Case Study: 12 Differences between (Wix vs Weebly)

They say if you want something done the right way, you have to do it yourself. When it comes to DIY website builders Wix and Weebly are two of the most popular online offerings that provide many of the same features and solutions. Therefore the question of ‘which is the best?’ is not an easy one to answer. We purchased both services and put them through extensive testing under twelve key areas to see how they truly compare. Ultimately the website builder you choose may come down to personal factors, but we hope the following guide will give you an informed perspective.  

Best for Business, blog, online store, photo, music, design, restaurant&food, hotel, event, portfolio&resume, health, fashion&beauty, education&culture, art, landing page.Online store, business, portfolio, personal, event, blog
DesignOver 510 ,Flexible design, easy to useAbout 72 ,You can upload your theme!
$12.42 + Free trial
Loading time18.6s (Average) 8.1s (average )
Mobile friendlyM,S,L mobile & tablet
(auto responsive templates)
M,S,L mobile & tablet
Can design mobile site (priced)
SEOCustomize URL,Edit meta tags,Edit alt description for images,Add favicon
Add social images
Customize URL,Edit meta tags,Edit alt description for images,Add favicon
Adon's & IntegrationIntegration through wix app store. Paypal, Social Media, Google Apps, Etsy, Tumblr, OpenTable, Soundcloud, 200+ integrationsIntegration through app in Weebly app store. PayPal,, Google Apps, Etsy, Quickbooks, Social Media, 200+ integrations
InteractivityCreatepopup,Membership, Commenting systemCreatepopup,Membership,
Commenting system
Blog editor, Tags categories,
Comment section, Video and photo galleries, embed
Publishing post, Schedule publishing,Sending newsletter,Different levels of editing
Email , Phone ,interactive forumEmail , Phone,Live chat
Business mail Yes, integrates with Google Apps for additional $4.08/moYes, integrates with Google Apps for additional $4.08/mo
Multiple WebsitesMultiple websites from single premium accountMultiple websites from single account

Design Review

To design a professional and unique looking website, the website builder itself also needs to be designed well. Both Wix and Weebly are accessible to beginners via simple online ‘drag and drop’ interfaces. This allows you to add elements and features anywhere on the page without having to know any coding, but there are some differences between the two that are worth noting.


Wix has over 500+ free and paid templates to choose over. These templates are better over weebly and mobile responsive. Even there is a mobile editor which allows user to customize the site for mobileWeebly offers only few templates over 70+. But the designs at weebly are basic. Best part at weebly is you can edit CSS/HTML (this is for developers)
Wix is purely drag and drop structured which allow you to lace the content anywhere on your website.Weebly offers fewer templates which are mobile responsive.
Wix builder give you more command to on your website.
Weebly is more restrictive on where you can place your content.
Though Wix have some limitations, if you're looking for best designer website we recommend wix.So the reason weebly offers you the design flexibility using CSS/HTML editor.

Wix Design Review 

The base look and feel of your site is determined by templates. Once you’ve chosen one you can then add your own design elements, features, and written content to make it your own. Both builders produce HTML5 compliant designs that are mobile friendly, so you don’t have to worry about alienating visitors on smartphones, tablets etc.

Based on pure choice, Wix stands out with over 500 free and premium templates. These are organized in to different categories such as Business and Health & Wellness, but they aren’t set in stone. Some templates for example look good whatever the topic of your site. Templates in categories like Blog and Photography however are more specific and offer appropriate layouts and features for your posts or portfolio. All templates can be modified from the edit page, including the basics such as colors and fonts. You can change the look more radically by dragging and dropping elements and features.

Weebly Design Review

Weebly is a bit more limited out of the gate, offering just 72 themes. However these can be fully customized with HTML and CSS coding. You can also upload your own Weebly compliant templates. If you are a beginner, customization in this manner may be beyond your abilities, but if you are a developer or have hired a developer or template designer, Weebly’s power can be fully appreciated.

Out of the gate Wix wins on design for beginners, but Weebly is just as advanced (if not more) for those with a little more knowledge.

