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Zoolz Review

Zoolz Review

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  • Scheduled backup: Available
  • Disaster recovery: Available
  • Privacy & security: AES 128-bit/SSL
  • External data hard drive: Yes
  • Speed: Excellent
  • Online file sync: No
  • Continuous data backup: Available
  • Cloud storage: Yes

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Best For

Reliable backup service.

  • Easy to use
  • Excellent speed
  • Great security & privacy
  • Excellent customer service
  • No two-factor authentication
  • Doesn’t feature continuous backup














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Zoolz is an online backup provider perfect for businesses looking for long-term, comprehensive data security solution but don’t want much hassle. Featuring a well-designed interface, offering plenty of security, and leveraging Amazon glacier technology at its backend, Zoolz is a great overall online storage service.

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Device Compatibility

The Zoolz cloud storage service is fully compatible with Windows (7 and later) and macOS (v10.9 or later) devices. Zoolz can also be accessed through mobile, with its apps available on both Android and iOS. As of this writing, however, Zoolz is not supported on Linux.

What Is Zoolz Best for?

While other cloud storage services opt for packing in as many features as possible, Zoolz takes a different approach. It offers a very basic but well-functioning online backup service. And the features are good. Here are the ones we were most impressed by when writing this Zoolz review:


It is importnat to know the featuers that Zoolz provdes.

Dual Cloud 

The core feature of the Zoolz is its dual cloud storage, offering you the option to create backups on both its regular instant storage as well as its ‘cold’ storage.

Zoolz’s cold storage leverages Amazon’s glacier technology to provide users with a large but highly affordable storage space. However, it does carry certain limitations. The main is that any file that you place in cold storage isn’t instantly accessible. Rather, accessing these files can take hours.

However, this isn’t a big deal if you aim to create a backup of files that you rarely use, such as your old photos. The ability to take advantage of a large amount of storage at a low cost does put it among the best cloud storage for photos.

Disaster Recovery

To ensure minimal disruption to the workflow following a significant negative event, Zoolz provides several useful backup elements.

File versioning lets you choose exactly how many previous file versions should be retained as well as how long deleted files should remain in the archive before being removed. There are no limits imposed, so you can keep numerous past versions of your files as well as keep the deleted ones retained forever.

Zoolz also allows you to set scheduled backups as well as incremental feature backup, which copies any file that was altered following the last backup. There is a hybrid backup option, which lets you store files both on the cloud and in a local offline backup at the same time. Surprisingly, however, despite it being a common feature among its competitors, the option for continuous backup is missing in Zoolz.

Zoolz Instant Vault 

With the Zoolz vault storage, you can upload files to your Zoolz account from any device directly, using a simple drag and drop. It also allows you to copy files from your instant storage to the vault for sharing purposes. You can add users to the vault to access the stored data without having to change the structure for your existing backed-up storage.

Security and Privacy

When it comes to security and privacy, Zoolz is probably one of the best cloud backup services in the affordable range. Zoolz online backup service is both HIPPA and GDPR compliant, meaning it satisfies elements of the security rule of both the US and the EU.

All your stored data is secured through AES 256-bit encryption both at rest and in transition. You are also given the option to set private encryption keys during the setup. This makes it virtually impenetrable against all but the most advanced cyber-attacks.

Since Zoolz makes use of Amazon’s global server infrastructure, your data is well-protected against physical threats as well, such as natural disasters, data center break-ins, and thefts. Surprisingly, Zoolz doesn’t feature a two-factor authentication, but that’s its only drawback in this regard.

While Zoolz does collect some data on its users such as names, addresses, and payment information, its policy makes it clear that it doesn’t sell the data to anyone. It only shares it with the authorities in compliance with the local laws. It is important to know that it only applies to local data centers, so if you live in a country with weak privacy laws, you can default to the data centers of another jurisdiction.


It can be accessed both through its web and desktop client, although the tests for this Zoolz review proved speed to be much better on the latter. As previously mentioned, apps are available for Zoolz through which you can access the service through your smartphone. However, it should be noted that features on the Zoolz mobile app are somewhat limited.

Zoolz is probably the best online storage option if are low on budget but want a solution that is accessible by multiple people. Unlike many other online backup services, Zoolz offers accessibility to an unlimited number of users, even on its most basic price plan.


Speed is another area where Zoolz really shines. It’s something users mention often in the Zoolz reviews online. Transfer rates for both Zoolz’s download and upload are fast, even if the server chosen is located at a great geographic distance. High transfer speed is achieved thanks to multithreading and block-level copying (transferring only parts of a file that differ). Zoolz also features a turbo boost option that further maximizes speed by prioritizing Zoolz on your network connection.

