Top 10 Wedding Website Builders

Planning a wedding can easily turn from pleasure to chaos. Selecting a venue, finding a perfect dress, hiring a photographer, choosing floral arrangements, are just some of the many tasks all newlyweds are faced with before they get to say “I do.”

Luckily, technology is here to make things easier. Wedding websites have become somewhat of a craze in the past few years, and companies that build them have been popping up everywhere. They are offering all kinds of crazy features and designs, but the real question is, how do you know which is the best wedding website builder? To answer this question and more, I will have to dive in deeper into what wedding websites actually are.

First off, they are so much more than just hype machines for your wedding. People, who haven’t used them, often think that wedding websites are created just to draw attention to the newlyweds. While in some situations, this might be true, in most cases, they are used to send invites, manage guest lists, give directions to venues, etc.

Second, you know how some people say, wedding problems are “sweet problems.” Well, if they have been in the thick of it, they wouldn’t dare utter those words. Trust me, arranging the guest list a week before the wedding is the last thing any couple wants to do. With a professional wedding website builder, you will be able to set up RSVPs to ask questions about dietary restrictions, +1s, etc. That means no late responses and no individual confirmation emails.

With that out of the way, we can proceed to my top 10 wedding website builders list. Keep in mind that some of the entries offer fancy features and some just the essential ones. Some will make you pay for their services and some will offer them for free. However, know that each of them is a stellar example of what the wedding website creator should be like.



WiX is one of the best website builders, period. We talked about WiX many times on If you are interested in learning more, there are some great articles like a review on WiX Premium Plans, and detailed review on WiX features. These two articles are a perfect introduction to what I will be talking about here.

As most of you know, WiX lets you create a website free of charge. You can choose from hundreds of themes and designs to create your personalized wedding website. Now, these are all good things, but sadly, WiX has some bad ones as well. The biggest offenders are missing wedding-specific features and ads on free websites. Even though some features are missing, you can get by without them. However, ads on something as personal as a wedding website is what bothers me the most. Luckily, you can pay about $9 per month to get rid of them. What's more to it, you can even get a hold of a Wix promo code to get a reduction on their Premium plans.

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Say I do

This is what modern wedding website builders should look like. Clean, simple, and intuitive like Say I do. Even if you are the biggest newbie when it comes to website building, I guarantee you that you will not have a single problem creating your wedding website with Say I do.

They offer a decent number of templates, and most importantly, they all look classy and modern. I know that some people like to choose from hundreds of designs, but trust me, Say I do has something for everyone. As for the business model, they will allow you to create a website for free, but there is also an option to pay $35 with Sparkling plan or $70 with Diamond plan and get additional features like seating planner, unlimited RSVP questions, etc. Either way, you will get a functioning wedding website.

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Joy image

Let’s kick this list off with the wonderful website builder Joy. They are a relatively young company, but Joy is offering more than enough to secure its place on this list. First, let’s talk about their business model. Joy is a completely free wedding website builder, and I mean, completely. No hidden fees, no ad banners on your website, and no cheap sales tactics. If you want a feature-rich website that will also cost you exactly zero dollars Joy might be the way to go.

Sadly, Joy is not without flaws. Sure, they offer free wedding website with features like a free smartphone app, RSVP management, complete control over the website, photo sharing, and much more. However, website customization is their weak point. There are no templates to choose from, and if you want to connect your domain, too bad that isn’t available either. Overall, Joy is a great option for people who want substance over bling.

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Appy Couple

Appy-CouplePeople over at Appy Couple went out of their way to create what is probably the best wedding website builder right now. This website builder has no flaws, except maybe that they sell their services for a one-time fee. But who can consider that as a flaw?

If you don’t mind paying $60 for your wedding website, then prepare yourself to be amazed. Appy Couple has a slew of features that every wedding website needs. For example, you can send unlimited RSVPs, access hundreds of website templates, use planning tools to create travel and venue information, print table cards, and best of all, you and your guests will get an app that supports both Android and iOS phones. The last one is a great option to have, especially when you need to get quick confirmations about dietary restrictions, and things like that.