Pricing Review

So how much bang do you get for your buck? Both builders allow you to test their service for free (it’s a good idea to get familiar with them before spending any money), but you will not be able to use your own domain name, they’ll plaster their own ads on your pages, and some features are unavailable at the free level.

Cost for Recommended Plan$14/month (Unlimited Plan)$12/month (Pro Plan)
Features of Recommended PlanUnlimited pages, no Wix ads, 1 year free domain, in-depth site reporting, site-search capability, 10GB storage, blog.
Unlimited pages, no Weebly ads, 1 year free domain, in-depth site reporting, site-search capability, unlimited storage, membership, sell up to 25 ecommerce products (3% transaction fee), blog
Cost for eCommerce Plan (if you sell products online)$17/month (eCommerce Plan)$25/month (Business Plan)
Features of eCommerce PlanNo additional transaction fees, tax and shipping calculators, product pages for each product.No additional transaction fee, unlimited products, shipping and tax calculator, SSL security
Additional Costs$19.95/year to renew custom domain name and approx. $4/mo for email$19.95/year to renew custom domain name and approx. $4/mo for email
Official pricing page wix


Wix Weebly
Wix premium pricing starts at $4.50 per month and reaches $24.50 per month, while Weebly starts at $9 and reaches as high as $59. We’ll assume you do want your own domain and enough features to create a professional and scalable site, so we’ll compare two similarly priced plans.
Weebly’s $12 Pro Plan offers unlimited storage, allowing you to create an unlimited number of pages on your own domain name (free for a year), without their ads getting in the way. Users have the ability to search your site and you also get to check various stats and data about your pages and users with in-depth site reports. Even though this is not an eCommerce plan, you can list 25 products to sell with a fee of 3% per transaction. You can also create a blog based site at the click of the mouse.

Wix’s equivalent Unlimited Plan costs $14, but although you can create as many pages as you want you cannot go over a total of 10gb in storage. Wix too is ad free, gives you 1 year free domain registration, site reporting, site search, and a blog solution.

Both companies charge $19.95 to renew your domain once the year is up, and $4 a month for email

At a slightly cheaper monthly price (for enough features), with truly unlimited storage and eCommerce support, Weebly gets the victory in terms of pricing.

Wix however has the edge if you are looking to launch an online store. Their eCommerce plan is $17 per month (compared to Weebly’s $25) and offers no additional transaction fees. The benefit here is strictly the price, as both provide almost identical features. This includes tax and shipping calculators, and dedicated and easily editable pages for each product you add.

To pay your subscription you can use VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Solution Card. The process of payment is standard.

A nice bonus is that you have 14 days money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with WIX products.


Loading Time

There’s nothing worse than visiting a slow loading website, in fact many users will simply cross the page and move on if it takes a particularly long time. To test the performance of websites that use Wix and Weebly we took four of each and ran them through the GTmetrix speed analysis service.

Automatic Image Optimization:
wix will automatically resize the optimal images quality and site loading time.
Weebly is not offering any automatic site optimization features hence weebly has a CSS/HTML editor which allow us to optimize the code to increase the loading time.
Progressive JPEG Images:
Progressive JPEG Images initially display in low quality and are rendered progressively as your site loads. This helps to decrease your site's loading time.
Weebly have some forum in the support centre help us to optimize the site for loading speed.
Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Wix uses a Content Delivery Network which is an interconnected system of cache servers in different geographical locations.
We encourage you to choose wix if you consider the speed is the factor for your website.

