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WhiteSmoke Review

WhiteSmoke Review

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  • Plagiarism checker: Available
  • Dictionary: Yes
  • Integrations: MS Word/G-Docs
  • Grammer checker: Yes
  • Writing assistant: Available
  • Offline mode: No
  • Language preferences: Available
  • Disable formatting: Yes

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Best For

Students, academics, authors, business writers, and marketers

  • Good spelling and grammar checker
  • Accurate plagiarism detector
  • Works well with popular browsers
  • Comes with an excellent mobile application
  • Comes up with false positive
  • No free grammar check
  • Only 10,000 characters limit

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Looking for ways to improve your writing experience?

WhiteSmoke is here to help.

It’s a fully-featured spelling and grammar corrector, which offers a lot, given its affordability. If you’ve used Grammarly and are looking for an alternative, WhiteSmoke may be a good option.

In this WhiteSmoke review, we’ll take a quick look at some of its strengths, weaknesses, and features that set it apart from other grammar checkers and see how people who have used it rate it.

Read on!

What Is WhiteSmoke?

WhiteSmoke is a professional grammar checker that helps users enhance their writing.

It’s equipped with a full-featured package of tools that correct grammar and typos, look for plagiarism, fix writing style, and offer pre-made writing templates to ensure correct documentation.

Device Compatibility

You can use WhiteSmoke for Mac and Windows, as well as Android and iOS. There’s also a WhiteSmoke web application, so you won’t need to download the program to use it, as verified by this WhiteSmoke review.

The platform is mobile-friendly, which means you can use WhiteSmoke anywhere, anytime, to correct mistakes in your text.

Often, users notice a difference in quality between the desktop and the mobile version when using a software tool. However, this is not a problem with WhiteSmoke.


WhiteSmoke writing assistant has many excellent features that may very well compete with its more popular counterparts. Our WhiteSmoke review noticed the following:

Grammar Checker

WhiteSmoke grammar checker can find all sorts of errors to ensure grammatical correctness, such as:

  • Incomplete sentences
  • Fragmented phrases
  • Excessive passive voice
  • Missing words
  • Wrong pluralization
  • Capitalization errors
  • Object clauses
  • Fused sentences
  • Tense shifts
  • Double negatives

and more.

Keep in mind that the WhiteSmoke online grammar checker sometimes shows false positives. However, it doesn’t happen often enough to detract from the positive experience of using this tool.

Punctuation Checker

WhiteSmoke’s free punctuation checker does a good job of finding wrongly-placed or missing punctuation.

Many WhiteSmoke reviews say that its robust tool can tell the difference between commas, periods, colon, semi-colon, dashes, em-dashes and prompt them to use them correctly by highlighting the words and suggesting substitutes for them.

Spell Checker

The WhiteSmoke spell checker is a powerful feature that allows you to detect typos in your writing and give you the correct spelling suggestions. It also does an alright job of catching the difference between a product or brand name and a spelling error.

While we were doing the tests for our WhiteSmoke writing software review, it’s something that gave us a pretty lasting impression of it.

Style Checker

WhiteSmoke is also equipped with a style checker that shows you if your content is in the correct writing style.

It matches your writing style with dozens of samples and, if necessary, prompts you to fix things by switching tenses, checking for monotony, and improving the flow of the words.

Plagiarism Checker

Because there is so much content available online, it can be pretty challenging to write something 100% unique.

While researching for our WhiteSmoke writing assistant review, we discovered that WhiteSmoke offers a feature that ensures your writing is distinctive and original. You won’t land into legal or ethical problems when you publish it.

Multilingual Translator

This feature is pretty helpful for non-English speaking students who want to use the correct grammar when writing. WhiteSmoke also uses a translation system that can help you translate over 55 natural languages. In comparison, Grammarly offers English.

The WhiteSmoke translator feature is also equipped with a complete dictionary and thesaurus, word-by-word usage examples, and can work with any text application.

Pre-made Writing Templates

While testing the software for our WhiteSmoke review, we discovered that it also offers you 100+ pre-made writing templates so that you can create content more quickly and efficiently.

Because of these templates, you don’t have to look anywhere to find the correct format for a particular writing style.


Another feature that sets WhiteSmoke apart from other grammar checkers is that it offers comprehensive video tutorials on how to create quality content. The videos are displayed under categories, so you can easily navigate.

We find this an excellent strategy considering that most internet users learn about a product through videos.

While doing this review of WhiteSmoke software, we found the tutorials very useful for understanding how to write correct English for different types of content.

Of course, you can find this information online, but with this WhiteSmoke grammar checker feature, you can find all writing help within a single platform.

Moreover, we also saw some WhiteSmoke video tutorials on YouTube, which is very helpful since people would rather watch a YouTube tutorial video than read a product description.


WhiteSmoke works for all popular web browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, and even Microsoft Edge.

WhiteSmoke reviews point out that it also works with any online textual content, so you can freely use it to check for passive voice in Google Docs.

It will also offer excellent functions with LibreOffice and WordPress. There’s a WhiteSmoke Word integration too, which allows you to override the Microsoft Word spell checker feature and replace it with its own better one.

What Is WhiteSmoke Best For?

Anyone can use WhiteSmoke  — students, academics, authors, business writers, marketers, you name it.