Ease of Use 

While the interface may look a bit dated, it is nonetheless exceptionally well-designed. Navigation is easy because of the clear layout. We didn’t encounter any difficulties during the test for this Zoolz review.  Essential information is easy to see, and for the desktop client, there is a well-made introduction process that allows you to quickly setup Zoolz according to your online file storage preference.

Plans & Pricing   

Zoolz has a 7-tier pricing structure. All plans carry pretty much the same features; the only big difference is how much the Zoolz cloud storage is capped at. Zoolz charges $15 per 1 TB of storage per month so a 50 TB plan would cost $750 a month. However, on the purchase of their yearly plan, you get two months free. For any 50 TB+ options, you have to contact the company for a quote.


While Zoolz is an easy-to-learn and robust software, you might still need to call support to resolve an issue. In terms of support, Zoolz is a mixed bag. You can get in touch with the company through live chat, email, or an online form but not through the phone. Response from their customer service team is fast, often taking a single day for an email or through the form. Their live chat while quick to respond didn’t seem up to the mark for resolving more technical issues.

While a user forum is not available, there are plenty of resources on their website and wiki that might help you get the information you need.

Zoolz User Reviews 

Zoolz online backup reviews left by users online have been mostly positive. Ease of use is one of Zoolz’s biggest selling points, as indicated in many customer Zoolz reviews on Trustpilot. Fast response from Zoolz’s customer service as well as its transfer speeds, was also appreciated.

A lot of the more negative reviews, especially the Zoolz reviews on Reddit were aimed at Zoolz’s lifetime promo plan. The biggest complaint in the reviews was  Zoolz‘s decision to discontinue the instant vault feature for that plan and move its dedicated storage space to cold storage. Users who had purchased that plan felt cheated.

Our Verdict

If you want a ‘no frills’ hassle-free basic cloud backup solution that is both fast and secure, Zoolz is definitely among the best cloud backup solutions. However, its pricing and lack of a free option obviously gear it towards professionals and small businesses and not for the casual user looking to back up their data.

Alternatives of Zoolz

There are several alternatives to Zoolz that you can also take a look at.

Zoolz vs. Crashplan 

Like Zoolz, Crashplan is another cloud backup service known for its great customer support, ease of use, and excellent backup features. The advantage Crashplan has over Zoolz is that it features continuous backup and keeps backup logs. But it doesn’t feature local or remote server options and is built for comparatively less number of users.

Degoo vs. Zoolz 

Compared to Zoolz, Degoo is a much more limited option, lacking such features of the former. It also ranks a bit lower on ease of use due to a lack of available online resources to serve as a knowledge base. In addition, it lacks a desktop client. The only real advantage is its pricing, which is quite lower than that of Zoolz.

Wrap Up 

Save for a few minor points meriting criticism, Zoolz is overall a superb cloud file storage solution. It ranks high on security, ease of use, and transfer speed. With its fair and affordable price, it is definitely the best online storage option for small to medium-sized businesses. We hope you found our Zoolz review to be informative and helpful. Are you using or have previously used Zoolz? Share your experience with the software in the comments.


What is Zoolz?

Zoolz is a cloud storage service that allows you to create a secure backup of your files of any type and any size, provided it stays within the maximum allowed storage limit. Getting started with Zoolz is simple. Select a plan, complete the payment process, and download their desktop client. Once installed, create or sign in to your account and go through the installation wizard. Select your preferred backup settings, and you’re done. Zoolz will start uploading your chosen files for backup, and you or other authorized users can access them from any compatible client.  For more info, read our Zoolz review for 2020.

Is Zoolz safe?

Security is, in fact, among the strongest feature of Zoolz. It guarantees protection against both cyber and physical threats to your uploaded files.

How do you use Zoolz?

Zoolz is a software that is meant to be easy to learn and use. However, if you ever get confused regarding its use or any of its particular features, Zoolz boasts an excellent knowledge base that you can access with your queries. Aside from the Wiki and its own site’s resources already mentioned, Zoolz also provides ‘How to’ videos on YouTube. Their responsive live chat can also be a helpful channel when it comes to engaging with queries that concern how to use the service.

What is Zoolz cold storage?

Zoolz cold storage is an extremely low-cost storage option that is optimal for creating a backup of files for archiving. These are a type of files that aren’t mean for day-to-day access such as reports, logs, and photos.

What is BigMIND?

BigMIND is another backup service from the same team behind Zoolz cloud backup. The major difference between the two is that BigMIND makes use of Zoolz intelligent A.I to automatically sort and organize your stored data, making it easier and quicker to find the right file when required. Unsurprisingly, it is also a pricier service with the starting plan of Zoolz 100 GB storage costing $15 a month.