As the number of people using the internet increases, there are more and more online features that help internet users create content on their own. One of the most exciting DIY trends on the Web is the expansion of website builders. These tools are here to help us ordinary people create and launch our own websites without any direct professional assistance.

Since there’s a flood of various website-building tools out there, we tested the Ucraft builder to cut a few corners for readers planning to build a website on their own. In this Ucraft review, we’re going to present the key features of this particular builder, so that our readers learn more about its functionality.

Ease of Use

Ucraft Review - Editor

A block-based builder, Ucraft offers a wide number of intuitive options for any type of user. Like many other similar solutions, it’s based on the drag-and-drop design approach. To be more precise, there are 35 different ready-made blocks that can be added to your website. None of these blocks can’t be edited or changed. What you can change are the elements of these blocks, which makes this builder more adaptable, especially when compared to other similar tools, say Ucraft vs Squarespace.

For instance, when you add an image to the chosen block, you can adjust it to your visual preferences, so that it perfectly fits into the surroundings. The images are also retina-friendly, which adds to the adaptability of Ucraft-built websites to different devices. The same goes for the textual part of the website content. You can edit the fonts, headings, and other aspects of content.

In order to do all of this, switch on the Designer Tools option, so that you can easily adjust all the elements to your needs. However, it’s important to mention that the Designer Tools editor updates in real time, which can be tricky at the beginning. Since almost every Ucraft review avoids bringing this up, we think it’s important to provide our readers with all the necessary facts about this builder’s functionality.

As you can see in the picture below, the building options are on the left and the rest of the page serves as the display where you can follow the changes you make. The interface is pretty clean and there aren’t any major glitches in the functionality of the software. Apart from that, it’s possible to come up with your own design solutions and create your own headers and footers, as well as determine a color scheme in accordance with your preferences.

Ucraft Themes

Ucraft Review - Theme Categories

When you’re choosing between the Ucraft templates, it’s important to get the proper theme for your website. If you opt for this builder, you’ll be able to choose from 63 different themes, which is a substantial number of options. Out of this number, 36 themes are free of charge. They’re divided into eleven categories, another way they meet the expectations of potential users and anticipate their needs. In line with that, you can choose from business, sport, travel, restaurant, art, and other interesting categories.

Also, if you’re planning to become a freelancer, the Ucraft site has a nice portfolio theme. In all these themes you can either use the stock images from their database or upload your own photos. When it comes to themes and templates, all the visual solutions provided by Ucraft are responsive. They are quickly adapted to cellphones and tablets, which is another advantage if users of these gadgets are your new website’s target audience.

Main Ucraft Features

Launching a website doesn’t only mean selecting a theme and populating it with your content. It takes a dozen additional features to make your website stand out from the crowd. Ucraft meets some of these demands, but not all of them. In this Ucraft website builder review, we’ll introduce the most important elements of these features.


For starters, you can launch a blog on a Unicraft-powered website, but with some limitations. While it’s a well-organized blogging platform with a reasonable number of features, you can’t insert pictures inside your blog posts. So blog posts might look a little bleak with only one picture at the top. Nevertheless, you can still create tags and categories in your Ucraft website’s Article App, as well as create a separate blog section in the website.

Email and Form Builder

The Ucraft examples of contact sections enable their users to clearly emphasize their email and contact forms. They’re placed in the lower part of the page. Also, if you don’t want to display your physical address, you can simply delete it. The same goes for a number of contact fields, such as the checkbox, name, email, dropdowns, etc.

What’s more, you can connect your website form with Google Docs or Mailchimp, as well as personalize the thank-you note. Additionally, there’s an option to create newsletters and integrate them with one of the two aforementioned tools. Finally, you can add the feature that enables your potential customer to require a call back via your website.


The menu is pretty straightforward, and it’s usually neglected in almost any Ucraft website builder review you stumble upon. However, it’s important to note that you have the main features in the vertical toolbar on the left: preview, dashboard, blocks, elements, effects, and progress. The right side is used for the creation process. There, you place your blocks and other elements, as well as do the editing work.

Integration Options

Your online presence and exposure to internet users will depend on the level of your website’s integration. What’s often brought up in various Ucraft reviews is that this website builder is smoothly integrated with a wide range of other Web-based tools.

For starters, you can easily connect it with Google Analytics to enhance the features that increase its online visibility. It can also be integrated with Google Maps, which is more than practical if you have a brick-and-mortar office. YouTube is another online channel that’s easily incorporated into your Ucraft website. This option enables you to link your YT channel and your website—an invaluable solution for some niches. The same goes for Vimeo.

Those working in the field of eCommerce will find integration with Intercom more than useful. As for other important online solutions, Ucraft works perfectly with SoundCloud, Unsplash, Zendesk Chat, Disqus, and many other tools. Further, if you build a website on Ucraft, you can integrate Live Agent with it, so can you provide your visitors with live chat support.

ECommerce Functionality

The number of people turning to eCommerce have put this website feature into the spotlight. In this Ucraft website builder review, it’s crucial to heap some praise on that aspect of this builder.

