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Weebly Review

Weebly Review

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  • eCommerce store: Available
  • Template switching: Available
  • Integrations: Numerous
  • Themes and designs: Huge variety
  • Blog features: Yes
  • Widgets: Yes
  • Speed optimisation: No
  • Website transfer: Yes

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Users looking for an e-commerce website builder

  • Variety of themes
  • Huge range of templates
  • Great app center
  • Features include SEO
  • Limited flexibility with some templates
  • Not the best CMS

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When planning to build a website, some prominent names come to mind. Weebly is one of them. Known to be one of the easiest and cheapest website builders, Weebly has many excellent features that can knock off its more famous competitors at any time.

The Weebly website maker can be used for basically anything — from developing a personal blog to running an online business.

Let’s take a look at what the site has to offer in this Weebly review.

What is Weebly?

Founded in 2007, Weebly follows the principle that everyone must have the tools to make their ideas come to life and grow. The company believes that entrepreneurs should have a website that people love to visit and shop.

Weebly has maintained its status since then. Thanks to constant innovations and its ability to keep up with customer demand.

In this Weebly review for 2021, we will scrutinize some of the best Weebly features, pricing plans, support team, and more.

Ease of Use

Simply put, Weebly is an absolute delight to use. From the moment you click sign-up, the site makes everything as straightforward as possible, which is great since most people are more likely to purchase a plan if they liked the user experience on the site.

Once you’ve selected your template and the theme of your site, Weebly will guide you through using the editor.

Weebly website reviews all agree that the interface is nice and clean, and the drag and drop editor system makes customizing your site very easy.

 It’s an excellent tool to ensure that your site has incredible visuals and designs, as the first impressions depend on these two elements.

However, the site’s content management system for your posts and pages can become a little bit cluttered, but that’s a minor issue in an otherwise excellent process.


We’ve discovered quite many significant Weebly features that are too many to mention in this Weebly review. So, we’ve filtered the best of them.

Weebly Editor

As far as website editors go, Weebly’s is one of the simplest and most effective options. When you sign up for the site, you will be prompted to pick your first template.

After doing this, you can begin to edit your Weebly site. The drag and drop builder allows you to move items around the site with ease. The site also provides tips and tricks so that you can get used to their layout.

E-Commerce Builder

Any Weebly eCommerce review will tell you that the site is one of the best in the game in this arena.

The website’s e-commerce building options are excellent. Weebly gives you SEO assistance, an integrated shopping cart, inventory management options, and product display and search features.

If you sign up to use the site’s e-commerce features, they also offer exclusive apps to help you manage your website when you are out and about.

These factors are worth giving Weebly a try considering that almost all consumers abandon an e-commerce site due to poor experience.

Weebly Blogging

Many Weebly reviews agree that one of Weebly’s most popular uses is for blogging.

The company offers a range of blogbased services like the aforementioned built-in SEO assistance and visitor analysis.

They also offer advanced sharing and scheduling features for bloggers, which can be incredibly useful, as we’ve discovered from numerous Weebly blog reviews.

While WordPress remains the biggest blogging site today, Weebly can compete with it if given a chance.

Themes and Designs

Weebly is one of the hottest website builders on the market when it comes to templates and designs. There’s a wide variety of Weebly templates to suit just about every need.


The installation of third-party applications is where Weebly shines, and we can confirm it in this review. The site is compatible with almost 400 different apps.

The site allows you to link social media buttons, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It also lets you use third-party marketing apps such as Mailchimp and Salesforce. Google apps like Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Google Drive are available too.

Weebly Pricing and Plans

First of all, Weebly has a free plan, so it’s an excellent starting point if you want to test the waters first or if you’re a beginner trying to learn the basics of website building. Otherwise, there are four paid Weebly plans to choose from. Let’s look at each one of them.

Free Plan

The free plan will only allow you access to a certain amount of features. You’ll be given a domain name, but you’ll have ads about your site being powered by Weebly. It comes with 500MB storage and free SSL security.


The cost of the Weebly Connect plan is $5 a month when paid annually ($60/year). Its main feature is the custom domain name. Outside of this, you’ll also get free SSL Weebly security, 500MB of storage, and a few marketing features.


The Weebly Pro comes with a range of special features. The Weebly price for Pro is $12 a month when paid annually ($144/year).

The plan provides a free domain name, Google ads credit worth $100, unlimited storage, SSL encryption security, site search options, password protection, and tons of other awesome features.

Users can add up to 100 members to the site, which is perfect for smaller companies. They also get е-commerce features, including a shopping cart and some item badges. The plan includes phone support.


The Weebly Business plan is perfect for bigger businesses and costs $25 a month if billed annually.

It comes with all of the features of the Pro package. Plus, it also allows you to list unlimited items for sale, accept payments through PayPal and involves integrated shipping solutions. 

It is a great value package for small businesses, mainly because over half of all small business owners rely on their personal savings.

Business Plus

The Weebly cost for this plan is $38 a month when paid annually ($456). But don’t be intimidated by the price because it’s a powerhouse cast of great features. The Business Plus plan offers everything that the business package offers and more.

