Rules To Follow While Designing Your eCommerce Store

eCommerce stores have gained popularity in recent years due to the ease of access that they provide. But oftentimes, a few eCommerce stores lack the traffic they intend to have. Visual cues, being a major player in online stores need aesthetically pleasing designs and swift navigation. Designing your eCommerce store in a way which attracts visitors is the key to sales. Brace up as we’re going to discuss eCommerce store design rules you can count on. Read on…

  1. Appealing Visuals and Details

Adobe State of the Content Report shows that if a website has unattractive layout or imagery, 35% of the site visitors change devices and 38% even stop engaging. eStores have the disadvantage of not being able to let their customers touch, feel or try the products physically; thus, images and videos are the only sources of their purchase decision. Make sure to keep the images attractive, product descriptions easy to understand, and detailed!

  1. The Sorting Options

Online shopping is all about swift selections and fast checkouts! Make sure you keep your sorting options in a way which let the shoppers easily scrutinize the search and directly reach to products they actually want to see.

  1. Website Navigation

The fewer clicks the user will have to make, the more impressed he or she will be! Meaning, keep your website navigation as simple as possible and let the users shop in less than 5 clicks. The user shopping chart should look like,

Product sorting —> Product Selection —> Add To Cart —> Checkout/Payment —> Done

  1. The Search Option

Website search is the most used and underrated feature of any eCommerce store. Site search should be optimized to respond to user queries. Make sure your search bar returns with results even if the search queries don’t match exactly to the products or descriptions.

  1. Special Offers and Sweepstakes

If you’re offering some special products or organizing events, have any contents or sweepstakes going on, or have an ongoing SALE, do not forget to highlight the same on your website. Decide the places on your eStore from where they’re easily visible and choose flashy stickies and buttons to attracts more eyes.

  1. Reviews and Ratings

Customers believe it more when they hear it from real-time users! Have review and rating tabs on the website where consumers can share their experience of the purchase. This authenticates your eStore more than anything else.

  1. Checkout Process

Keep your payment and checkout process as simple as possible! In a recent article about eCommerce store features that drive conversions, QeRetail mentioned that the eStore Cart Abandonment rate is about 69.89%. Out of which, 34% of users leave the cart due to its ‘create an account’ pop-up, while 26% of them leave the cart unattended due to a lengthy or complicated checkout process. If possible, let the users checkout without having to create an account. This can be done by implementing a guest login page. Enable autofill for the required details so that the users don’t have to fill long details every time they buy something.

Final Word

The mentioned seven are essential eCommerce store rules that will weave you fruits if followed as suggested. We suggest that an ideal eCommerce store should comprise all the features that ultimately smoothens and enhances the user experience. Hope the mentioned features will help you make the necessary changes to your eStore! If you’re looking for a facelift of your existing eStore, QeRetail can certainly help you with the same, Be in touch!

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