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1Password Review

1Password Review

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  • Password generator: Available
  • Encryption protocol: 256-bit AES/SSL
  • Two-factor authentication: Yes
  • Multi-device sync: Yes
  • Zero-knowledge model: Yes
  • Digital wallet: Yes
  • Autofill: Available
  • Available storage: Depends on the plan

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Best For

Impeccable security features.

  • Secure, simple, and convenient authentication method for adding more devices
  • Time-based two-factor authentication for more substantial security
  • Straightforward password organization
  • Comes with a comprehensive FAQ section to answer all your questions
  • No free version available
  • Limited data importing
  • No live chat or phone customer support









Free Trial

30-day free trial

Our 1Password review evaluates 1Pass, all the features it offers, the operating systems it works on, how it compares against other password managers, and everything else you need to know about it.

1Password is a viable solution to manage your passwords across various accounts and different devices.

For starters, we are going to take a look at the pros and cons of the application:

Device Compatibility

1Password is a platform developed by AgileBits Inc. That began as a password manager available as a MacOS program in 2006. The app has come a long way since then – it is now available on a variety of devices.

AgileBits 1Password has apps for devices that use:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Android
  • iOS

The password manager also has web browser extensions for:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Edge

What Is 1Password?

1Password is an effective password management app that helps you save all your passwords and generate new passwords for dozens of online accounts.

It provides you a high level of security through impeccable encryption and time-based one-time password systems. 1Password makes creating and managing all your online passwords easy.

1Password Security

1Password helps you protect your information through advanced 256-bit AES encryption. Your entire information is stored locally, and it uses secured TLS/SSL network lines to transfer it.

With 1Password, you have a master password that allows you to access the app.

To enhance the security for your personal information, 1Password does not save the master password online. Instead, the only place your information is stored is in the Emergency Kit PDF, or wherever you might have written it.

This security protocol is based on the “Zero-Knowledge” model. It is crucial to keep in mind that in case you lose the password, the 1Password team cannot help you.

Besides your master password, the Emergency Kit contains your sign-in email and a secret key required for logging in to the platform.

The secret key is 1Password’s form of 2-factor authentication. The key is unique to you, and it is necessary any time a sign-in on a new device is made from your 1Password account. It is not a traditional 2FA, but it is an effective defense against any would-be hackers.

The Emergency Kit in 1Password makes using the mobile device app easier thanks to the QR code. You won’t be allowed to make screenshots though, to ensure better security.

1Password Features

As far as password management software goes, 1Password covers all basics and offers a few unique features. On top of that, it presents the features in an intuitive way that is easy for users to understand.

One feature that 1Password lacks is folder organization. While you can select different categories for various sets of data, there is a limitation of categories available.

But let’s focus on what 1Password does offer:


1Password Watchtower is a part of its security ranking options. It basically enhances your online security.

This segment labels your various passwords as weak, reused, vulnerable, and compromised. It also allows you to find out for which websites you have enabled the two-factor authentication and the ones you haven’t.

Emergency Kit

As previously mentioned, the 1Password provides you with an Emergency Kit in the form of a PDF file. The Emergency Kit PDF contains your master password for the platform, the sign-in email, and a secret key.

You can print out the 1Password Emergency Kit and store it in a safe place in case you forget your login information. The Emergency Kit PDF also comes with a QR code that you can scan to conveniently set up 1Password on another device.


The password vaults are another useful aspect of 1Password.

They are customizable storage options that separate your password management uses. For instance, you might have a vault dedicated to storing passwords purely related to your office or business. Or you can have an entirely different vault set up to store passwords for your personal use.

Travel Mode

You can use 1Password on your mobile device and enable the Travel Mode setting to store all your personal information within a vault. In case you ever lose your mobile device, or it gets stolen, the data will be secure. Brownie points to 1Password for the security measures.

Whenever you have a new device, you can restore that information via the app.

Pretty neat feature from 1Password.

1Password X

Among the platform’s latest releases is the browser add-on 1Password X.

This 1Password extension works with Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. It also works with Chromium-based browsers. So there is a 1Password for Opera and Vivaldi browsers.

Basically, people can use 1Password within their browser without having to download the desktop app.

