7 WordPress Themes for Personal Websites

Looking for a wonderful theme to set up your personal blog and not found anything yet? Then check out this list for our top 7 themes for personal websites. This list encompasses the 10 best WordPress themes that will make your website stand out in 2017. These themes have many features such as multiple layout options, stylish sliders, elegant featured images and beautiful typography.

A well- designed website keeps viewers hooked to the website as they are clean, simple and pleasant on the eye.


This WordPress theme is free and looks really professional. It is the official default theme of the self-hosted WordPress website for 2017 which gives rise to the name TWENTY SEVENTEEN. The theme looks minimal, simplistic, easy and very useful for personal websites. A run-down of the features includes:

  • Free Theme
  • Fast Response
  • Minimal and simplistic look

The disadvantages are:

  • very technical to customize
  • looks incomplete if not set well
  • Major problem is in the setup


  1. Schema

This theme is really effective as it is search engine optimized, fast loading and responsive. It is one of the easiest to customize. Schema is also noted as one of the fastest loading SEO themes, having utilised it myself. There are some handy in-built features such as social media buttons, code editors etc. that save you from installing different plugins for the above features which is a great update.  Features include:

  • Search engine optimized.
  • Quick Response.
  • Quick Loading.
  • Easily customizable.
  • Built-in snippet.

Disadvantages are –

  • Very common
  • No pre-made templates


  1. Genesis + Magazine pro

Genesis is a framework that is peculiar to web developers and bloggers. It allows a web developer to create a child theme of his/her choice and customize it as required. A few people know how to code a child theme and this leaves them no other choice than to use pre-built child themes.

Magazine Pro is a professional, SEO- optimized WordPress theme.

Features include:

  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Fast Response
  • Fast Loading
  • Theme customizable

Disadvantages –

  • It is quite expensive
  • Not many options available for theme customizer


  1. MY BLOG

This is another great theme for websites which are personal with a clean and simplistic design. It is embedded with all the important features a blogger needs such as social media buttons, footer widget and the likes.

Features are –

  • Search Engine optimized
  • Quick loading
  • Quick response
  • Theme panel


Disadvantages are –

  • It is not regularly updated as the latest version is 1.2 and as time goes by they may be outdated and may not work properly with WordPress updates.


  1. Paperback

This is one of the best themes for business- oriented personal websites. It is a really effective theme for writers who want their blogs to look professional. This theme is easily customizable and it looks really classy.

Features are –

  • Easily customizable
  • SEO friendly
  • Good response
  • Fast loading
  • Professional look
  • Infinite support scroll

Disadvantages are –

  • It is not a multi-purpose theme


  1. The Core

The core is a multipurpose magazine style theme for personal websites. It has over 20 layouts for different niches. It’s a really interesting theme as it comes with many free plugins that are expensive normally such as contact form builder and slider plugins etc.

Features are –

  • SEO-friendly
  • Freebies Included
  • Lots of homepage designs

Disadvantages are –

  • Theme is really slow and may slow down the website when loading


  1. SoleDad

This theme has a myriad of applications and is also suitable for a personal website. It is one of the biggest themes available. The best thing about this theme is that it has over 900 homepage designs available to choose from and it’s inspirational.  


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