Duda Review : Explained in 12 Different Criteria

In an attempt to figure out which website builders work the best I decided to thoroughly explore a few different website builders in detail. There are so many different qualities that you want to look for when it comes to website builders and while one website builder may be good for one person, it may not be the best for someone else. It depends on what you’re using it for and how you plan to utilize it in the future. It also depends on which traits are most important to you and what you are looking to get out of your website. In this review of Duda Website Builder I will highlight the various important attributes of a website builder and explain where Duda falls on the scale. In the below review I will go over design, price, loading time, mobile friendliness, types of websites offered, SEO, integration, restorative options, support, blogging options, interactivity and time taken for website set up. In order to figure out which website builder is best for you, you really have to look at each different part of the website builder itself. Then you have to think about what is most important to you when creating your site. I tested Duda in each of these categories and will share with you one by one, how this website builder fared. Is Duda website builder for you? Read on and by the end of this short article you will have your answer.


Duda website builder offers 83 templates. Comparatively, Strikingly website builder offers only 11 templates which is one of the lowest amount of templates offered and Wix offers 510 which is one of the highest amounts of templates offered. Duda has a flexible design and you can add your own template or simply customize one that they already offer.

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Duda offers a wide range of price options. You can opt out of paying and get the free product, pay $9.99, $19, $29, $46 or $239 depending on what you want. They offer a trial product that is free of charge however they do not offer any money back guarantees and they do charge for each signup domain. Generally speaking, the prices that Duda offers are decent and there are a variety of different options to choose from which is convenient.

Vist Duda Pricing Page 

Loading time

I used GTmetrix to test Duda’s loading time and it came out to 5.6 seconds which is on the faster side compared to other website builders. A quick loading time is important when it comes to creating your website.

Mobile friendly

Duda is mobile friendly and works well on tablets as well.

Types of websites

While using Duda, you can make multiple sites using one account which is nice. You can create business websites, restaurant websites, portfolio websites, landing page websites, store websites, blogs and blank websites.


Duda allows you to customize your urls, edit meta tags, add favicon and add social images but does not allow you to edit alt descriptions for images.


With Duda there are about 16 apps that you can use for your website. You also can request Duda’s API.

Restore options

Restorative options can be extremely useful while building your website. Duda has a “go back” feature to restore previous actions however you cannot restore an entire page or site once you have deleted it.


While using Duda you have a couple support options. They don’t offer skype questions or email inquiries but they do offer phone call support and support via live chat. I asked my question using their live chat at 1:48 pm and was answered at 1:53 pm so it took about five minutes. A five minute response time is very helpful when trying to get support in a timely matter so if you’re having an issue you can get help with it and fix it as soon as possible.

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If you are using duda for a personal blog you can publish posts, schedule posts to be published in the future and use different levels of editing. Unfortunately you can not send out newsletters. It seems like a good website builder for blog creating.



Interactivity can be very important for some when create their own website. There are three major ways that you can interact with your audience when using Duda. You can create popups on your site, you can offer membership for your readers and you can also interact with your audience through the comment section on your site.

Time it takes to set up website

When setting up your site with Duda, it will take an entire day to complete the setup process. Unfortunately, this is very long compared to some other sites that only take one or two hours to set up.


The pros offered with Duda website builder are that for the first time template there is a built in tool to set up appointments online, there is a built in Sublime code editor, you can add a backup site, it has a flexible design and you can add your own template and there five different levels of editing. The cons are that when working with the image button, the “edit” option didn’t work and it only offers basic integrations and if you are wanting to do more complex edits you will most likely need the help from a tech support person. Another downfall of Duda is the lengthy time it takes to set up a website. An entire day is a long time so if you’re looking to make a website quickly, Duda probably isn’t the website builder for you.  In my opinion, Duda website builder would work best for someone who has a team to work with on the website, someone who wants to create a blog, someone who wants to create an online store and someone who already knows basic html/css functions. If you don’t fit into these categories, I wouldn’t recommend Duda website builder for you.

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