Site.PRO Review is an eastern European company who have been in web development business since 2003. They came up with fully-fledged website builder in 2011.

They’re certainly growing quickly.
Their services are used in over 80 countries around the world now, and an estimated 5k websites are created using Site.PRO every single day; not too shabby!
Their stated goal is to reduce the cost of website development for people everywhere and make it simpler and quicker for people to create sites.

Can they live up to these honorable goals?
Find out, on my website builder review!

Note: This review is based entirely on my own experiences

Ease of Use

Signing up for could not be easier: you just input your name, email address, and a password, and you’re away.
Subsequently creating your first website is equally straightforward. You just click the “Create Website” button, select a starting template, and creates the basic website for you.

Upon reaching the website builder itself, you’re taken through the layout of the tools via a basic tutorial, which comes in the form of a “Steps to Do” list. With helpful popup hints, this guides you through steps from adding new text boxes to publishing your website.

It’s a great way to be introduced to a new website builder.

Courtesy of that tutorial, you’ll quickly be introduced to’s drag-and-drop functionality. I have to say that it’s genuinely good; in fact, it’s up there with the best I’ve seen. This is true drag-and-drop, allowing you to insert and place the elements absolutely wherever you like, as opposed to other website builders which force you to set your elements into defined slots.
It’s wonderfully intuitive and will be equally satisfying to site building veterans and newcomers alike.

Editing Features
Let’s take a quick look at the editing features.
The text editing features are easily-accessed, and changing the color and font of your writing is simply done.
In short, you’ve got everything you need here.

Image Editing Options
As for the image editing tools, I was a little more disappointed, mainly because… there aren’t any! All you can do is import images from elsewhere; there are no options at all for editing them once they’re on your page.

Overall, image editing qualms aside, the Site pro website builder is extremely easy to pick up and start using and is a perfect way for web design rookies to get started.


There are a total of 195 templates, broken down into a variety of categories such as Art, Events, Food, Sport and so on.

That does sound like a pretty sizeable offering until you realize that the vast majority of them are unavailable unless you pay for the “Premium Version” of the website builder.
In fact, of those 195 templates, by my count only 22 are available for free users (including a blank one, through which you can create your template).

Mostly, there is one free template available per category.

Not just that, there is a further complication with themes.
There is very little variety in the themes, whether they be free or paid-for, in fact.
For the most part, the creators seem to have just changed the colors and fonts around, while retaining the same basic structure and feel. On the plus side, all of the templates are at least responsive, meaning they’ll scale automatically for mobile and tablet devices.

I understand that needs to make money and the cost of the Premium package – which unlocks all the themes.
It isn’t too bad (more on that later).
That being said, there’s very little here indeed for Free or Lite (the middle price package) customers, and even the paid-for themes aren’t impressive.

Mobile Friendly
It quickly becomes apparent with that theirs is a light offering, regarding features. I’ll discuss that more in the actual Features section.
But for now, just know that there’s very little on offer here when it comes to mobile-friendliness.

As mentioned, all websites are responsive by default; that’s a pretty standard feature nowadays, but it’s still a good thing to have.
In my experience, the responsiveness worked well, but I have read reports of issues elsewhere online, such as elements being randomly rearranged.

That’s about it for mobile-specific features.
There’s no Site pro app for mobile devices, mobile-specific version of the website builder, or anything else that’s worth noting; you’ll very much find the bare minimum of mobile features here.



Somewhat startlingly, there are no built-in blogging features whatsoever with the Site.Pro website builder. If you want to create a blog, you’ll have to create a page called “Blog”, and add in a series of titles and text boxes… in short, you’re probably not going to bother! I didn’t even see a way to easily incorporate an RSS feed, essentially meaning the blogging cupboard is completely bare here.


SSL security is not available through with any of their website builder packages. If you want to add SSL to your website, you’re going to have to do it manually.


There are no email/webmail accounts or features included with any of SitePro’s packages. Are you starting to see what I meant when I said that was feature-light? Perhaps that was an understatement!

Menu Options

Okay, so this is an area in which does hold its own. As with the entire interface in general, messing with your menus is extremely easy to do. You can add, remove, rename, rearrange and categorize your different pages exceptionally quickly, or choose to hide items if you so desire.

Form Builder

Here we find another feature which is surprisingly robust. You can click-and-drag one of’s forms onto anywhere you like on your website.

In the settings you’ll find a pleasingly wide range of choices: you can add a variety of fields, including questions like “How did you find us?” with a corresponding drop-down menu of answers.

Default integrates Google reCAPTCHA; users can add attachments to their form submissions, and setting up the email address to which the form has submitted a cinch.

eCommerce Functionality

There is no ecommerce functionality at all with’s first two packages; it only comes with the Premium price plan.

The ecommerce features you get with Premium also come via drag-and-drop, meaning that no effort is required on your part to keep your store elements consistent with the rest of your site; it doesn’t fly off into some separate “Store” section, as happens with other website builders. If you so desire, however, you can edit the style of your store area separately.