Wix Loading Time

We a have tested few website made by wix on GTmetrix. Here are the results.

sevengramscaffe | Restaurant  Visit site

wix loading time websitebuilder


wix loading time websitebuilder (1)

Online store |  beacha swimwear Visit site

wix loading time websitebuilder


Blog | jesuissebastian Visit site

wix blog loading time websitebuilder


wix blog loading time websitebuilder (1)

Business page | tobiasbecs visit site

wix business page loading time websitebuilder


wix business page loading time websitebuilder (1)

Weebly Loading time:

Restaurant | tampabay kitchen visit site

weebly restaurant page loading time websitebuilder


weebly restaurant page loading time websitebuilder (1)

Online Store | chairigami Visit site

weebly online store loading time websitebuilder


weebly online store loading time websitebuilder (1)

BLOG | aprilborrelli visit site


weebly blog loading time websitebuilder (1)

Business | Leadapreneur Visit site

weebly business page loading time websitebuilder


weebly business page loading time websitebuilder (1)

Although a lot of factors can determine speed (including the size and resource intensiveness of the site itself), Wix scored and average of 73.75 out of 100 and Weebly scored 66.5 out of 100. Both of these are within acceptable ranges and we conclude that you shouldn’t base your decision solely on these results, but Wix does do a few things better that may give you a slight speed edge for a large resource intensive website (such as an busy eCommerce store).

One obvious feature is automatic image optimization. This means whenever you upload an image for your site through the Wix interface it will automatically be compressed and resized for loading time (without significantly reducing quality to the eye). So if you intend to use a lot of images this is an ideal feature to have. They also utilize a Content Delivery Network (CDN), which caches your site instead of forcing browsers to reload it every time. The technicalities of this are quite complex, but think of it as having all of the unchanging elements of your pages preloaded – an obvious speed enhancer.

Mobile friendly

If your website is not optimized for mobile devices in 2017 you are at a serious disadvantage. It is no longer reasonable to expect users to go to their desktop just to see a fully functioning version of the page; it’s just not going to happen. With that in mind both website builders offer simple and effective solutions so you do not have to worry about alienating mobile users.

In fact most of the mobile work is done for you automatically. All you have to do is build your site as normal and when you click the mobile editor of each respective builder, the core design and features are already there. This is fully functional and you could leave it at that, but you might also want to add some tweaks, change the look, or introduce new features. Fortunately this is easily accomplished via the same style of drag and drop that you are used to for the main site. At this stage whatever changes you make to the mobile site or main site will not infringe on each other, while the user can go to the exact same URL and get the appropriate version of the pages depending on their device.


Wix Weebly
Wix offers New Mobile Solution Better, Faster and 100% Free Mobile Websites.
Weebly’s mobile site builder is also the Drag and drop builder.
Mobile editor is also the Drag and Drop
Weebly mobile editor is Pro-feature.
It offers the mobile site with same URL’sWe can edit your old website to mobile friendly version without any change in the urls
Wix is also offering some mobile responsive templates for free
Weebly also offer some featured mobile responsive templates.

Both Wix and Weebly also offer some free alternative templates for mobile sites, and premium templates are also available from their respective communities.

WIX mobile friendly site builder Review

wix mobile friendly websitebuilder

Weebly mobile Friendly Site builder Review

Weebly’s Mobile website builder offers some great features including,

17 different mobile themes
Drag and drop interface
28 website elements/widgets
Visual editor

weebly mobile friendly -websitebuilder

If we have to choose one builder to get the edge here it would go to Wix as their mobile solution is included for free sites, while Weebly does not let you optimize for mobile until you are a paying customer. Functionally however there isn’t much between them.

Search Engine Optimization

To stand the best chance of succeeding on the web your site has to be optimized so search engines like Google can crawl it and effectively rank it in their search results, which is where a lot of organic traffic will come from. Wix and Weebly both have a basic level of optimization by default, i.e. your site will be picked up by Google, but there are some extra options to ensure that each is fine tuneable.

Wix was flash-based and had a pretty bad reputation for SEO. While it still isn’t a resounding favorite of the SEO community, they have a number of success stories and millions of customers for a reason. Weebly gives you a fair amount of control as well, and as mentioned earlier I’ve been a paying Weebly Pro customer for several years.
If it were impossible to rank a Wix website in Google, do you think they’d have those kind of results!In that time, I’ve had a site that’s averaged over 100,000 visitors per year with almost all of the traffic coming organically from the search engines.