We greatly recommend it for:

  • Business people — to write business proposals, presentations, emails, and memos.
  • Jobseekers — to edit their resume.
  • Students — to check their essays, research papers, and formal grammar.
  • Journalists and authors — to proofread and ensure there are zero mistakes on their blogs and social media.
  • Medical and technical professionals — to ensure accuracy in reports, legal contracts, product descriptions.
  • Non-native English speakers — to get help with writing and translations.

WhiteSmoke Pricing Plans

Unfortunately, WhiteSmoke doesn’t have a free plan. But there are three different types of affordable paid WhiteSmoke plans to choose from, each with two different billing periods (12 months or three years).

WhiteSmoke Web Plan

The Web plan costs $10 per month if you pay yearly, and it lowers to $6.94 per month if you take the 3-year subscription. The good news is that WhiteSmoke often offers insane discounts.

This plan includes grammar, plagiarism, spelling checkers, and a translator.

WhiteSmoke Premium Plan

The WhiteSmoke price for the Premium plan costs $13.33 a month for the yearly subscription and $11.11 a month for the 3-year subscription.

Apart from the basic features, it also includes one-click instant proofreading, integration with all writing platforms, and a one-computer license. Our WhiteSmoke Premium review believes this may be the best-value option for most people.

WhiteSmoke Business Plan

The Business plan costs $22.99 per month for the yearly subscription and $17.64 per month for the 3-year subscription. It comes with all the Premium plan features plus a 3-computer license, customer support by phone, and an extended download warranty.

WhiteSmoke Support

While researching for our WhiteSmoke grammar review, we also tested their customer support.

You can contact the WhiteSmoke support team online, through email, and on the phone. However, most user reviews say that you may have to wait 24 to 48 hours to hear back from them.

You can also submit a ticket online, and someone will get back to you at the email address you provided.

There’s also live chat support, but the pop-up box said the agents weren’t available when we tried to reach out. It was a bit off-putting as we were expecting some immediate answers since the average response time of live chats is only two minutes.

WhiteSmoke Privacy and Security

WhiteSmoke takes its security and privacy seriously, and our WhiteSmoke translator review can confirm that.

The company takes good care of all the personal information users provide and will only share it with business partners or third-party vendors so that you may have access to key services.

WhiteSmoke security policy states it will never sell, share, rent, or trade your information for any other reason. The company has been awarded the TrustGuard Privacy Seal, which shows that it is transparent and accountable for your private information.

WhiteSmoke User Reviews

Like all online software, WhiteSmoke has both good and bad reviews.

Positive user reviews claim that the program effectively checks grammar and typos for all sorts of documents, including emails and online submissions. Users have also recommended the program to others, and it has been received positively.

However, an occasional WhiteSmoke grammar checker review also claims the program sometimes misses mistakes. They also complain the customer support service is slow in resolving issues related to auto-renew and cancellation.

We recommend paying attention to these complaints since online reviews affect customers’ purchasing decisions massively.

WhiteSmoke Alternatives

WhiteSmoke has a few alternatives it can compete with. All claim to be the best writing aid software, including WhiteSmoke itself. Each one is packed with excellent features that deciding which one to choose can be tough, so we’ll share our experience!

WhiteSmoke vs. Grammarly

First things first, WhiteSmoke offers a translator for 52 languages, which is absent in Grammarly.

Even though both software have a grammar and spell checker, users claim that Grammarly has higher accuracy than WhiteSmoke, while also offering an Upload file option.

WhiteSmoke only has a 10,000 characters word limit as opposed to Grammarly, which lets you check 150,000 words. Plus, Grammarly has a free plan, while WhiteSmoke doesn’t.

WhiteSmoke vs. Ginger

As far as accuracy is concerned, Ginger and WhiteSmoke stand head to head. However, Ginger grammar checker doesn’t offer a plagiarism checker or an office extension, both of which are present in WhiteSmoke.

Our Verdict

Overall, we can confirm in this Whitesmoke review for 2021 that the software is excellent. Not perfect, but excellent. Some users prefer WhiteSmoke over other options like the Ginger grammar checker.

If you’re looking for a checking tool for smaller pieces of writing like short essays, product descriptions, and memos, you can’t go wrong with WhiteSmoke. Plus, it is super cheap. What more can you want?


Is WhiteSmoke better than a human editor?

Based on WhiteSmoke writer reviews, it’s touted as a good grammar checker online. It offers a feature-rich program that helps fix grammatical errors, typos, and plagiarism and provides extra features like multi-language translations and pre-made templates.

Even though there’s no substitute for a human eye and intelligence, the WhiteSmoke grammar checker is effective in spotting mechanical mistakes, providing feedback that can help writers improve their content and help non-native speakers improve their English.

Which is better: WhiteSmoke vs. Grammarly?

Both WhiteSmoke and Grammarly offer excellent grammar checks and plagiarism detection. However, they both have some features that are superior to the other.

For example, Grammarly provides an “Upload file” function, which is very helpful for users. This feature is absent in the WhiteSmoke extension. Additionally, Grammarly can accommodate more words than WhiteSmoke.

However, when it comes to multi-language translation, pre-made templates, and affordability, WhiteSmoke takes the cake.

When can you use WhiteSmoke?

While testing the software for our WhiteSmoke review, we discovered that you could use WhiteSmoke anywhere, anytime.

You can use it when writing essays, research papers, journals, op-eds, resumes, cover letters, legal documents, finance writing, fiction and nonfiction, creative writing, business letters, newsletters, memos, and more.