The 1Password X also offers autofill, suggested passwords, storage for credit card and bank account information, etc.

If you are not using 1Password X for a while, the feature automatically gets locked to protect your information.

The X extension lets you access other 1Password features like the information categories, the Watchtower feature, and the password generator. You can customize the length of the password it generates, select whether you want to add symbols and numbers to the password if you want the key to be random, something you can easily remember, or a simple PIN.

1Password Setup

Setting up 1Password is a fairly straightforward process. Once you install the app on your device, you can select a master password and take it from. Easy as a breeze.

1Password Mobile Apps

The password management software is available as an app for Android and iOS devices.

1Password for iOS

While most users prefer the desktop version of 1Password, the 1Password iOS version for mobile devices is gaining popularity.

It already incorporates and integrates several security system features that were previously missing due to iOS’ restrictive security environment.

1Password for Android

The 1Password Android application is a comprehensive solution for password management.

It offers users all the features of the platform.

One of the advantages of being an Android user is that 1Password comes with its own Android keyboard. You can use it to dig up your passwords and usernames using a long-press.

1Password Ease of Use

As we already mentioned earlier in our 1Password review, the set-up process is nothing to worry about.

But let’s discuss the ease of use of the software.

The user interface of 1Password includes your secret key and password ratings along with a link to the login page. There is also an option for an open and fill option to sign in to those pages automatically.

Very convenient.

You can sort out each piece of information into customized tags. For instance, if you want to categorize your Facebook login information, you can use tags like “Personal,” “Social Media,” and “Facebook”. Pretty easy to navigate.

There’s something we absolutely must mention in our 1Password review – the data importing limitations. It only allows you to import passwords from previous versions of the app, and passwords you have stored on LastPass, SplashID, or a CSV/1PIF file.

While this is not the most challenging process, it’s not exactly an effortless ordeal.

Once you import the information, however, organizing it and using it is as straightforward as it gets. 1Password automatically divides the information into several categories, including logins, secure notes, identities, and credit cards, еtc.

You can lock the 1Password X extension using your master password. While using the 1Password X extension is convenient, the desktop app is more convenient.

Autofill Function

The autofill function in 1Password makes logging into various accounts easy.

Can 1Password be trusted, in case you forget the log-in details for, let’s say, Facebook?


The software will remember them, so you don’t have to.

When you sign in to your account on any website, it automatically gives you the option to save the information. Once you save it – or manually insert it – you can use 1Password to fill in your personal data when registering on new sites.

For the most part, it works rather well, recognizing the respective fields and inserting the relevant info.

You can set up autofill options for both iOS and Android devices. You can fill in and save passwords without having to open the 1Password app on your device.

Plans & Pricing

1Password offers you several plans that you can use:

1Password Personal

The 1Password price for its Personal plan for individuals is the standard package. It costs $2.99 per month when billed annually.

It comes with all the features available by the platform for a single user. The Travel Mode, Item Recovery, 1GB of document storage, and multi-device synchronization are also available.

1Password Family 

The second type of plan we’ll review is 1Password Family. This plan costs $4.99 per month when billed annually. The Family plan comes with five individual accounts.

Members of the account can easily share information with each other and recover accounts. You can add more than five members to the account with $1 per month additional charges for each new member.

1Password Teams

1Password Teams costs $3.99 per month when billed annually.

It offers nearly the same features as the personal accounts, plus duo integration for business-wide two-factor authentication and admin controls for managing permissions.

1Password Business

1Password Business is an impressive plan that costs $7.99 per month.

The subscription costs twice as much as the Teams plan, but it offers you 5GB of storage per user, 20 limited guest-sharing accounts, advanced 1Password security controls, usage statistics, customized roles, etc.

Subscribers to 1Password Business plans can offer Family accounts for free to all their members.

1Password Free Trial

One unfortunate thing about 1Password is that it does not have a free version, unlike many other similar platforms.

The only free taste of the software you can get is its 30-day free trial.


Another disappointing aspect of 1Password is its surprising lack of customer support features like live chat or phone contact.

There are only three avenues for customer support you can use for your 1Password account, including Twitter, the forum, and email.

