between $30 and $300, and even the cheapest plan includes a website to introduce people to your business, a blog to keep them up to date with the latest relevant trends, multiple staff accounts, and much more. (For more details, see this Shopify review)

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  1. BigCommerce

BigCommerce image

Make your business big with this eCommerce builder platform. BigCommerce offers beautiful web-shop templates that convert, which you can easily customize to make your customers’ browsing experience as pleasant as possible. Sell on multiple channels, choose a marketing strategy that suits you best, provide your customers with multiple payment options and thoroughly analyse your business. Your web-store must comfortably fit all your products and customers, so choose a plan between $30 and $250 per month, depending on how big you are.

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  1. WiX Stores

WiX Stores image

The same WiX that I was ranting about in the first section offers an eCommerce solution, too. Don’t worry if you just skipped to this part and missed it – I won’t tell and you still can read a more thorough WiX review. (You’re welcome!) To make a long story short: all the reasons why we love WiX, plus all the web-shop related must-haves (and extras) are joined together in WiX Stores. You can create a stunning web-based store with a superb management system, that will run smoothly on any device, for the price of around $30 per month.

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Restaurant Website

Building a website to introduce your restaurant online has its own specific requirements. You’d need a fancy looking gallery to show people why they should eat at your place,  ways for the guests to make a reservation and to keep in touch on social media. Here are a few examples of how to build your own website for any food-related business.

  1. Flavor Plate

Flavor Plate image

A website building solution that makes everything seem easy – easy to build a website, that will be easy to manage and easy to navigate through. Not only your site will have a beautiful design, but it will also provide all the relevant features for both your and your guests’ convenience. A gallery of unlimited photos of your restaurant and plates, all available menu items, a location map, and gift card shopping are just a few of the many things you can offer to your website visitors. Depending on how many of those features you want on your site, you can choose between two monthly subscription plans ($15 and $35).

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  1. WiX Restaurants

WiX Restaurants

We already have an in-depth WiX review but now I will give you some details on why it is one of the best website builders for a restaurant site:

A) It has loads of stunning templates to choose from
B) Customers can make live reservations on your site, using the Open Table reservation system
C) They can order from your menus for pickup or delivery (WiX doesn’t take any commission for this, so another huge plus!)
D) You can feature social media feeds like Facebook or Instagram live on your site

I will definitely need more than 26 letters to list all the benefits that WiX provides for your restaurant business website, but I believe these were enough to get a general idea.

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  1. Let’s Eat

Let’s Eat image

…because let’s-build-a-website-to-attract-more-visitors-to-eat-at-our-restaurant has too many characters. Let’s Eat is yet another restaurant website builder that is beyond simple to use. Fill in a short form to sign up, choose a template, customize it to match your own business and your website is ready to roll. It will look great on all devices, will be able to process online orders and reservations, and send email newsletters; all this for about $10/month.

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Travel Agency Website

When looking for ways to build your travel agency website, you need to consider that it’s not just about introducing your business online; it is also about promoting your offers. In this sense, this type of websites should be mainly focused on the visual, as there is no better way of attracting people to a certain destination than dazzling them with tempting images. A picture is still worth a thousand words, right?

Buy yourself some hosting space on Bluehost, which includes a free domain of your choice and a single-click WordPress installation, and I will give you some of the best travel agency WordPress themes.

  1. Embark

Embark image

We said to accentuate the visual, right? No other theme does that better than Embark. You can mix and match more than 20 templates and 40 widgets, in 3 different presets. The design options are unlimited with this one – it gives you a live builder and all you have to do is use your imagination. This WordPress theme delight also has a built-in booking, schedule, and payment system, which runs smoothly on all devices, as the theme is also optimized for mobile – making it an all-in-one travel agency solution.

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  1. Altair

Altair image

Do you want a full width or a fixed width page? Do you want to show your current offers with images only or images with some details below? Altair has six different content page templates that you can edit in a highly advanced admin panel (when I say advanced I mean its features, not its use – that one is super simple). The theme is mobile-friendly and also features a unique booking form and an advanced search feature that filters your offers by start date, cost, and keywords. Adding a touch of fancy by using a parallax scrolling effect on your pages with zero coding skills required is just another reason why this one is a fabulous find among the travel agency WordPress themes.

