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For years, I've been looking for a website builder that bundles both accessibility and functionality in one package. Website development is a big deal, and there are countless builders out there to choose from. One I found truly interesting, however, is the Voog website builder.

In hindsight, Voog is an intuitive website builder that caters to those without the technical know-how when it comes to web development. Even though it is quite simple to use, it is capable of creating captivating interactive websites.

If I have to describe in one word what is Voog mostly used for — let’s say that you can use this tool to build simple ecommerce platforms.

So without further ado, here is my Voog review to give you a complete look at this website building tool.

Before anything else, I’d like to point out that the review below is based on my experience and time using Voog. I’ve tested out several builders, and this one truly caught my attention.


Voog is built mostly for entrepreneurs looking to create online marketplaces. Understandably, these people are more inclined to selling than web development, and that’s why it could be a handy tool.

The Voog site builder guides newbie web developers through an intuitive interface that is remarkably easy to use. Part of what makes Voog so accessible is a handy horizontal bar at the bottom screen that features most of the tools you’ll need to create a website.  

Voog Website Builder Review - Ease of Use

The toolbar at the bottom is great and all, but it will get in the way of your screen at times, especially if you are placing large objects on the page. This bar won’t bother you heavily, though, unless you prefer clean screens.

Drag-and-Drop Editor

To make things even simpler, Voog websites are created via drag and drop function from the bottom bar. Any new elements are added via the same action. If you want to remove something, you can click and drag on it, and a small trash bin will appear at the bottom right side of the screen.

The people behind Voog also added a Design Editor post-launch. This new tool allows you to tinker with the fonts, content width, background colors, and a lot more. Keeping with Voog’s theme, the Design Editor is simple and intuitive as well.

What’s great about the platform is that it considers those with experience in coding as well. Everything on the front-end is editable through Voog’s standard liquid templating markup which is based on HTML. You can easily combine CSS, webfonts, JavaScript, images, and a lot of other things through coding.

Praises and Voog reviews aside, I did have my gripes with how images are added. Instead of directly adding them, you’ll need to create a text element first. After that, you need to upload the image via the Files tab on the text element. It’s a minor inconvenience, but you’ll get used to it after a while.


Voog has a total of 16 themes to choose from, all of which are free. While the selection is small for some, what’s great about them is that they are all powerful and fully responsive. Each theme is perfect for websites used for retailing, blogging, and more.

Themes come in two layouts — front page and common page. The front pages are very flexible and can be organized in a multitude of ways. On the other hand, common pages are more restrictive when it comes to how elements are organized, but they are a lot easier to use.

Upon my work with Voog, I began to worry about the inevitable — creating smartphone and tablet compatible version of the website. I just didn’t want to do another round or two of web development.

To my surprise, all of the themes are made responsive by default. This means all templates look great regardless of the screen size. You no longer have to make mobile versions of your website separately as Voog does all the work for you immediately.


When it comes to features, Voog has got it in the bag. Although the company does not advertise it up front, I can confidently say that it is the best multilingual website builder currently in the market. Every in-depth Voog review out there will highlight this neat feature.

Your website will have a flag icon, which will change the language of the site immediately when visitors click it. Pages aren't translated automatically as this option is not available at the moment. Instead, you have to translate the texts on the website manually.

The multilingual functionality of Voog is great for ecommerce due to several reasons. The first is that through the feature, entrepreneurs can reach out to a broader audience instead of those just around them.

Second is that multilingual features are a necessary requirement in certain areas such as Canada because of English and French-speaking customers. Voog performance in this regard is outstanding.

Voog also has great features that allow you to turn your website into an ecommerce platform easily. Basically, you create “Add to Cart” buttons that will contain all the details a product needs. From that starting point, you can create an assortment of product pages.

The system Voog uses for ecommerce opens a lot of flexibility when it comes to design. This is a great system for small businesses with limited products or services. However, it might be a tad frustrating for bigger companies as there is no product categories section.

Payment Options

After I was done with the product pages, I knew the next step would be to add in payment options. To my surprise, I was limited to PayPal and MakeCommerce. Furthermore, I had to contact Voog support to add these.


Let’s also briefly go over blogging and form building features in this Voog website builder review. For blogging, its post editor is beautiful and intuitive. You can easily edit slugs, create drafts, and schedule posts for future publishing.

You can also add a comments section for users, but don’t expect Disqus or Facebook integration. The form builder, on the other hand, allows for a variety of form fields including checkboxes, file uploads, and multi-line text.


As with most builders, you can try out Voog before buying it. The good thing is that the people behind the tool are generous enough to give you a 14-day trial. After this period, you will have to sign up for either of the three subscription plans which include Standard, Plus, and Premium.

Voog Website Builder Review - Pricing

Voog pricing is affordable and fair. The Standard plan costs $9.99 a month and includes the basic features. It offers a total of 2GB storage, a website with up to 30 protected pages, three languages for multilingual support, a custom domain, all the themes, API and developer tool access, and SSL security.

Since pages are very limited, it may not be the best option for a business with a library of products. Furthermore, each transaction will incur a 3% fee.

The $17.40/month Plus plan comes with all of what the Standard plan has but with a few upgrades. Aside from the 10GB storage, you’ll also be entitled to unlimited website pages as well.

Last but not least, there is the $62/month Premium plan. This will give you everything the other plans have as well as access to unlimited resources and pages.

You will also be entitled to a custom SSL certificate and priority customer support. Perhaps the best part of subscribing to the Premium plan is that you no longer have to pay the transaction fees.

If you don’t have a discount code for Voog, what plan will best fit your needs will depend on the size of your company. Small businesses with a small selection of goods will get their money’s worth with the standard plan. The 3% transaction fees may be a burden, but it would be a bigger waste to go for a plan with unlimited pages just to avoid the fees.

Customer Support

Voog Website Builder Review - Customer Support

If you compare Voog with other builders, one of the key differences you’ll see is that Voog has great dedication to customer support. Its support team is available 24/7 and can be contacted via live chat, email, and telephone.

Such support is necessary for Voog users as they will need help for a lot of things, including setting up a payment option for their website that we discussed above.

Turnaround times for customer support vary depending on the channel you’re using to reach them. You can get immediate answers if you reach out via live chat and telephone, but if you choose email, then you may have to wait for an hour or so.

You’ll also have access to a fairly in-depth FAQs section over at the customer support page. You can use the search box to look up for the answers. Furthermore, its website is packed with helpful tutorials that guide you through the basics and intricacies of web development, as well as possible solutions to common problems.

My Verdict

The Voog website builder has fairly limited features, but if you are looking to dive into the ecommerce market, then this is a solid platform to launch your products. At its very core, Voog is about supporting the local retailer online, and with its assortment of helpful features, active customer support, and intuitive interface, it does the job perfectly.

It would be unfair to pit Voog against other website builders which are designed for creating sites specifically for blogging, social networking, or other purposes. Such comparison would go the other way around as well, because many other website building tools wouldn’t be able to hold their own against Voog when it comes to creating an ecommerce platform.

That said, it might be a good idea to decide whether you like it by comparing it with other tools intended for building ecommerce sites, not by ranking it against WordPress or Wix, for example.

If you haven’t noticed yet, my Voog review is focused mostly on why it’s the best platform for retailers and ecommerce practitioners. It does struggle to keep up with the other standard website capabilities, but you can bet that Voog will always be at the top when it comes to developing an online marketplace for small and big businesses.

Voog Website Builder Review - Pricing
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