Wix SEO Review

When adding new content on Wix you will see some simple boxes where you can enter the title, description and keywords for your page. These ‘Meta Tags’ will help search engines determine what your page is about and how to rank it for certain keywords. It also determines how your pages are displayed in the search results. You can also enter ‘Alt Text’ when you upload images, which helps search engines determine what the image is about.

Weebly SEO Review

You can find the same feature on Weebly under the SEO tab on the ‘Settings’ page. What gives it the edge is that the page’s URL is automatically determined by the page title. So if the title of your page is ‘Sell Stuff’ the page would be located at, which is nice and clean, and perfect for SEO. Even more impressive is that you can actually change this to whatever you want when editing the page. You can’t change URLs on Wix, but they are not that bad by default. The page title is included, so search engines will be able to recognize the keyword. You will get something similar to this:!sellstuff/cjg9.

Perhaps more importantly, you can go into “advanced settings” on each individual page and blog post and set your SEO title and meta description. This allows you to use your focus keyword(s) of that page in the title and description, which are both important from an SEO standpoint.

Weebly is therefore slightly better for SEO, but it’s not a game changer.

Add-Ons and Integration

To expand your website from a few basic pages to a professional and feature rich experience you will have to use many third party services and add-ons. Traditionally website builders were quite restrictive, but both Wix and Weebly allow you to integrate with all sorts of third party applications, and you can also visit their own dedicated marketplaces to find free and premium add-ons that have been specifically designed with each builder in mind.

Wix Weebly
App Market at wix offers you to integrate your website with multiple application for payment, carts, social icons, forms builders etc.
App centre on weebly offers integrating stuff for e commerce, communication, social etc..
Wix offers over 500+ application in the app centre
Weebly offers around 250+ application.
Wix allows the user to customize the website by integrating widgets.Weebly allow us to integrate the embed code widgets on our website.

Wix Integration Review

Within the drag and drop interface Wix allows you to insert a coding box where you can enter your own raw HMTL and CSS code. This is extremely helpful because it essentially allows you to embed any third party code, such as YouTube videos or social media content. Anything generated by the code will be contained within the perimeters of the box and will not alter the template of the site.

Weebly Integrations Review

Weebly however takes things a step further and allows you to edit the HMTL and CSS of the entire site. As noted earlier this is only really beneficial if you understand coding or are working with a developer.   

Common add-ons in the respective marketplaces include integration with PayPal, Stripe, OpenTable, Etsy, Quickbooks, Google App Suite, and hundreds of others. If there’s something you need, like an email form or a different image gallery, you’ll likely to find a solution via an add-on.

In total Wix has over 500 add-ons (or apps as they call them), while Weebly has around half of that.  

Weebly might get the victory here because of its coding freedom, but this might be irrelevant if you are a beginner.


Blogging (where you create regular written posts) is hugely popular and can form the basis of your entire website or just a part of it. Although you can create a blog by adding a new page for every post, Weebly and Wix offer dedicated solutions that look good (via blogging templates) and have all the required features (dating of entries, author name etc).

Both website builders offer blogging at no extra cost. All you have to do is choose a blogging template to transform the site in to a working blog. You can add non-blogging pages to expand the site beyond just a blog. They also both use the same drag and drop process to edit the blog, but features are more restrictive so as not to disrupt the functioning of the blog.

Wix offers drag and & blog editor. We can customize the post according to the tags and categories
Weebly also drag & drop editor like wix.
Wix supports images and videos on the blog
Weebly offers powerful Blog seo
Embed HTML code in your posts to add fun quizzes, special forms & moreThe best part of weebly is it allow users to schedule the posts a time ahead on social media

Out of the box Wix allows you to organize your posts by tags and categories, lets you open posts up to comments from visitors (with moderation tools), easily insert social tools like ‘share on Facebook’ etc, and HTML code can be embedded within posts. So if you want to embed a YouTube video, social media content, special forms, polls etc, you can. They also have their own method of embedding video and photo galleries that suits the template of the blog.

