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Cart66 works as a plugin for the WordPress CMS instead of the hosted and cloud-based software other platforms are offering. The plugin has been online since 2009 as a product of reality66, a WordPress and web solutions company founded in 2002.
Despite the plugin's longevity, Cart66 has not attained any level of fame and recognition. With the likes of WooCommerce, Cart66's competitors are enormous and significantly more popular. This Cart66 review reveals the pros and cons of the plugin Cart66 Cloud since Cart66 Pro have been discontinued.

Ease of Use

Both Cart66 free plugin and Cart66 Cloud work as a simple plugin. So, the back-end is up to your WordPress set up while Cart66 only takes care of the e-commerce aspect of your website. The plugin comes with an inventory manager, product pages creation tool, unlimited product categories, featured products and a built-in image gallery.
The plugin is very simple and straightforward. The ease of use and navigation is like no other. However, your store can be lagging due to a lot of plugins. In basic terms, your WordPress set up determines how smooth the plugin runs and responds. But the plugin itself works perfectly.


There are free and paid themes by third-party developers available on ThemeForest. The good thing is that Cart66 works seamlessly with any WordPress theme. That's why Cart66 doesn't offer themes.
Therefore, the responsiveness, mobile-friendliness, and customisation depends on the theme you're using. This is a unique feature of the Cart66 plugin. Moving from Cart66 to other WordPress plugins requires a good knowledge of programming. It's advised to hire a WP technical expert.

Features and Integrations

Cart66 comes pre-installed with 112+ payment gateways in 114+ countries. This is a staggering number when compared to the majority of store builders. These ranges from cards and online payments to e-wallets and transfers. PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net, Checkout V2, and Braintree are a few of the gateways integrated.
Further, you can add subscriptions and memberships to your store with the Fire plan. You can also add product coupons by setting coupon name, code, amount type, amounts, minimum and maximum quantity, requirements, availability and much more.
Cart66 is one of the few store builders to feature PCI Compliant Payment Page, which ensures a high level of security. There is a shared SSL certificate and data encryption for store owners. Free built-in integrations include Taxamo, Google Analytics, iDev Affiliate and MailChimp.


When we tested the full loading time of three different stores using Cart66, the average time on mobile platforms was 5.3s while desktop platforms reported 7.4s. This is slow when compared to other software we've reviewed.
Cart66 have a Product Meta Tag tab which is great for SEO. You can add meta tags, descriptions and titles of products.


There are two Cart66 pricing plans to choose from. The Ember plan is priced at £7.58/month or £75.8/year while the Fire plan is priced at £22.76/month or £227.6/year. The latter packs every feature while Ember plan lacks certain features.
These are Google Analytics integration, receipt page snippets, recurring billing, membership content, recurring donations, secure customer portal, print shipping labels, live shipping, customer notifications, timed email follow-ups, and drip access to content.

Customer Support

Cart66 Help Center is a knowledge base filled with guides, FAQs, and tutorials. The base has hundreds of articles that are ready to answer your question (or questions).
If you find the help unsatisfactory or you cannot a help at all, you can submit a form to the support team that will reply as soon as possible. The reply comes in fast. Alternatively, you can send an email to [email protected] — which is the same process as the form.
Also, there is Support community on WordPress Plugins website. The representatives respond promptly and do their best to find a solution to every problem. At the time of writing, the last topic was created 10 months ago.
Lastly, there's a Launchpack option that matches you with a developer. The developer will set up every bit of your store at £75.18.


Lightweight and Simple
Requires Little to No Technicality
All-In-One Solution, No Need for Extensions


Terribly Out of the Public Eye
Little Customisation
Not Ideal for Large Stores


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Cart66 (or Cart66 Cloud) has 900+ active installations which cannot be compared to WordPress' official eCommerce plugin with more than 3 million active installations. WooCommerce is a big name — not only on WordPress — but generally online.
However, I personally prefer the simplicity of Cart66. That said, Cart66 cannot satisfy large stores so it's obviously ideal for small to medium stores. Features, integrations, security and other attributes are all great.
Like I stated earlier, Cart66 is not well known and this affects its support and regular updates. On the last note, I conclude this Cart66 review with a recommendation that has a ‘but'. If your store is small or medium and you prefer a simple but effective store builder, Cart66 is the perfect option. If you require more advanced functionalities, I suggest you look for a better option.

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