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RememBear Review

RememBear Review

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  • Password generator: Available
  • Encryption protocol: 256-bit AES
  • Two-factor authentication: Yes
  • Multi-device sync: Yes
  • Zero-knowledge model: Yes
  • Digital wallet: Yes
  • Autofill: Yes
  • Available storage: Unlimited

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Best For

Customers on a tight budget.

  • A unique achievement system
  • Super reliable auto-fill feature
  • Easy to use
  • Fun theme and design
  • No plans for families
  • Not a great variety of features

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Remembering all your passwords can be a real bear. So you need a worthy companion to sort this out for you. Enter RememBear – one of the solutions on the market. Launched by the team behind the popular VPN service – TunnelBear, this password manager promises a lot of things. On our RememBear review we’ll check if it delivers.

Device Compatibility 

RememBear is available across various devices and platforms. These include:

  • Windows 
  • Mac
  • Android 
  • iOS 

There’s an issue for Chromebook users, though – they’ll only be able to get the mobile app on their laptop if they have access to the Play Store.

What Is RememBear Good for?

Users of the TunnelBear will instantly recognize the cute animated bears that have become the company’s trademark. Whoever’s used the VPN service knows of its premium quality. RememBear also doesn’t disappoint.

RememBear is an excellent low-cost password manager that offers great security and special features.  Let’s take a look:


So what does this tool do to keep your passwords safe?

RememBear security uses 256-bit AES end-to-end encryption to ensure that everything is kept safe. This means that you’re the only person who has access to your log-in information. Even the RememBear team doesn’t.

The site also offers more complex safety features including secure remote password, a key management system, and transport layer security.

The application generates a new device key every time you log-in to a new account. This is a 16 digit, one-time code that you will be sent in order to log-in on new devices.


It won’t be a good RememBear review if we don’t talk about the great features it offers. While it might not offer the biggest range in the market when compared to its competitors, RememBear does have some things to show off.

Password Generator 

Thanks to RememBear’s useful generator, you won’t have to constantly come up with new passwords. It generates quite strong ones, up to 40 characters. Don’t worry about remembering them either, as RememBear will do that for you. All in all, a wonderful way to manage passwords.

Rewards System 

We cannot not mention RememBear’s unique rewards system. It’s what makes it stand out when compared to other password managers.

Customers can complete a number of tasks such as syncing their accounts or referring a friend in order to gain more points and get discounts. How great is that? A really nice touch from the Bear app.

Easy Syncing 

RememBear makes it easy to sync your account across various devices. Customers can use QR codes to link their accounts. This saves a lot of time and is also very secure.


Getting started with RememBear is a breeze. Head over to the website and click on the big blue download button at the top to get the app.

If the application doesn’t download automatically, you will have to choose your platform. Once this is done, you will need to create an account and then you will be up and running. You can then import all of your passwords from your browser. It’s quite a fast process. The service also runs separately from Tunnelbear, so if you forgot your Tunnelbear Password then you are in luck.

You will also be prompted to install the RememBear browser extension at this point. I used the RememBear Chrome extension and found it very handy

Mobile App 

Time to review the RememBear mobile app!

The password manager has applications available on both Android and iOS. I tried out the Bear for Android app and found it incredibly easy to use.

It took just a few minutes to sync up to the desktop app using a QR code and the application did the rest of the work for me. The features were all present and the auto-fill worked perfectly.

The Bear iOS app also appears to work swimmingly. Both of the apps allow users to log-in with their fingerprints too, which is a nice little touch.

Ease of Use 

That’s something I was really excited to mention in this RememBear review.

The tool has a really fun and intuitive user interface. The animated bear mascot will guide you through and provide instructions. It will show you how to use all of the site’s main features and you can revisit the tutorials at any time. This makes RememBear one of the easiest sites to navigate and use.


Like most Password managers, RememBear comes with its own auto-fill function. I found this to be one of the service’s most reliable features. It auto-fill worked perfectly every time.

RememBear Plans & Pricing 

RememBear keeps things very basic with its pricing plans. Take a look:


The Free plan is fairly basic. The plan lets you use RememBear on just one device, and provides access to some of the program’s features.

The plan is pretty limiting and it’s hardly ideal for most people. However, it’s a great way to test the waters.

Premium Plan 

For my RememBear review, I tested the premium plan. It offers all of the features that RememBear has. This includes multi-device syncing, auto-fill, back-ups, and password generating for multiple devices. The plan comes in at $3 a month when billed annually, which is pretty good.

The biggest issue with RememBear premium is that there is no multi-user option.

Customer Support 

RememBear offers a few options for customer support. Customers can only reach out to the company via e-mail. That being said, my experiences with the RememBear support team were positive and I received fast responses.

But RememBear does have a help page on their website. It provides answers to the most frequently asked questions and also keeps you up-to-date with the latest improvements made.

Another amusing little touch is that all of the customer support staff have bear-related names, which is sure to provide a few laughs.

RememBear User Reviews 

A lot of RememBear reviews on the internet praise the application’s ease of use and its bright, friendly color scheme and theme. A lot of people are very happy with the existence of the free plan and the value of the premium one.

More negative RememBear reviews focus on the site’s lack of features as well as the lack of multi-user plans, which is a big stumbling block in comparison to other password managers.

Our Verdict 

RememBear is a charming and well-priced alternative to some of the bigger names on the market. It is a very user-friendly tool, that besides useful features, has one of the most helpful support teams.

As you can see from this RememBear review if you’re looking for a more complex tool that might now be the best fit. But if you want a nice and simple manager, that will cover all the basics, RememBear is the perfect solution for you.

RememBear Alternatives

There are always certain alternatives that could be considered.

RememBear vs Dashlane

RememBear is a fairly basic service in comparison to Dashlane. RememBear is a good little Password manager for those who just want an easy to use basic package. Dashlane, on the other hand, offers a range of premium features including password sharing and dark-web monitoring. The service also comes with its own built-in VPN.

Dashlane is slightly more expensive than RememBear per month, but it has more features and also allows for family plans.

RememBear vs 1Password 

1Password is another of RememBear’s key competitors in the field. The tool is slightly more advanced than RememBear, offering a range of premium tools. RememBear is a much easier tool to use though, and the interface and browser add-ons feel a lot more user-friendly. The two services are similar price-wise but there is no free version of 1Password available. There is, however, a 30-day free trial version.

RememBear vs Password Boss

Password Boss is another excellent password manager. The tool has a range of great security features and it has a good password sharing system, as well as two-factor authentication. Once again, RememBear is much easier to use and is better suited for those looking for something more basic. In terms of price plans, Password Boss offers more to its customers, though, some of these are more expensive than RememBear’s.

Wrap Up 

The tests for my RememBear review showed that the password manager certainly delivers on its promises. While it might not be the most advanced password manager and thus not for those looking for complex solutions, it does a great job of covering the basics. All in all, RememBear leaves a lasting impression with its charming design and functional features.


How to use RememBear?

Getting started with the RememBear password manager is very easy. Once you have downloaded the application directly from their website, you can then create an account and import all of your existing passwords. The tool does an excellent job of managing this for you. The application guides you through the process and keeps things easy, with the help of the bear mascot.

What is RememBear?

RememBear is a password management system. It allows users to store all of their passwords in one place. RememBear keeps things very easy and the activation and start-up process is a breeze.

Is RememBear Free?

There is a free version of RememBear that customers can use. This version does not come with any of the premium features and can only be used on one device.