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Payhip Review

Payhip Review

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  • Selling digital downloads and membership:: Simple and advanced
  • Website design:: Modern and simplistic
  • Layout:: Easy to navigate
  • Supports all types of downloadable files:: Yes
  • Built-in reporting tools:: Yes
  • Set up mailing lists:: Yes

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Best For

Small business owners and digital publishers

  • Cost-effective
  • Advanced membership tools
  • Copyright protection
  • Email support and online help center
  • Relatively limited payment options for sellers — PayPal and Stripe
  • Additional advanced features and customization options would be welcome

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There are many third-party ecommerce platforms to consider when selling your products online. Currently, Payhip is one of the leading digital download solutions available.

This Payhip review will help you learn more about this service and how it can help you promote and sell digital or physical products.

Let’s get started!

What Is Payhip?

Payhip is an ecommerce solution you can use to sell digital and physical products online. The platform best suits those who want to sell their goods and services via independent online channels, such as social media platforms, blogs, and sites.

Payhip promises a simple strategy for selling coaching, courses, memberships, and more. In addition, you can upload and sell digital products like ebooks, videos, music, images, software, etc.

This platform will take care of everything for you, offering an all-in-one ecommerce solution for podcasters, creatives, or designers. In addition, Payhip fees are very reasonable, and you’ll receive a slew of smart tools for uploading and selling your products.

Payhip provides you with almost all that you need to start and run your business. It can help you with everything from creating a convenient store and managing your digital and physical products to marketing, promoting, and selling them.

It will also take care of the EU (and the UK) VAT calculation and registration for you, so you don’t have to do the extra legwork when selling to customers from the EU.

You can choose how you want to use this platform — you can either have it embedded on your site, or you can easily create and customize a storefront to sell your products, basically using the platform as a simple yet effective ecommerce website builder.

Payhip processes payments through the most popular payment gateways: Stripe and PayPal. Apart from some general location info, the buyer’s information is safely stored on these two platforms, so you don’t have to deal with sensitive user data.

Features and Services

The Payhip marketplace has many features that can make your life easier. We’ll cover some of them in the following sections.

Digital Downloads

This platform accepts all digital formats and allows you to sell products such as ebooks, courses, videos, software, music, clipart, and more. Of course, there’s nothing preventing you from selling several different product types at the same time.

It should be noted that the digital commodities you intend to sell have to be original and that the platform strictly enforces this policy. It makes Payhip a perfect website builder for artists who want to sell their creations.

Online Courses

You can make online courses with rich features like assignments, videos, quizzes, and digital attachments. The simple Payhip app interface will guide you in creating and publishing drip courses and awarding completion certificates.


Payhip allows you to convert your site into a membership site (or to create one from scratch) by allowing you to make and sell numerous membership plans.

You can create and modify membership options, like different prices and payment intervals, and you can easily manage your members.

Physical Products

Payhip can also be used to sell printed books, electronics, and other physical products. You can track your inventory and enter product weights and other variables like sizes, colors, etc. Once your storefront is active, you can fill orders, run promotions, and offer discounts.

Coupon Codes

Payhip allows you to create promo campaigns by adding product coupon codes. It’s simple to make a custom Payhip discount code since you just need to choose the product and enter how high of a discount you want to offer.

Social Discounts

The platform enables you to create social discounts for your products. This feature encourages your clients to share your products on social media platforms for a discount.


Payhip allows you to sell your knowledge through one-on-one coaching sessions. Using integrations with Zoom, Calendly, and other services, you can set up and conduct online meetings with your clients.


Aside from allowing you to check the number of visitors to your product page, the analytics tab also displays the number of sales and the conversion rate. You can also see which countries your visitors are coming from and sort the data by month, week or year.

Basically, you have everything you need to monitor and improve your sales performance and conversions by tracking user behavior.

Affiliate System

Affiliate marketing is cost-efficient and effective. This feature enables you to enroll affiliates to promote your products in exchange for compensation.

In other words, you can have people share a link to your products that are specific to them and earn a commission from every sale made through that link.

Payhip Pricing Plans

Payhip offers three pricing options, and the best part is that you can get started for free! The plans have the same features and only differ in the transaction fees. In other words, which plan you’ll go with will depend on the anticipated sales volume.

Note that Stripe and PayPal, which accounts for 22% of all online transactions in the US, have their own transaction fees, and you’ll have to cover these fees regardless of the plan you choose.

Free Plan

As for the Payhip free option, you’ll have to pay a 5% transaction fee, but that means that you only start paying once you are already making money with Payhip. The payment is sent to you via your Stripe or PayPal account.

Plus Plan

It costs $29.00 a month, and you’ll be charged a 2% transaction fee. You’ll get all features, be able to list an unlimited number of products, and won’t have to deal with any revenue limits.

