Strikingly VS Weebly

Web builders are tools or software that allow for the construction of a website without the stressful manual code editing.

Web builders fall into two categories.

  • Online Tools that are typically produced by web hosting companies. These make it easy for internet users to build their private websites.  Web hosting companies may give users the option of installing other more complex web tools like Content Management Systems, etc.;
  • The Offline Software, which typically runs on your computer and creates web pages, which can be published on any host.

There are some web builders for internet users, and each of them has their unique strengths and weaknesses.

The competition is high in the website builder market as the reason for an individual’s use of a particular web tool may be different from the reason an individual chooses another.

Let us have a quick glance at some of the available web builders.

  • Squarespace is a web builder that is packed with beautiful themes and other eye-catching features.
  • Wix is a good option for an individual who aims to have sole and detailed control of his/her website.
  • Weebly is a website builder that is very easy to use.
  • Voog is a website builder that is recommended for multi-lingual websites.
  • Strikingly is a tool that is best in the creation of long-form, one-page websites.

Weebly vs. Strikingly Comparison.

There are many other website builders in the website builder market like Ucraft, XPRS, Yola, Zoho Sites, etc. Some of these web builders are no more functioning, not being maintained or just bad choices.

However, most internet users, due to curiosity, often wonder which web builder is best for them.

As mentioned earlier, different website building tools have unique strengths. The only way to find out is to make use of them for some time and make your comparison before settling on the one that best suits you.

As a web designer, I have made use of several web builders over the years, specifically, Weebly and Strikingly, and I decided to put this article together to show you how they both fare against each other when compared.

We are going to compare these two web builders using eight categories. It will then be left for you to draw conclusions and pick which one suits you.

Here are the eight categories:

  •    Popularity in the web builder market
  •    Ease of Usage
  •    Features Comparison
  •    Themes
  •    Loading Speed
  •    Mobile Friendliness
  •    Pricing Comparison
  •    Customer Support
Popularity In the Web Builder Market

You may ask, “Between Weebly and Strikingly, which is more popular?”

There is a total of 325million visitors to Weebly sites, and around 40million users claim they are happy with the Weebly website builder.

Strikingly, on the other hand, is for building one-page websites and has become popular over the last few years. One page websites often have clear, information sections with large photos.


Weebly has been around since 2006 and Strikingly, though unique with its features, isn’t as popular as the former.

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Ease of Usage

Weebly has more features than strikingly. Weebly can be used to make multiple websites by a simple non-coding method that involves ‘dragging  and dropping.’ Judging from its largely happy customer base, we know that Weebly is one of the most well-structured web builders in the market.

Strikingly is a web builder known for its simplicity. The builder is easily navigable, and you do not require much tech skills to use it.

The easy WYSIWYG editing is another factor that makes the Strikingly web builder experience awesome and easy. While the Weebly involves drag and drop, Strikingly involves point and click.


Both Strikingly and Weebly make for easy navigation and beautiful backgrounds. They both have a dashboard for making changes to major settings to your account, not leaving out the editor that ensures a WYSIWYG editing environment for your designs.

Due to the drag and drop functionality, we think Weebly might be at an advantage here.

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Features Comparison

Weebly can be used to create websites with multiple pages. When you need to create blogs, online shops, or business websites, Weebly comes to mind.

Weebly’s features are highly impressive and easily support mobile-friendly eCommerce, membership and many contributors.

Strikingly’s main specialization is one-page websites although recently the web builder can be used for multi-page websites. This new feature may not be as efficient as the web builder’s proficiency in building one-page websites, which is more mobile- friendly.

You can activate blogging on your website with strikingly just by adding the Blog section to a new page, and your blog posts will appear within the section with links to each post.

Strikingly also allows you to source various plugins to add to the site.


This is a rather tough one as the newer features of Strikingly give it depth and that makes it usable for most websites apart from the single paged ones. However, Weebly offers deeper site customization.


Weebly web builder has a large collection of themes that are highly responsive. In the case of unresponsive templates, the web builder has a built-in mobile editor, and this is great news for users of the older version.

Weebly has about 55 different themes that are offered free. It has switchable themes with visual editor and enabled CSS code editing.

Strikingly, on the other hand only boasts 18 different themes. Although the web builder’s themes are modern, responsive and customizable, there is a limit to how each theme is customized. You can choose from some already-made designs and add mobile- only features.

It is worthy of note that Strikingly doesn’t allow for a theme switch. If you do that, you could lose all the data on your page. Among all that Weebly offers on its themes, Strikingly loses out on theme switching and the absence of a CSS code editor.


Obviously, the Strikingly web builder is losing out on this platform having limited customization options whereas Weebly offers more.

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Loading Speed

In a test of websites loading speed, the top eight with the highest speed were published. Weebly ranked 3rd position in both desktop and mobile loading speed despite its many scripts and templates.

Strikingly, was, however, unable to make the list of the top eight.


Weebly gives users more efficiency as the pages load faster which allows users’ sites to rank higher on Google search engines.

Mobile Friendliness

Weebly took a huge step forward and created a mobile friendly web editor, that is created automatically and gives a preview of the site.

You do not have to create a separate site for the mobile version. However, Weebly doesn’t offer the flexibility of customizing your site visitors mobile experience. Weebly only compresses your desktop version into your mobile screen.

Strikingly, on the other hand, it has no known mobile- friendly site yet and we believe that the next few years will be exciting times for the large web building company.


On this platform, Weebly takes the spot as they have something more to offer than Strikingly.


Weebly offers premium packages, as well as a free version of site hosting that never expires. Of the paid versions of Weebly, the most expensive is about $38 monthly. The cheapest plan offers a monthly payment of $8.

The Weebly paid packages include Starter, Pro, Business and Performance packages. Performance is the most expensive while Starter is the cheapest. Pro and Business cost $12 and $25 monthly, respectively.

Prominent features of these packages are a built-in shopping cart, live support, SEO tools, themes and SSL security.

Strikingly fees are way cheaper than Weebly’s although they offer two packages; Limited and Pro plans which cost $12 and $20 respectively.

You can publish any number of sites you want with Strikingly’s free package, but if you require more advanced customization, you have to subscribe to the package that suit you best.

Features of these packages include an unlimited number of free sites, embedded HTML code, a solution for eCommerce and an indefinite bandwidth.


Using Strikingly, your ad-free site fee begins at $20 but with Weebly, you can get ad-free sites for as low as $8, and that makes Weebly a more attractive package with more interesting deals on the platform.

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Customer Support

Weebly has a help center with video tutorials and articles on how to work the web builder. They also have email, live chat, and phone support.

Strikingly has a large idea exchange forum where users can help suggest new features or ideas and rate existing ones. It has enough panel prompts and an email support feature.


Conclusively, we think that Weebly might have more features in the customer support department and emerge favorites on this platform.


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