How Good Is Wix Customer Service?

At this moment in time, there are numerous website builders available on the market, and one of the main differences between them is the customer support service. As a part of our extensive Wix review, we have gone out and tested the Wix Customer Service as well, to see whether it is good enough, what features it offers, and how long you can expect to wait before getting a clear answer to your questions.

To kick things off, as a website builder, Wix is famous for offering an all-in-one solution which is bound to assist you in making good looking websites. Moreover, it has convenient pricing plans with the option to grab a Wix promo code to make them even more affordable. However, the chances are that all users with a Wix-based website have a couple of questions to ask, which they often do through the Wix customer service.

With this in mind, it is important to point out the fact that right now, Wix offers users several ways to get in touch, including the Wix community, the Wix Help Centre, the official Wix email address, and a phone line. We have proceeded to test all of these channels of communication to see what they’re worth to users.

Phone Support

The Wix phone number is available 24/7, thus allowing customers to ask questions whenever they encounter an issue and expect to receive an immediate answer, which is great news. With this in mind, by contacting Wix at 1(800)-600-0949, customers will be able to have their issues solved, or explained by a professional customer support member.

Email Support

Email support represents the second way through which customers can get in touch with the Wix. Answers take a while longer to be received, and some have reported waiting times of a few days, but in our case, it took a couple of hours for receiving an answer to our inquiry, which was good enough.

The Help Centre

Most website builders manage to stand out through their help center. Wix’s help center comes along with a search box, where customers can type their questions to get a list of possible answers. The help center is meant to help solve some of the most commonly asked questions, instead of technical, or user-specific issues. Email support and phone support is better for those.

Upon comparing the help center with those offered by other website builders, Wix offers a vast library of videos and tutorials, meant to help beginners create and maintain their websites.

Community Help

In addition to those traditional support mechanisms, there is Wix forum as well, which can be used to post other questions or look for answers written by customer support agents, or other members of the Wix community.

The help center offers information and answers to most questions on several topics, including getting started, SEO, managing accounts, accessing the Wix editor, domains, premium plans, mailing, billing, technical difficulties, further updates and more.

Not only this, but users also have the possibility to check out some of the currently trending problems, thus making the process of fixing issues considerably easier, when compared to other website builders available on the market.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, the Wix customer service will likely give you a positive experience, especially if you use the help centre, or choose to get in touch with them via their phone line. While immediate responses via email cannot be guaranteed, due to the high number of requests, at least there are other options to address your questions, which is great news. Those who have a VIP plan will get access to even better Wix 24 hr support, through the premium plan. Unfortunately, there isn’t a Wix support chat, which is a bit of a bummer.


  1. Does Wix offer live chat customer support

Currently, Wix does not provide support via live chat. However, if you’re looking for instant answers to your questions, you can browse the knowledge base, or get in touch with them by phone.

  1. What is the Wix toll-free number?

Wix lacks a toll-free customer support number, yet normal phone-based support is offered at 1-800-6000-949. The agents will surely be able to offer you a pleasurable experience and help solve all issues that you may be encountering.

  1. What is the Wix technical support email address?

There isn’t a particular email address which you can contact for technical assistance. However, you can submit a ticket, or post your questions on the forum, where members of the community, or CS service agents will answer your questions.

  1. The customer service number above is a recording that directs you to the website. It has been a lesson of frustration and patience trying to find a phone number that connects with a live person to help solve my technical issue. Still trying.

  2. the phone number only answered by a machine, the support is really bad, especially when I have urgent email issue, no one support, that I have to work myself for two whole days… it is really bad. The general technician don’t want to help me, because this is specific Wix issue. But WiX only provides website support, which might not always give the right answer, but the no person on phone support!!!, I am scared at wix any more for my business. take me in a huge risk.

  3. I can never find the submit Ticket link to deal w an issue I am having – VERY frustrating!!! WHERE ISTHE EXACT LINK THAT I CAN CLICK ON TO MAKE A TICKET????? LOCATED

  4. I can never find the submit Ticket link to deal w an issue I am having – VERY frustrating!!! WHERE IS THE EXACT LINK THAT I CAN CLICK ON TO MAKE A TICKET????? LOCATED

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