The forum is full of useful information and a comprehensive FAQ section that answers most customer queries. The app is simple to use.

However, there’s more to be desired from the support.

Around the Web

Generally, the people who have been using the platform for a while are happy with 1Password. Especially on Reddit, many users of 1Password were previously using other platforms like LastPass Premium and Dashlane Premium, but they switched to 1Password, because:

  • 1Password is better than its competitors in terms of ease of use, design, and attention to detail
  • Constant updates to 1Pass make for a better user experience
  • The support for OTP and 2FA was a common factor in several 1Password reviews on Reddit

The recent updates in 1Password and constant updates to improve the software make it even more popular among users. We tried looking for negative feedback to include in our 1Password review, but we could not find any.

Our Verdict

1Password easily synchronizes passwords and personal data across all your devices. It secures the information from hackers, and it allows you to access your accounts with ease.

1Password can brag with an intuitive interface and excellent apps, specifically designed for all types of devices. It offers you a 30-day free trial to check out what it has to offer before you have to pay to use the platform.

We will conclude our 1Password review by telling you that it is a solid choice to bolster your online security.

Alternatives of 1Password

There are several other password managers out there such as:

1Password vs LastPass

Both 1Password and LastPass can work across platforms and various compatible devices.

LastPass lets you share credentials with other users if you ever need to. 1Password does not allow that.

LastPass also has a free version with plenty of useful features. 1Password is not free except for its trial period. Overall, 1Password is better than LastPass if you compare the premium version of LastPass.

1Password vs Dashlane

Dashlane is a more minimalistic platform compared to 1Pass.

It has a beautifully designed UI that makes it simple to use and understand. However, it does not offer you the same ability to store a variety of details. The best you can store is login details, cards, notes, and addresses. But it offers a free password manager, unlike 1Password.

1Password vs Bitwarden

Bitwarden is an open-source password manager that is relatively new. It does not allow you to share passwords with users unless you take measures to identify authenticated users.

For the more technically savvy users, Bitwarden’s open-source setup allows you to self-host the password manager rather than using Bitwarden’s web vault.

Wrap Up

As we wrap up the 1Password review, you might be wondering “Is 1Password worth the money?”

We certainly think so. It is better than many of its peers in various ways. The platform is simple to use, it provides a high level of security for your personal information, and it makes logging into your accounts in a secure manner a straightforward affair.

1Password has our approval.


What is 1Password?

1Password is a password management application that allows you to save the login credentials for various accounts. It helps you log into those accounts easily through its autofill feature. It also allows you to store and keep track of various information like secure notes, medical information, credit cards, and even your frequent flier numbers. For more details, read our 1Password review.

How to use 1Password?

Using 1Password is a matter of installing the desktop app, suitable mobile device app, or the 1Password X web browser extension, entering your password, and filling in the information. As you keep using various websites after installing 1Password, it allows you to store additional credentials if you log in to new websites.

Can 1Password be hacked?

Unless you let the credentials for 1Password fall into the wrong hands, 1Password cannot be hacked. It has a substantial encryption algorithm that protects your information from being compromised using brute force attacks.

Can I use 1Password on Windows 10?

Yes, you can. The password manager has apps that allow you to use it across various devices and operating systems. It has a dedicated 1Password Windows 10 desktop app. You can also use it on Windows 10 supported devices using web browsers through the 1Password Chrome extension or other browsers.

How do I change my Master Password?

To change the Master Password follow these steps:

  1. Open 1Password and unlock your data file.
  2. Click 1Password, then Preferences, then Security.
  3. Click the Change Master Password button and follow the instructions.

Why can’t I save my login information?

1Password is unable to save and restore logins for websites that use Adobe Flash. As far as we are aware, no browser-based password manager supports Adobe Flash-based websites. Most websites provide standard HTML login pages as well. The only way you can work around the issue if there is no HTML login for the website is to store the username and password on 1Pass and copy-paste it manually when you want to log in to that website.

Why is the 1Password data file locked?

A. The 1Password data file is configured to lock itself automatically by default in certain circumstances – for instance, when your computer is idle for a long time or after your computer goes to sleep. It is considered a great security feature since it protects your data even if you forget to lock your 1Password manually.