Strikingly Review: 2017’s Tested Review on strikingly

In an attempt to figure out which website builders work the best I decided to thoroughly explore a few different website builders in detail. There are so many different qualities that you want to look for when it comes to website builders and while one website builder may be good for one person, it may not be the best for someone else. It depends on what you’re using it for and how you plan to utilize it in the future. It also depends on which traits are most important to you and what you are looking to get out of your website. In this review of Strikingly Website Builder I will highlight the various important attributes of a website builder and explain where Strikingly falls on the scale. In the below review I will go over design, price, loading time, mobile friendliness, types of websites offered, SEO, integration, restorative options, support, blogging options, interactivity and time taken for website set up. In order to figure out which website builder is best for you, you really have to look at each different part of the website builder itself. Then you have to think about what is most important to you when creating your site. I tested Strikingly in each of these categories and will share with you one by one, how this website builder fared. Is Strikingly website builder for you? Read on and by the end of this short article you will have your answer.


Strikingly offers 11 different theme designs to their customers which is one of the lowest amount of theme designs you will find with a website builder. In comparison, there are website builders that offer as high as more than 500 theme designs. I would say that the average amount of theme designs offered is between 50 and 100. This gives you an idea of where Strikingly falls in this category. When it comes to design flexibility Stinkingly doesn’t bode well either. Making changes to the design of your site using Strikingly is highly limited and inflexible. You don’t get very many options for edits and customization. Design is not an area where Strikingly excels. It is one of the most limited website builders when it comes to design.

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Strikingly offers a few different price options. They have different products for different needs. They offer a free product as well as one that starts at $7 per month and one that starts at $14 per month. They do not offer a free trail (as they already offer a free product option). There aren’t any additional charges for extras while using their product either. Their prices are notably less expensive than many other website builders.

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Loading Time:

In order to test the loading time for Stinkingly I used GTmetrix. Strikingly’s loading time turned out to be 10.1 seconds. The shortest loading time I have seen is 2.8 seconds and the longest is 18.6 seconds. This gives you a good idea of how Strikingly’s loading time lines up. It’s pretty much right in the middle. Not fast but not slow either.

Mobile friendly:

Strikingly works well on mobile phones and tablets and is generally mobile friendly.

Types of websites:

While using Strikingly you are able to make multiple websites using one account which is great. You can make personal websites, blogs, business websites, portfolio websites, startup websites, websites that are just for fun, websites that are used to sell products, event websites and organization websites.


With Strikingly website builder you can customize your url, edit meta tags and edit alt descriptions for images. You can also add favicon and social images.


When using Strikingly, you will be integrated with Google Analytics, Universal Analytics, Google Webmaster Tool, Facebook Pixel Id and LinkedIn.


By simply pressing ctrl+Z you are able to restore blocks after deleting them however, there is no way to restore an entire page or site after you delete them.


As far as support goes on Strikingly, there is no skype option for support but they do offer answers to questions via email, telephone and live chat. It took a little over a minute to begin the live chat conversation which I thought was pretty good.


When using Strikingly as a blog you can publish posts and you can also send out newsletters but you cannot schedule blog posts and you don’t have many other options of editing. The blogging options aren’t impressive by any means but they aren’t terrible either.


The options for interactivity on Strikingly are a little on the limited side. There is no way to create popups for your audience as a way to interact with them more and there is also no way to provide membership for your audience. The main interactivity tool that is offered is the comment section. People can leave comments as they please as a way to reach out to whoever published the content on the site.

Time for setting up website:

Setting up a website through Strikingly will take you anywhere from one to two hours. Although this is a pretty quick setup time, the main reason the setup is not lengthy is simply because the website builder is simple and doesn’t allow many options. Less options equals less time so this is not necessarily a good thing.  

In conclusion I feel as though Strikingly website builder is fairly limited and rudimentary. It’s simple and unsophisticated. All in all, I probably wouldn’t recommend this website builder to the general public. Most people who are wanting to build their own site are looking to take full advantage of the customization aspect of website building. Websites are highly aesthetic and often times, people want very specific and modern looks and for this reason, most wouldn’t want to use this particular builder. However, there may be a few people who are looking for a very basic website builder and want something easy, quick and cheap. In this case, Strikingly website builder could potentially fit their needs.

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