In an attempt to figure out which website builders work the best I decided to thoroughly explore a few different website builders in detail. There are so many different qualities that you want to look for when it comes to website builders and while one website builder may be good for one person, it may not be the best for someone else. It depends on what you’re using it for and how you plan to utilize it in the future. It also depends on which traits are most important to you and what you are looking to get out of your website. In this review of Site 123 Website Builder I will highlight the various important attributes of a website builder and explain where Site 123 falls on the scale. In the below review I will go over design, price, loading time, mobile friendliness, types of websites offered, SEO, integration, restorative options, support, blogging options, interactivity and time taken for website set up.

In order to figure out which website builder is best for you, you really have to look at each different part of the website builder itself. Then you have to think about what is most important to you when creating your site. I tested Site 123 in each of these categories and will share with you one by one, how this website builder fared. Is Site 123 website builder for you? Read on and by the end of this short article you will have your answer.


Site 123 is one of the only website builders that I know of that actually does not offer templates. Instead of offering pre-made templates like most other website builders, Site 123 has some layouts (not many) and you can customize your own layout. There are not many layouts to choose from and the amount of flexibility within the design of the layouts is very limited. There are not many options for fonts or colors either. Some websites offer as many as 510 different pre-made templates which shows you just how limited your are with Site 123 when it comes to design.

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Loading Time

I tested Site 123’s loading time with GTmetrix and it came to 5.2 seconds which is pretty fast when looking at other website’s loading times.

Mobile Friendly

Site 123 is completely mobile friendly like most major website builders. You can use it on many different mobile phones and tablets as well.

Types of Websites

You can use multiple websites with just one single account which is definitely a plus. There are many different types of websites that you can use Site 123 for including: business websites, restaurant and food websites, event websites, blogs, photography websites, music websites, CV and portfolio websites, creative art websites, medical websites, sport websites, technology websites, fashion and beauty websites, design websites and handyman services.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

While using Site 123 you can customize your urls, edit metatags, add favicons and add social images which is nice but you are not able to edit alt descriptions for images.


With Site 123 website builder you are able to integrate with: integration plugins, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebook Pixel, twitter conversion tracking, Google Webmaster Tools, Bing Webmaster Tools, Hotjar, LinkedIn ads remarketing code, Intercom, Tidio chat, live chat, pure chat, zopim,, zotabox, privy, yandex and webmaster tool.

Restore Options

You can use ctrl+z to restore blocks after deleting them on Site 123 and you can also restore a deleted page or site. These are very nice features to have on any website builder.


The support options that Site 123 offers are limited. They do not offer Skype chat, phone calls or emails however they do have a live chat option. I asked my question at 11:52 and got a reply at 11:55. I think that three minutes is a pretty decent response time.


If you are wanting to use Site 123 to make a blog you can certainly make blog posts with their product. Another bonus is that you can schedule posts to be published in the future as well. Site 123 doesn’t allow you to send newsletters out for your blog though and doesn’t offer many different levels of editing.


Unfortunately when using Site 123 you cannot create popups as a tool to interact with your audience and there is not an option to create membership with your audience. The only way to interact with your readers while using Site 123 is through the comment section on your site.

Time It Takes to Set up Site

It will take you anywhere from one to two hours to create a website through Site 123. This is pretty average for a site that doesn’t have complicated design set up.


In conclusion Site 123 is lacking in many important website building factors and only has a few benefits. It’s inexpensive but doesn’t have much to offer with its design options. It doesn’t have many additional positive features when it comes to interactivity or blog usage. In short I just don’t think I would recommend this website builder to anyone. It doesn’t offer much compared to other website builders. It is possible however that Site 123 could work for some people who wants something very basic and inexpensive. The only way I see this website builder being a good fit for someone is if this person isn’t looking for many features and simply wants something free or cheap. In this unlikely case, it could potentially be a good fit.


Site 123 offers a free basic product and they also offer more advanced products that range from $9.80 to $14 a month. They do not offer a free trial because they offer a free product already. For this same reason, they do not have a money back guarantee either. They also do not add on any additional or extra fees or costs. All in all, Site 123 is a generally inexpensive website builder.
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