Affiliate Disclosure

Why Affiliates?

Before we start, let us say that our website always tries to provide the best service as possible. That said, we all know that improving and maintaining a site like ours demands lots of funds. Since we gave up on main sources of income similar sites take advantage of (ads and taking monetary compensation for writing reviews), the only possible way we can keep our mission alive is through the affiliate system.

How Does the Affiliate System Work?

The affiliate system works in a way that every time you visit one of the website builder sites through our affiliate link, we get a small commission. The commissions aren't something we'll get rich of, but they will help us introduce new services, improve the quality of our website, and so much more!

How Does This Affect You?

This is probably the most important aspect of affiliate links. The main advantage of being an affiliate is that you help our website without providing us funds. Namely, clicking on our affiliate links doesn't cost a thing!

Also, visiting a particular website builder's site through our link won't alter your experience in any way. It's important to note that it's completely safe as well. Clicking on our affiliate link

Finally, you can rest assured that our reviews are 100% unbiased and genuine because we only become affiliated with a website builder provider after we've written a review. This way, we stay true to both our readers and ourselves.

Give us your clicks, and in return, we'll offer the most genuine and 100% unbiased website builder reviews!