Regarding the actual usability, I found adding and categorizing new products to be easy enough.
That being said, the store area is simply too basic. There doesn’t seem to be a way to track your inventory live, for example, and in general, you’ll find far fewer options here than you would in many of the best website builders. On the plus side, a number of the most popular payment methods are integrated by default, including Stripe, PayPal, and Skrill.

Overall, if you want a little store to simply be a part of your larger website, then the Site.Pro ecommerce functionality is fine. If your specific priority is to have an online store, however, I’d recommend looking elsewhere.


It’s fair to say that I haven’t been overly enthusiastic about Site.Pro’s Features set so far. Mostly, that’s because there simply aren’t many features built into it by default.

I have to say, however, that they’ve done a pretty nice job of augmenting the default Site pro software offering by using popular, third-party integrations. Like everything else, these integrations are added simply by clicking and dragging them onto your chosen page; there’s little-to-no setup required on your part.

As I’ve already mentioned, includes a variety of popular payment methods which allow its users to start selling through their site. On top of this, you’ll also find a solid array of the most popular apps out there: Google Maps, YouTube, and all the major social media platforms are present and correct.

On top of these integrations – which you’ll find on most website builders – there are also some far more interesting ones. tawk, for example, adds live chat functionality to your site, which is fantastic! AdSense is another great inclusion, as it allows you to start monetizing your website very quickly. doesn’t have the widest range of integrations by any means, but I am genuinely impressed with the ones that they have chosen to include. The features which are added by these integrations are welcome indeed and make a far more attractive proposition.


It’s been an up-and-down review of so far. Let’s see if we can get things onto a more positive track by analyzing the typical performance of’s websites. To do so, I took several example websites and used the Google PageSpeed Insights tool to evaluate them.

Unfortunately, the results I got were unimpressive. The desktop versions of the sites only managed to average 61/100, while the mobile versions fared even worse at 50/100. This isn’t a deal-breaker by any means, but it implies that your sites almost certainly won’t run especially well by default.


As in most areas, when it comes to SEO the offering is meager.

Head to the SEO section and you’ll find a bare-bones list of options. You can edit the titles and descriptions of pages, and add keywords… and that’s the end! Other basic features that you’d expect from many modern-day site builders – such as generating and submitting a sitemap – are nowhere to be seen. There are also no built-in analytical tools, although, mercifully, integrating Google Analytics directly through the website builder is simple to do.

In short, if you want to boost the SEO of your website, you’re going to be taking the DIY approach!


To their credit, keep their pricing structure nice and simple, with only three plans on offer: Free, Lite and Premium. All of the plans are available to try via a free demo, which I highly recommend to see whether the interface suits you or not.

The Free package is very, very basic. Literally all the features you get are the ability to add text and photos, galleries, YouTube and Google Maps. Everything else – even including social media buttons and forms – is locked away. Your entire site is limited to 10MB; you can only have three pages, and – as mentioned – only 22 of the templates are available to you. To their credit, do actually include both a custom domain and a “Park My Domain” feature (which effectively reserves a domain name until you’re ready to use it), in their Free package.

The Lite price plan costs $4.50/month, and does represent a sizeable upgrade to the Free package. You get access to all of the website builder’s features and integrations (barring those related to ecommerce), up to 10 pages totaling 50MB (which still isn’t very much), and access to around 60 of the templates.

Finally, we have the Premium package, costing $9/month. This grants you access to all of the templates and an unlimited website size, as well as the ecommerce features. It’s also important to note that you only get access to customer support if you sign up for the Premium price plan.

Customer Support

In some ways, this might be the worst part of the entire Site.Pro package. The customer support on offer is simply terrible.

Restricting customer support to your most expensive price package is a shocking move. They’re a fairly small company, so to an extent I can understand why they don’t want to spend their time replying to Free customers, but at the very least they could offer Site pro help to Lite subscribers who are paying $4.50/month to use their services.

They refer customers who don’t have access to direct support to their so-called “Knowledge Base”, which in reality is an absolute joke. It has a total of 21 items in it… so you’d better hope that your issue happens to be one of the 21 that they’ve offered help with! Enter a search term – even one as basic as “SEO” – and you’ll almost certainly get no results. There is also no community forum to be found, which would have at least allowed users to provide help to one another.


I want to begin the conclusion of my review by hammering something home once more. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, the paucity of customer support on offer here is awful. It might sound harsh, but if can’t afford to put more effort into helping out their users than this, then they simply shouldn’t be in business.

Okay, I’ve calmed down now. That aside, I suppose it’s only fair to judge on their terms. They don’t claim to be an extensive, do-it-all website builder. Instead, their goal is to provide a super quick and easy way for people (likely beginners) to create a website.

In that respect, they’ve succeeded.’s interface is fantastically intuitive and easy to get to grips with, with their drag-and-drop functionality particularly impressive. All of the most basic features you need to make a website are there, and if you subscribe to a paid-for package, you’ll find a modest but useful range of integrations.

Anybody with any prior experience in website building, or with any desire to create a website without any complexity, however, you steer well clear. The feature set is light (even with the integrations), the templates are mediocre, the ecommerce features are basic, and for the cost of the Premium package here you could easily sign up with a site like Wix and get far, far more bang for your buck.

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