Top 6 Small Business Website Builders

Internet nowadays is undoubtedly becoming a preferred tool for choosing products and services that businesses can offer. Users often rely on information provided online, reviews by other fellow users, but also the image that a certain business has built online. As such, the digital presence of your small business, especially in its early beginnings, is highly important. It may seem like there is a lot of work and budget needed, but all it takes for building a professional website is choosing the appropriate small business website builder.

When are website builders handy? The answer is when you do not have the resources for hiring professionals, yet you feel that building your own website would be just as convenient for your business. With the development of technology and the rising need for online marketing, you will be faced with lots of options. Having that in mind, we decided to make a research and present you some of the best website builders for small businesses.

Trust us, you will come across many website builders which may suit your needs and help you build success, thus choosing one is not an easy decision to make. Depending on various factors, including: intuitiveness, pricing, and whether your website will serve merely for providing information about your business or specifically as an online store, you may want to consider some of the following website builders:


image-wixWiX is another popular choice when it comes to small business owners. You can choose from the various categories of available templates, depending on the type of business you are into: consulting, real estate, creative arts, food and restaurants, and so on. With WiX Business Must-Haves you get access to various features, such as: custom domain name, blog, SEO tools and a chance to expand and keep organized the list of clients and subscribers. Plus, new features are constantly being added.

What about pricing? You could build a nice website with WiX for free. However, there are 5 premium plans offered for a better client experience. One of them is the eCommerce Plan, which is recommended for small businesses and starts at $16.50 per month offering a lot of features, but in case you need even better option, you can always switch to the VIP Plan for $24.50 per month. If however, you change your mind and decide that WiX does not suit your needs, they offer a 14-day money back guarantee on any premium plan. More over, you could use a Wix 50% off promo code to get a bargain on any Premium plan.

Overall impression: If you are searching for a small business website creator that is convenient to use and provides templates for a range of different categories, then WiX is your choice.

Premium Plans Business Templates


Shopify is one of the best small business website builders when it comes to creating an online shop and the impressive number of more than 500,000 businesses opting for this website builder is a proof of that. However, in case you do not sell physical products, you can still use Shopify for other services or digital products.

When it comes to intuitiveness, you do not need to be a professional to be able to utilize Shopify’s features. You will have full control over the look of your online shop, the content, and the overall design and colors, or you could also choose a pre-built  template and customize it further.

What is more important, you do not have to choose a plan immediately. Instead, you can try out Shopify features within the 14-day free trial without any risks. In case you decide to go with it after the trial ends, you can choose one of the 3 plans offered, the lowest one starting at $29 per month. Of course, the pricing might go higher with choosing additional features, like gift cards, third-party calculated shipping rates, and so on.

Overall impression: Shopify is one of the best website builders if you are to create a fully functional online shop for your small business.

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SiteBuilder is the perfect choice for users who would like to save time on designing their websites and instead choose a template that would match the specifics of their small businesses. As such, SiteBuilder offers more than 10,000 templates to choose from.

If pricing is another concern of yours, with SiteBuilder you will be able to choose between 4 plans, with the most popular Pro Plan starting at $4.99 in the initial term. There are other options as well, including the Premium Plan which costs $7.79 per month and the eCommerce one starting at  $11.99, as offered discounted prices for new SiteBuilder users. The features these plans offer usually meet the needs that owners of small businesses might have. However, do note that after the initial term when these discounts are offered, the plans automatically renew at a regular rate, meaning Premium Plan would cost $12.29 when billed annually, whereas regular eCommerce would be billed $19.98 on an annual basis.

Depending on the plan you choose, you will also get access to various different features, such as free email domains, basic SEO tools, and so on.

Overall impression: SiteBuilder is another small business website builder which may come in handy for owners who were not born designers.

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image-squarespaceSquarespace is an already proven small business website creator with user-friendly interface and features. It offers many different perks and specifically customizable features, regardless of the type of business you are into. When it comes to small businesses, Squarespace also offers a free year of G Suite with Business or Commerce plans, which would make your business even more powerful.

Squarespace tends to make your business website look chic and professional. Therefore, it offers a lot of perks which support that idea, such as professional design, email aliases, as well as other tools for better productivity. Nevertheless, it also understands user demands, thus offering your business full mobility.

As far as pricing is concerned, it allows a 14-day free trial without asking for your credit card details, after which you can decide between 3 business options depending on your preferences. You may opt for business website plan starting at $18 per month when billed annually (or $26 when billed monthly) or one of the plans created to meet the requirements for online stores.

Overall impression: Squarespace provides a lot of perks to its clients and easily accessible features, depending on the plan you subscribe to. Due to the features it provides, it could be a perfect choice for businesses in the field of creative arts.

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Looking for a website builder that will offer you multilingual support? Voog is there for you. Intuitive, easy to use and flexible. By choosing Voog you have made the first step towards creating a clean website within a short period of time.

Moreover, it is customizable and offers many tools that will help you build your website the way you want to from any device, which makes your website responsive as well.

You may try it out with the 30-day free trial and decide whether you will continue using it by subscribing to one of the 3 existing plans, with the most expensive Premium Plan at enterprise level for €39 when billed on an annual basis, or any of the other 2 with more affordable pricing.

Overall impression: Check out the demo, it says a lot.

Live Preview Pricing



image-weeblyWeebly is a drag and drop website editor which means that you will not have any difficulties while creating your small business website. However, you still get to build your website the way you decide, so do not be afraid to get creative.

This small business website builder offers different plans to its clients, depending on the type of business and the purpose of the website, i.e. whether it is an informative business website or an online store. Moreover, depending on the plan you choose, you will be able to access different benefits from drag and drop builders to membership protection.

The pricing methods are pretty simple – there are website and online store categories which further provide 8 plans to choose from, with the most basic one being free. However, the ones intended for small business purposes start at $25 per month when billed on an annual basis (both website and online store options).

Overall impression: Weebly seems pretty straightforward and easy to use, with different features provided depending on the budget you plan to spend for your digital presence.



We have made it to the end of the list, and hopefully with the presented options we managed to help you choose, or at least narrow down your search of a convenient small business website builder. As mentioned before, it is a tough choice, especially when having so many options to choose from. That is why we have taken into consideration some of the main factors that might influence your decision, such as pricing, usability and available features. All of the website builders seem to provide attractive options, but also they have certain flaws, so in case you decide to have a second look and hear it from other fellow users, feel free to check out some reviews here.

  1. Great post, Hristina! I’ve personally used Squarespace and found it to be a good experience. A lot of marketing agencies are turning to white label website builders as well. The white label part means that you don’t necessarily even have to build your own websites, you can actually turn around and sell access to the builder itself with its templates as a DIY product and take credit for the results! This saves you time and money and allows you to focus on your business’s core competency. This post goes into more detail on the concept:

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