About Us

Our team is an eclectic mix of tech nerds and business whizzes. Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we’re very aware that in this digital world, a well-structured, functioning website is crucial to entrepreneurial success of any kind.

Having struggled ourselves in the beginning, we’ve learned from our mistakes and pivoted from novice missteps until we finally got it down pat.

On that note, we see absolutely no reason for you to go through the same trial and error process just to get your own small business website up and running. This is where all our passion and energy comes from—and we put it all into helping you have an easy, comfortable journey while making your own small online business a reality.

Our Mission

We firmly believe that everyone deserves a shot at success!

There are plenty of lucrative opportunities in the global market, and it really all comes down to hard work and merit. To give fellow entrepreneurs a leg up, we’ve made it our mission to scout the best website builder platforms, tools, and services.

There’s a vast collection of these out there, but so very few sites that really do in-depth reviews and arm consumers with a clearer understanding of what exactly there is to choose from. In addition, our experts will keep putting out in-depth step-by-step guides for everyone looking to start and run their own small business.

Being the detail-oriented perfectionists that we are, there’s nothing we hold higher than transparency, accuracy, and fairness. We make sure every piece of content we write and publish is factual and objective. Everything goes through multiple checkpoints to make sure the details are on point and free of any mistakes.

Furthermore, as a company, we believe that a happy team is a productive one, so we’re always seeking ways to promote a positive, supportive, and fun sense of community in our workplace!