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The Knot


The Knot is another free wedding website creator. However, they are not just a website builder company. The Knot offers everything that has to do with weddings or as they say “We eat, sleep, and breathe weddings.” One might expect an amazing service after a statement like that. Thankfully, The Knot delivers.

They offer your standard wedding website features like planning lists, RSVP management, 100+ website designs, wedding app, etc. But they also offer one feature that is rarely seen with free website builders, and that is a personalized URL. So, if you plan to put your names in the URL, you can do that with The Knot free of charge.

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Riley & Grey

RG image

Riley & Grey is the most expensive wedding website builder on this list. Even on their website, they boast about being luxurious wedding website building company. Don’t get me wrong; there is nothing wrong about that. I just wanted to get that out of the way because most negative comments about Riley & Grey are about their business model.

Now that you know that building a website with Riley & Grey will cost you around $35 per month, let’s see if it’s worth it. Most people don’t mind paying a few extra bucks if they are guaranteed a stellar service. Riley & Grey offers just that, and even more. Custom URLs, guest management tools, a spectacular set of website designs, complete website customization, are just the baseline of what they have to offer. Another thing worthy of mention is their global traditions feature. With it, you can add specific cultural customs to your invitations and website.

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Short story, eWedding offers one of the best wedding website builder services that won’t make a dent in your budget. Long story, things are not that simple, so let me explain. eWedding is your typical wedding website builder.

They have tons of lovely themes that are crafted solely for wedding occasions, RSVP management systems, great customization options, responsive layouts, and other standard wedding website features. So, what’s the catch, you might ask? Well, some website themes are locked behind a paywall, and they lack some standard planning features like seating arrangements, calendar, etc. That’s really sad, because other than these two lackluster areas, eWedding rocks. Also, you can pay $9 per month to gain access to premium themes and some new features, but if you are ready to pay, then you are maybe better off with a company like Say I do or Riley & Grey.

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Wedding Wire


Wedding Wire is a beautiful and simple wedding website builder. There is nothing special about their services yet, they just do wonders. If you are into simple, intuitive, and stylish designs, then Wedding Wire might be your chosen one.

Their services are free, with no hidden fees. You can choose from 400+ website themes, share photos with your guests, place a custom backdrop photo, and install tons of website widgets that will make your experience even better. Some popular choices include seating chart, wedding checklist, guest list, and more. Certainly, one of the best, if not the best free wedding website builder.

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SquareSpace image

SquareSpace is one of the leaders of the website building industry. Even though they are not the first to implement code-free website building, they have slowly become the most recognizable name in this niche. SquareSpace is intended mostly for businesses, but newlyweds can make use of it too.

In their wedding category, you can find more than enough wedding website themes to choose from, but just a small heads up. All themes heavily rely on your photos to personalize the website. Such is the nature of minimal websites. Additionally, SquareSpace is a subscription-based service, which means you will have to put out $12 per month. On the bright side, they are offering a free trial. Lastly, if you are interested in a more in-depth analysis of this great service, you can read our SquareSpace review.

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Wedding Donkey


The last entry on our list comes with a silly name, Wedding Donkey. Even though the quality of their domain name might be debatable, their services are nothing short of excellent. First, let’s talk about their pricing policy.

Wedding Donkey offers three plans. Free, Standard, and Premium. Free plan comes with almost no features. It serves as a demo for their services, so we might as well skip it. On the other hand, the standard plan offers quite a lot for its price. For $10 per month, you will get RSVP services, guest planner, photo gallery, password protected pages, and the icing on the cake, custom domain name. As for the premium package, it’s not worth their asking price of $15 per month. You will get Google Analytics and the ability to download your website to a computer. Both seem unnecessary to me.

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That seems to do it for this list. It was a long journey, but finally, we have a list of the best wedding website builder companies. As you can see, not a single entry is without flaws. So, it will be up to you to find which one suits your needs the best. I just hope that I’ve explained them well enough, so you don’t have to do additional research.

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