Pro Plan

This plan costs $99 a month, but there aren’t transaction fees (aside from PayPal’s and Stripe’s). Of course, you can cancel your account whenever you like if you decide that the platform isn’t right for you.

Disclaimer: All the prices above are based on the company’s current offerings. Payhip may change them without prior notice.

Customer Support

Payhip reviews show that there is a fantastic customer service team ready to answer any questions you might have, whether you’re looking for advice or troubleshooting issues.

They are available Monday through Sunday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. GMT on weekdays and from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. on weekends, and you can contact them through email at [email protected].

Unfortunately, Payhip doesn’t offer phone or live chat support, which is the quickest way to respond to customers’ queries. Despite this, most users think their customer support is excellent and professional.

Of course, before reaching out, you should first take a look at the company’s Help Center. This section of the site is very informative and will more than likely answer any general questions you might have about purchases and the platform itself.

Ease of Use

After taking a look at some Payhip examples of product listings and testing the platform first-hand, we can confirm that it is very easy to use. Once you create your account, you can immediately add a new product.

Each step is simple, and the process of listing your product doesn’t have to take more than a few minutes.


You can add the main picture for the product and eight other images. You can also embed an audio or video file to showcase your product better. Since we know that videos help attract new customers, we strongly encourage you not to disregard this option.

After providing the price, writing the product description, and selecting the store’s visibility status, you can either complete the product listing then and there, or you can make use of one of a number of advanced options.

Either way, you’ll notice that the platform is highly intuitive, quick, and practical.

Payhip Reviews from Customers

According to statistics, 97% of consumers read online reviews first before buying a product. That’s why we took the time to read some of them. Here are what we discovered:

  • All of Payhip’s functionalities have contributed to the platform attracting more than 130,000 sellers worldwide.
  • Customers praise its user-friendly interface and professional customer support. They also love its features, and the platform is highly recommended to everyone who wants to sell their digital goods.
  • However, some of them would appreciate having more storefront customization options.

Payhip Alternatives

Every product has competitions, so let’s see how Payhip stacks up against similar ecommerce platforms. Some popular alternatives include Gumroad, Sellfy, and Shopify.

Payhip vs. Gumroad

These two platforms function similarly, and their dashboards look almost identical. However, they do have some differences.

The main one is the modes that users can sell on the platforms. Both platforms allow you to sell physical and digital products, but Gumroad offers pre-order options.

Even though Payhip doesn’t offer pre-orders, it’s still a fantastic ecommerce platform that enables creators to sell products to their followers. In addition, Payhip has more options when helping you with memberships and is often described as more beginner-friendly.

It should also be noted that Payhip offers instant payments with no payment thresholds, while Gumroad has payout delays and a $10 threshold.

Payhip vs. Sellfy

Both Payhip and Sellfy allow you to sell digital products such as videos, ebooks, and software licenses.

You can upload and monetize courses on both platforms, but Payhip appears to have a much more comprehensive set of features for creating a fantastic series of lessons. Furthermore, it allows you to easily provide live one-on-one consulting sessions.

Because Sellfy doesn’t include this integration, you must sign up for a Zapier account if you want to consult with your customers.

Payhip vs. Shopify

We must say that these platforms are built for different reasons, so your choice will depend on what you plan to sell.

While Shopify is a well-established name in the market, Payhip still has some advantages over it. For instance, you’ll have to pay to use Shopify after the free trial, even for the smallest plans.

Additionally, while it’s widely assumed that you can sell anything on Shopify, you will need certain apps, have to design the store a certain way, and do quite a bit of experimenting with various workarounds to make it function.

For example, you can’t sell online courses with Shopify, which is why a platform like Payhip can be a better choice for some sellers.


Ecommerce platforms are excellent for entrepreneurs, bloggers, and everyone who wants to sell their physical and digital products online. If you’re looking for the ideal combination of simplicity and user-friendliness, the Payhip store is a fantastic choice.

Overall, we’re impressed with Payhip. The customer support is excellent, and the platform will save you time and effort because everything is already configured and hosted on the website.


Is Payhip legit?

Yes, Payhip is a legit place to do business. Users always get paid when they make a sale since the funds are credited directly to their PayPal or Stripe accounts.

However, make sure to read their terms and conditions thoroughly to see which products are allowed; otherwise, your account will be disabled. For example, they only allow the sale of original content.

Is Payhip safe?

Yes, it is.

Payhip doesn’t store card details — Stripe and PayPal handle all payments.

Is Payhip free?

Yes, you can get started using Payhip for free. And as you can see in our Payhip review, you’ll only have to pay 5% of the transaction fee once you start selling your products.