There’s a wide range of eCommerce packages you can obtain on this building tool. The basic package starts from $13/month, given that you go for the annual plan. Choosing the monthly plan will cost you $16/month.

For eCommerce users, there’s no transaction fee, and they can use more than 70 payment and shipping solutions. This package includes up to 50 products, with the maximum size of 100MB. International traders will also find it useful that their Ucraft website supports multi-currency transactions. Finally, you won’t have to outsource the SEO-services, since the eCommerce package includes SEO for your products. This feature ranks quite high, and you’ll see it highlighted in any Ucraft review.

Website Performance

One of the key elements of a well-built website is the loading speed. If your website builder is heavy and it loads slowly, it will stall the entire website-building procedure. We tested two different Ucraft-powered websites on the GMetrix website. The first one was a more complex portfolio website with a large number of images. Its loading time was 5.6 sec.

Ucraft Review - Loading Time

The other website was also a portfolio, but it contained fewer visual details, and it was a lighter website altogether. The loading time for this website was 3.1 sec. Loading times like these place Ucraft among the best website builders on the market, when talking about their loading speed.

Ucraft Review - Loading Time Faster

SEO Performance

Search engine optimization is extremely important if you want your website to really take off and become an easily recognizable online place. The Ucraft crew has enriched their range of services with some remarkable SEO elements. From establishing meta descriptions and meta titles to setting images for social media, it encompasses a wide range of SEO services. And most importantly, you have step-by-step guidance through the entire process, which will enable every John or Jane Doe to deal with the basics of SEO for their website.

Ucraft Logo Maker

The logo maker displays a vast array of icons, helping a slightly more creative website creator design a visually enticing logo. The logo you make that way is partly adjustable, since you can change the fonts and colors.

Ucraft Pricing

The pricing terms are meant to satisfy a wide range of customers. First and foremost, Ucraft offers a 14-day free trial, during which you can test and try the features of this website builder without being charged for it.

Ucraft Review - Plans 1

Free Landing Page

When you check out all of its features, it’s hard to answer the infamous “is Ucraft free?” question. However, we can say with certainty that you can get the landing page free of charge! This free plan includes launching a one-page website, on which you can connect your domain and customize your content. Also, you can invite your team members to it, as well as use the SEO App, to place the website on SERPs. Moreover, this plan includes free hosting with the Ucraft watermark on your website. The Ucraft landing page is a great option for solopreneurs or freelancers who need a website that will serve as their online office.

Website Package

The second available package already includes creating the entire website. If paid on a yearly level, it costs $6 per month. In this plan you get a free custom domain and as many pages as you wish. Also, this package includes the drag & drop editor, which is one of this builder’s more praiseworthy elements according to many Ucraft reviews. What’s more, here you get a free custom domain, as well as integration with more than a dozen vital online solutions. Finally, this plan gives you an option to create a multilingual website with continuous support, and it won’t have a Ucraft watermark.

ECommerce, Pro, and Unlimited Plans

Ucraft Review - Plans 2

Next plan here is eCommerce, which we described above. The penultimate plan on this list is the Pro plan. For $31 a month, if paid annually, you get a full-scale website that can be used for all sorts of purposes. Unlike the Ucraft landing page creator, which displays only the tip of the iceberg of this builder, with the Pro plan you see all its advantages. The last one is the Unlimited plan, which costs $60 a month when paid annually. Find out more about the Pro and Unlimited plans from the image below.

Once you’ve chosen your plan and paid for it, there are no other hidden costs, which is also a great benefit for somebody who has only just entered the arena of website design. The billing practice used by Ucraft is pretty simple. Once you decide you don’t want to use their services anymore, you can cancel the subscription with only one click. It’s good to know that for every plan, apart from the free landing page, you need to go to the Ucraft login section and sign in to your account before you can start your 14-day trial.

Customer Support

Ucraft Review - Customer Service

It’s important to emphasize that the customer support crew helps their clients on several different levels. First and foremost, you can contact them via email, in case you have any doubts about the website builder and its functions. Also, you can always visit the support section on their website. This part is so well organized and resourceful that once you read all its subsections, you’ll know everything about the functionality of Ucraft.

What’s also important for readers of this Ucraft review to know is that you can count on 24/7 customer support from the Website plan onward. This means that you can contact them via email, phone, or live agent at any time, day or night. From what we’ve experienced, they do their best to resolve any issues their users might have in the shortest time possible.

Final Verdict

If you need a free website builder, but still can afford to pay for some additional features, Ucraft offers the best of both worlds. The Designer Tools section is intuitive and well organized. What’s more, it also saves a lot of time and nerves, since everything is logically laid out. Your task is only to select the themes you like and adjust their elements to your needs.

Also, the Designer Tools section is a beautifully organized website editor that turns average internet users into website creators. We hope that our advice and this Ucraft review will assist you in building a top-notch website and generate high traffic in no time.

Ucraft Pricing
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