Weebly offers a similar solution and lets you use popular third party commenting add ons from Disqus and Facebook. Where Weebly really stands out is with its advanced SEO features, which allows you to enter a permalink (the url name), title and description for every post. They also have a customizable sidebar and the ability to add a custom header and footer to individual posts.

Another standout feature is the ability to schedule posts in advance and have them automatically shared to your social media accounts. These extra features make Weebly the better option for blogging.

Interactivity and Other Features

No website is complete without user interactivity and web 2.0 features. Wix has a beautiful looking (yet customizable) ‘light box’, which is basically a small transparent box that you can display to new visitors to your site. This can include a welcome message, newsletter prompt, or anything else you feel is suitable to pop-up to users. They also have a deeply customizable box that displays all of your social media buttons, which can be placed anywhere on the page. Furthermore you can create your own image buttons with their powerful editor.

Few Wix Interactivity Features

Wix Light Box

Wix Social Buttons

Wix Image Buttons

Wix Favicon

Few Weebly Interactivity Features

Weebly Light Box

Weebly Social Buttons

Weebly Favicon

Weebly Image editor


It’s all good having tonnes of features, but what happens when you don’t know how to use them or run in to other problems? Fortunately both site builders have a range of support options. These include comprehensive ‘help centers’ where you will find answers to commonly asked questions, and guides explaining how to use the various aspects of the builder. Wix’s help center is a bit more detailed than Weebly’s.

Wix offers support via phone, email and guides / tutorials.
Weebly offers support via phone, live chat, email and help center (guides / tutorials).
You can also schedule phone appointments.
Weebly support centre is not very needed for you as it's the easiest sitebuilder available

Wix Help Centre

If you want to contact an actual human Wix offers email support tickets and phone support to premium users (9am to 5pm ET). You can even schedule a phone appointment in advance to ensure you’re not waiting around and the topic of your query is known prior to connecting.

Weebly Support 

Weebly also has email and phone support (9am to 7pm ET), but adds live chat to the mix. There may be some waiting, but you will see how far behind in the queue you are.

No matter which builder you choose, you will never be left without an answer. And because the builders are so popular, many third party blogs offer their own tips and guidance if you Google your concern.

Business Email

If you are looking for a business mail solution (i.e. the ability to send and receive email, then both site builders have your back. For the same price of $4.08 a month you can use the email service from Google Apps for Business, which represents a discount over signing up to Google separately.

You get all the usual benefits of having email with your domain, such as professionalism and brand awareness, with the familiar and easy to user interface of Gmail. What’s more is you can use up to 30 aliases (e.g.,, etc), a huge 25gb of storage (nobody will realistically use this much), 5gb of complimentary cloud storage, and 24/7 support.

Because it’s powered by Google you can access your email from any device.

Multiple Websites

Although Wix and Weebly both promote their ‘unlimited’ nature of their premium plans as ‘unlimited pages,’ this does not extend to completely separate sites on their own domain names.

Weebly lets you host unlimited domain names and 10 sites in total per account, whereas Wix only allows you to host 6 domains per account and 1 single site per premium plan. They do support unlimited sites on the free plan, but this is not helpful if you want to use your own domain and create professional websites.

So if you aim to build a web empire, Weebly is clearly the better option, as you can create 10 sites without additional costs.

Type of Website

In general both builders are versatile enough to create any type of website you desire. As noted, they have great store and blogging solutions, and their ability to integrate with add-ons and third party code means anything from portfolio based sites (photography, design etc), to business sites, to large content rich websites, are all doable.


If you’re not building a store Weebly is the best value for money of the two (including multiple sites), and offers more freedom in terms of using your own code (though this may be irrelevant for beginners). Wix however has a slight speed edge thanks to its automatic image compression and overall site caching. Speed and price make it the best eCommerce solution.

All other factors are about equal, with adequate mobile friendliness, SEO, blogging, and business mail solutions; as well as great customer support.

Wix does have better image editing, but this is unlikely to sway most people’s decision. For the average website, we therefore give the overall victory to Weebly! Wix however is very close behind and we advise everyone to test each builder’s free option. You might decide that you like Wix better for your own reasons.

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