One of the key features it offers is the abandoned cart email system.

It’s a really effective tool for boosting your sales, considering that three abandoned cart emails generate 69% more orders than a single email. This reason alone makes the Business Plus plan perfect for power online sellers.

Weebly Support

As we discovered while researching for our Weebly review, there are different levels of customer support available, depending on what package you are using. However, the majority of services are available to all customers, including those on a free plan.

Weebly has a live chat feature. A perfect option, given that the majority of users prefer live chat to get customer support.

The team was fast and accommodating with any issues that we encountered. We were using a free plan at the time, which didn’t seem to make a difference in priority, as we’ve noticed while doing this Weebly website builder review.

There’s also a blog section where you can learn more about the site. The platform also has a Weebly community section and a Weebly forum where you can chat with other users.

There is also an email service that is available for all customers. The team responded to our queries within a couple of hours, and their answer was very detailed.

If you want to talk to a member of the Weebly support team on the phone directly, you’ll need to sign up for the pro plan or above.

Our Weebly websites review also highlights that the site has a reasonably detailed knowledge database. Here you’ll find the answers to most of the general questions, including those about website building, your account, and the Weebly mobile apps.

If you want extra help, Weebly has a great YouTube channel that is full of great tutorials. We found these to be very useful. They gave us some great ideas for our test site. After all, people are three times more likely to watch a YouTube tutorial than read a product’s instructions.

Weebly User Reviews

Many of the users on the internet have positive reviews, with most of them praising the site’s easy-to-use drag and drop editor and e-commerce options.

However, many people on forums also claim that Weebly is fine for getting started and learning the basics, but it’s limited compared to sites like WordPress. The same thing goes for a Weebly review on Reddit that we saw.

Generally, though, many users claim that if you want to build a simple website, then Weebly can be a great option that is pretty cost-effective.

Weebly Alternatives

There are many great website builders available to customers. What seems to be the strongest Weebly alternative is Wix considering that they have many similarities in terms of pricing, ease of use, and features.

However, other names are powerful contenders, too, such as Squarespace. So, let’s see how they stack up with Weebly here.

Weebly vs. Wix

First of all, Wix’s editor is unstructured and it allows customers to move things around as much as they want. Weebly drag and drop editor, on the other hand, is more structured and allows you to move within certain limits.

Wix wins over Weebly as far as the massive selection of templates it offers — over 900, to be precise. But not all of those are awesome. On the other hand, Weebly offers a smaller number of templates, but they are of a higher quality.

Weebly Pricing vs. Wix

Wix and Weebly’s pricing plans are very similar, though Weebly does have a few advantages over its rival in this area. The option to buy your website domain name as its own monthly plan is something that few of Weebly’s competitors offer.

The fact that all of the paid plans come with unlimited storage is also something that gives it a huge advantage over Wix.

Weebly vs. Squarespace

Squarespace has a much more rigid editor than Weebly or even Wix. It means that Weebly is a better fit for beginners, while Squarespace might require users to have a little more experience in website building. Although with a bit of practice, it could be as easy to use as Weebly.

Both Weebly and Squarespace’s templates are beautifully crafted and are hard to beat. But Weebly does have more template designs to choose from than Squarespace — almost 400 versus over 100, respectively.

Squarespace vs. Weebly Pricing

Weebly beats Squarespace on pricing as it has a plan that costs as low as $5 a month — the Connect plan. More importantly, Weebly has a “free forever” plan, while Squarespace has a 14-day free trial only.

The inclusions are pretty similar, so deciding which one to take will depend on your budget and what features you need for your websites.

Our Verdict

Weebly is an excellent website builder service. The site is perfect if you’re new to the world of website building as it takes you by the hand and guides you through the process, as we can tell from doing this Weebly review.

There are some limits in terms of customizing your templates and going back and making changes. But if you want to use this for small business or personal projects, then we think it is a great option.


How does Weebly work?

Getting to grips with Weebly couldn’t be easier. When you open your account, you’ll be asked to pick a template and a name for your Weebly starter site. You’ll then be taken to the editor. It’s a pretty straightforward process.

If you need extra assistance, there’s a great knowledge base and a YouTube channel that gives us a few great ideas. Of course, you can always contact the support team for help too.

Can you use Weebly for free?

Yes. There is a free version of Weebly for customers to use.

However, we would only recommend using this to test the waters and see if you like the site. The free version comes with many downsides, including Weebly’s branding on your webpage.

Besides, Weebly’s pricing and plans are pretty affordable. It’s one of the cheapest website builders out there today.

Is Weebly good?

In short, yes. Weebly is an excellent website builder for both individuals and small businesses.

What’s better, Wix or Weebly?

If we’re talking about the number of themes and designs here, of course, Wix is better with its over 900 templates, while Weebly only has less than a hundred.

But, and a big but that our Weebly review has to emphasize – if we’re talking about how beautiful and neat the designs are, then both Wix and Weebly have them.

They have different templates for specific purposes, such as the featured ones, online stores, blogs, events, personal, portfolio, and businesses.