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  1. Solaris

Solaris image

Are you looking for a stunning looking travel agency website, that will remain as stunning on all devices? Look no further and meet Solaris, a beautiful bright-coloured travel agency WordPress theme. This one is fully responsive and ready to be translated into multiple languages. It features massive eye-catching sliders, with a built-in request form, so your visitors cannot miss the way to get in touch with you. You can easily modify it using your own images and content, by using a simple Visual Composer and a Shortcode Builder.

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Hotel Website

Running a hotel or a B&B means a lot of work, no matter their size. The last thing you want to spend your time on is setting up a website for your business, but let’s face it – you need that online presence. I have found a few ways for you to get your hotel website out there for the world to see, without spending much of your precious time.

  1. VEVS

VEVS image

These guys offer a rather limited choice of website layouts, but they are all astonishingly beautiful, fully responsive, and fully customizable, so having a narrow choice may not be that big of a deal here. You choose a layout, you sign-up, you modify it in a smart & easy CMS, and your website is good to go. Its user admin panel also features a full booking system, which can control room occupancy, prices, payments and real-time reservations (Important note: NO commission fees will be charged). VEVS offers a free plan with a one-time charge of $25 for the website setup and additional $25 per year for your custom domain name. But, it is best that you choose one of their paid plans ($20 or $45 per month) as they offer more benefits in terms of backup, number of reservations, free mailboxes, etc.

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  1. Little Hotelier

Little Hotelier image

This one is not just a website builder platform; it is an all-in-one solution for small hotels of up to 30 rooms. You get a secure online booking engine, a front-desk and reservation calendar, loads of insights, connections with over 250 booking sites to advertise at, and your own website. The website you will get with Little Hotelier will have a stunning and fully responsive pre-made design, which you can modify with your own content and images, and it will surely feature all the necessary elements to turn your website visitors into your hotel guests.

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  1. HotelGenius


This platform can help you with anything that you may need that is related to your hotel. When I say anything, I mean ANYTHING, i.e., a website builder, a booking engine, a mobile app, channel manager, marketing, and sales consultation. But let’s stick to the hotel website builder part, which is really simple. All you have to do is pick a theme you like, customize it in terms of content and images according to your brand’s identity, give it a domain name and your website is ready to go online. It will be mobile & SEO optimized, you can translate it into multiple languages, auto-share it on social media, etc. You can subscribe to a monthly plan of $49, or save two-months by paying $499 yearly.

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Portfolio Website

If you were looking an online platform to showcase your work, the search is over. Below I have listed a few state of the art website builders that you could use to get a stunning online portfolio quickly and with no coding skills required.

  1. PortfolioBox


Here you can find every tool you could possibly need when building your digital portfolio. And I’m not saying a plain one-page portfolio, but a whole website with multiple pages, galleries and even a blog, if you feel like writing. With PortfolioBox, you’re not bound to use the same theme throughout the site, you can make all your pages different and unique. Creating and editing any kind of content on your site is easy, you drag and you drop. You could also sell your arts and crafts by setting up the already integrated eCommerce store. Last but not least, your portfolio website will be fully responsive to any device and there are custom settings for you to modify its mobile look. There are two plans to choose from, one of which is Free and provides building your website with limited hosting and design templates. The other, Pro plan, would cost you $7.9 per month (paid annually), and includes your own domain, hosting, and extras like Flickr pages, Instagram pages, parallax pages, and much more.

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  1. AllYou

AllYou image

AllYou is where you go to if you want a professional looking online portfolio but don’t want a lot of hassles to get it. There are many beautiful templates to choose from and you can customize their elements whichever way you want in a drag-and-drop front-end editor. Since a website of this type has the visual in its main focus, it is very important to note that your online portfolio will not only be fully responsive, it will also be Retina-ready. So, you can be certain that all you have to show will look perfect across all devices. There are two paid plans available: Carbon which would cost you $8 per month, and Titanium which is $15 per month. AllYou offers a free two-week-long trial, so you could see which plan you would need.

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  1. Format

Format image

Their site says that this is “the last portfolio platform you will ever need.” Now let’s see if that makes sense. Format offers loads of dynamic, fully-responsive themes that you could use to showcase your work beautifully. Page layouts and all elements within them are flexible for you to modify with a drag-and-drop editor. For those of you that speak code, there is also a built-in editor where you can edit HTML, CSS, and Javascript. You could turn your portfolio into a business, by selling your work directly from your website. You could make custom URLs for private client proofing galleries, allow for people to review and add your images to favourites, and also protect your work by watermarking your images, as well as enable restricted image size downloads. Other options include connecting your account to Adobe Lightroom and Instagram, writing a blog, and many more. You can try it for free for 14 days, and then choose a plan that suits you most. Prices vary between $6 and $44 per month.

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Photography Website

Being Instagram famous for your photos is surely a good thing. However, that doesn’t rule out the need of a professional looking website to showcase your work and services. I have listed a few options below that will make building your own website a fun experience. The result will surely be a stunning professional looking website candy!

  1. Virb

Virb image

Virb is a website builder platform that promises not to waste much of your time for setting up and publishing your photographer business website. They offer a wide range of themes that you can choose from, that are specially designed to showcase a photographer’s work. You can choose the display format that you like the most and easily customize the theme with your own content. You shouldn’t worry about how things will look on mobile screens, as all the Virb themes are fully responsive. Other features include importing pictures from Flickr, Instagram, and Tumblr posts, and you can also password protect galleries that you want to be seen by specific people only. If Virb works for you during the 10-day free trial period, you should definitely subscribe to their $10-per-month plan.

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  1. Squarespace


Here is another option you could opt for when considering how to build your own website. Now, what is Squarespace? A website builder that can help you create a website, fast and easy. Why did I choose to recommend it for a photographer website? Squarespace templates are all beautifully designed and easy to customize, and they also provide a special selection for photography websites only. That is very important since visual comes first when building a site of this type. Your photography portfolio and the services you offer will be perfectly displayed on any device, as all the templates are fully responsive and mobile-friendly. On another important note: you don’t even have to know basic code to modify the site’s elements and content.

You can sign up for a free trial to see if Squarespace ticks all the boxes on your checklist. If you like how things are going, you can later subscribe to one of their plans which range between $12 and $40, depending on whether you need anything between a personal website or an advanced online store.

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  1. WiX


The same WiX I talked about when giving you tips on how to build a personal website, an eCommerce website and a restaurant website, can also come in handy for building a photographer website. If you read a WiX review, you will see that the WiX website builder provides a perfect solution to the ‘How do I build my own website?’ question. Why WiX for a photographer website? Because it has stunning looking templates that are specially designed for that purpose and it is so easy to use. You can build and publish your website on their domain for free. But, if you want it on your own domain with no WiX brand ads and more storage, you should opt out for one of their five premium plans, which range from $4,5 to $24,5 per month.

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Real Estate Website

Real estate brokers and agencies have their own specific needs when it comes to building a website to achieve their marketing goals and boost sales. If you’re reading this, it means that you are looking for the best website builder software or any kind of solution that can help you build your own website. Well, you knocked on the right door! I have for you three possible ways that you can choose from and get your dream website online.

  1. Placester

Placester image

Placester is an all-in-one marketing platform for real estate professionals. Building a website is just one among the many services they offer. How does the whole process go? First of all, you choose a design. All of their templates are designed to meet the needs of a quality real estate website, and they are all fully responsive, so the only thing you have to do is select the one that you find most appealing. Then, you personalize the template. This step is customizing your site to match your brand, so upload your logo, company name and details, and all other relevant content and images. Finally, you publish your site. If it seems too good to be true, go ahead and request a demo on their site to see for yourself. They have three packages to choose from, the cheapest being $150 per month, which include not only the website, but also loads of marketing tools to boost your online presence and sales.

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  1. WiX


Yes, again WiX. Possibly the best free website builder out there. It is super easy to use and has loads of beautiful templates designed for real estate businesses only. It’s easy as 1-2-3! You pick your favourite template, personalize it, and hit publish. Your site will be online for the world to see within the minute. You can never go wrong with any of the WiX real estate templates you choose. All of them have a beautiful, cutting-edge design and are also fully responsive, so they will also look fabulous on any device. Customizing your site will never be a problem either. WiX has a built-in drag-and-drop editor in which you can arrange page elements however you want with just a few clicks (just don’t forget to hit ‘Publish’). You can get all this for free, and for all this plus more, you should upgrade to one of their premium plans, starting at around $5.

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  1. GoDaddy

GoDaddy image

Wait, what? How do you build a website on GoDaddy? As you may (or may not) know, Go Daddy is one of those places where you can buy a domain name for your website. To make things easier on you, they now offer a way for you to build the actual website that you will purchase a domain for. All you have to do is choose one of the hundreds fully responsive themes they offer, switch the images with your own, and modify the content so it matches your business and you’re good to go. I mean to publish, you’re good to publish your new website. Sign up for a free one-month long trial to see how those things go in detail. They offer different plans, starting at around $7 per month, and going up depending on what features you want to be integrated with your site.

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Job Board Website

You’re in the right place if building a job board website is currently on your mind.

First things first, you need a domain and a hosting spot for your future website. You can get those, and more (you’ll see what I mean later) by signing up at Bluehost. Now, Bluehost is a hosting provider powering more than 2 million websites around the globe. Choose a hosting plan that fits your needs and choose a domain name, which you get for free with your plan. Then install WordPress on your new site with a single click of a button and we’re almost done. What you should do later is choose a theme for your brand-new job board site. One who is already familiar with WordPress might say that the theme is not as important as the plugins. But, I am writing this article as a guideline for those who have no prior experience with this platform, and a good choice of a theme will be more than enough to kickstart their job board website. That’s why I have listed some of the best job board WordPress themes that will help you get the most out of the site you have in mind.

  1. Jobify

Jobify image

This WordPress theme will leave an impression of a senior-level coded website with just a few clicks. Jobify is an ultra-modern looking theme with loads of pre-designed page templates to choose from. It has enhanced search features for both candidates and employers, as well as location filtering. Among many other extras, it supports loads of plugins, Facebook integration and a drag-and-drop live editor where you can modify different page elements. Check out their live demo to see what I mean.

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  1. JobsDojo

JobsDojo image

JobsDojo is a theme with lots of mojos, he-he. Seriously, this one is an exquisite WordPress theme for its purpose! Using it will make a complete job portal from your WordPress site. It offers front-end resume and job offer submission, Behance portfolio import, as well as advanced CV and job offer pages. Both employers and job seekers can make use of the advanced search, map, and filters. Another major bonus is that it is fully responsive so you can be sure that it will look and work well on any device.

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  1. WorkScout

WorkScout image

Another good-looking and super-functional job board WordPress theme. Its superb design displays all relevant data (both employer and job-seeker related) in a clean and neat way. WorkScout provides advanced auto-complete search, filters and a map, which makes it easier for users to find relevant job listings. CV pages provide a full resume and contact details of job-seekers. Employers can bookmark these pages or even contact the job-seeker directly from the page. Job applications can be sent with a CV that is already featured on the site, or by uploading a file. You can easily modify page elements using the Visual Composer and whatever you do, your site will look great on all devices as it is fully responsive.

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Blog Website

Are you looking for a platform to share your thoughts? Do you want to have a blog that will beautifully showcase your articles? Read the suggestions I have provided for you below and find your perfect blog platform match.

  1. Blogger

Blogger image

This is the place that Google has opened for all those who have something to say; I mean type. All you need is a Google account to sign up and the rest is really easy as well. Click the designated button to add a new blog, give it a catchy name and address. You can also point your own domain to your new blog, which is a huge bonus. Choose a theme for your blog and if you don’t like the ones that Blogger offers, you can import your own theme. Rearranging and editing elements of the theme is beyond easy thanks to the simple drag-and-drop editor. You could also find blogger templates online or, if you have the coding skills and time, you could create your own theme and upload it toyour blog. All that is completely free, forever. You would only have to pay for buying your domain, but linking it to your Blogger blog is free. Blogging on Blogger could also bring you some income, as you can set up AdWords on it. These reasons would be more than enough to opt out for Blogger as your blogging platform of choice.

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  1. WordPress

WordPress image

Let me make some things clear before I let you why you should choose WordPress as the platform to build your blog on. There is WordPress.com and then WordPress.org. The first is basically one of those platforms where you sign up, choose and edit a theme and you’re ready to go. However, if you wish to add a theme of your own, or point your own domain to the blog, you would have to subscribe to one of their plans starting from around $4 per month. What I suggest you use this time is WordPress.org. Now this one is a self-hosted platform, which you install after buying hosting. Don’t freak out; installation is a single-click process if you opt out for something like Bluehost as your hosting provider. Choosing and installing a theme is as easy as with WordPress.com, but the difference here is that you have a wider choice of themes and plugins to choose from. Also, you will have no additional expenses apart from your domain and hosting, and you will have complete control over your site. Most people are scared away from using WordPress, thinking that they need to have code-knowledge to build a site there. The truth is: yes, you will need some coding skills if you want to go beyond the basic website. But, since we’re talking about building a blog here, I can promise that you won’t see a <div> of code (you don’t even need to recognize what that is), as most of the themes come with a drag-and-drop editor to help you customize them.

Start Your Blog

  1. WiX


Again, WiX. Why choose this website builder platform to start a blog? Because (if I hadn’t made that one clear yet) it’s so easy to use. You just sign up, choose one of their stunning templates, quickly modify it here and there, and that’s it. You can start typing your articles within minutes. WiX is a great blogging platform for those of you that are very into design. You can get an ultra-modern blog template for free. It will not only be good looking, but it will also be fully responsive. There is also a wide selection of templates, so you will certainly find one that will meet your expectations, whether you’re building a photography blog, a cookbook, or a tech-news blog. You can get all that and point your blog to your own domain for as little as $5 per month.

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Lead Generation Website

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to build a lead generation website that will actually generate leads? Fear not, my friend, I will list three options you can choose from that can help you build a stunning looking website for this specific purpose.

  1. Leadpages


This lead generation website builder is perfect for those of you who don’t want to spend a lot of time on creating a website. The templates they offer are specially designed for generating leads, i.e., they have an ultra-modern design that drags the visitor’s attention to all the right places. They are also fully responsive and extremely flexible in terms of customization, thanks to the built-in drag-and-drop editor. You can also set up a pop-up subscription form, and automated SMS conversation. There are loads of integrations to connect the marketing software you already use and you can analyse your site’s performance and further optimize it for better results. You can start a free trial and then choose a plan that suits you most. Three plans are available, starting from $25 per month (paid annually).

Free Trial Pricing

  1. WiX


Lead generation is another way to use WiX as your website builder of choice. As previously mentioned many times, WiX has stunning looking templates to choose from, loads of which are designed specifically for lead generation. Choose the one that you like most, fill in the short sign-up form and you will be ready to customize your new website with your details easily. You can get your lead generation website completely free on a wixsites.com subdomain. If you want to point your own domain to your site, you could upgrade to one of their premium plans starting from around $5 per month.

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  1. WordPress & Swan Lake

WordPress & Swan Lake

I believe I said enough about how to build your own website with WordPress by now. So I will now introduce you to one of the many themes that you can use to build a lead generation website. I was looking for something with a clean and sophisticated design, that will be easy to use while meeting all the requirements for a website that will actually help you generate leads. Swan Lake passed all the tests. It has a modern design with the option of a fancy parallax and video background. You can use it to create contact forms with different kinds of fields easily, and it also has a built-in MailChimp subscription form. This template is also compatible with all browsers, fully responsive and Retina ready. So choosing it will definitely help you reach out to people using any device.

Demo Pricing

News Website

WordPress is a great platform to choose for starting your own news website. I have thoroughly described the process of building your own website using this platform, so I will now give you a brief description of the best WordPress themes for a news website.

  1. Newspaper

Newspaper image

The name itself shows that this is an ideal theme to use for a news website. Newspaper has around 40 different layouts to choose from, all of which are easily customizable through the unique built-in tagDiv composer. You can edit your website however you want using a front-end drag-and-drop page builder, without having any worries about how the site will look on mobile. The template is fully responsive and Retina ready. Newspaper is also optimized for monetization, as it supports AdSense and has fabulous spots designated for banners. A wide selection is also available to you, including YouTube and Vimeo playlists, Instagram, weather widget, and many more. It will take me forever to describe all the benefits of this theme, so it is best that you check out the demo and see for yourself.

Demo Pricing

  1. Gillion

Gillion image

Let me show you the numbers first: 4 header layouts, 13 custom made widgets, 7 different site layouts, 5+ blog layouts, 6+ post formats. You can mix and match all of them together to build your website your way. That will also be a piece of cake using the Visual Composer page builder. Among other features, Gillion also supports MailChimp and Google Analytics. Your website will also look fabulous on any device, as this template is fully responsive and translation ready.

Demo Pricing

  1. Gridlove

Gridlove image

Have your news website up and running in no time using this modern WordPress theme. Using this theme will help you present all your articles in a beautiful and unique way. There are hundreds of pre-designed templates to choose from, all of which are fully responsive. You can easily modify the elements of the template through a simple panel. There are many other outstanding features to choose from, so lots of love for Gridlove.

Demo Pricing

There you have them, a total of 39 ways to build your own website. I hope that my research was worth it and I have helped you in making the first step towards growing your online presence.