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NordPass Review

NordPass Review

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  • Password generator: Available
  • Encryption protocol: End-to-end encryption
  • Two-factor authentication: Yes
  • Multi-device sync: Yes
  • Zero-knowledge model: Yes
  • Digital wallet: No
  • Autofill: Available
  • Available storage: Unlimited

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Best For

Its zero-knowledge architecture.

  • Strong password and username generation features
  • Latest password encryption algorithm
  • Secure password sharing with trusted users
  • Additional two-factor authentication option
  • No password-sorting feature
  • Monthly premium is costly (2-year premium is cheaper)
  • No family or team plan

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Ali Baba had it easy. He only had to remember one password: “Open Sesame.” Now, almost everyone needs to remember multiple passwords. Email, social media, work, bank, every account needs a password. You can either remember multiple complex alphanumerics or recycle the same password for all accounts, which opens you to cyber-attacks and hacks.

Luckily there’s a way to avoid remembering your passwords yourself. NordPass is a state-of-the-art password manager that helps you store individual and complex passwords for all your accounts in a secure digital vault. It offers ease of access and security. In this NordPass review, we will take a look at what NordPass is, how it works, and how it compares to other password managers.

Before getting into the details, it bears mentioning that it’s created by the cybersecurity experts of NordVPN – one of the most revered VPNs currently available. But don’t think of it as a limited NordVPN password manager or an exclusive NordVPN password storing software. It’s a complete password management solution backed up by an amazing team.

Device Compatibility

NordPass is available for almost all major platforms. Apple users can download the NordPass iOS app for their phones and the macOS version for other devices. It’s also available for:

  • Android
  • Windows 
  • Linux

It can be used as an extension on the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Edge

What Is Nordpass?

NordPass was launched in November 2019.  Despite being one of the newest password management tools to enter the market, it’s being numbered alongside some of the best ones available in this category. Its success is based partly on NordVPN’s reputation and partly on its amazing security features.


NordPass employs zero-knowledge architecture and uses the latest encryption algorithm: XChaCha20 – also used by Google and Cloudflare to encrypt data. It ensures that only you can see, edit, or access your password vault. Even its creators cannot access it.

You can use two-factor authentication to add an additional layer of security. It’s also a good idea to make your master password, the one password that safeguards all your other passwords, as strong as possible.

The data is backed up in the cloud and synced across all your devices.


NordPass is built around security. Its relatively unique zero-knowledge architecture ensures that only you have access to your information. The other thing that we like about NordPass is its simplicity. It doesn’t bombard you with tons of options that you may never use. But that also means that it might seem plain to some users.

Some of its key features are:

Autosave and Autofill

NordPass Autofill and Autosave help users save time, filling in the username/email and password on the websites that need a login. It works effectively both in its desktop and app versions.

OCR Scanning

If remembering your credit card details is too tiresome for you, try NordPass’s OCR scanner. It can keep your card details safe and make your online shopping experience even simpler.

Username and Password Generator

Weak and common passwords or passwords that depend on your personal information (e.g. contact number, year of birth, spouse name, etc.) are among the leading causes of data breaches and hacked accounts. Therefore, a password generator usually enhances the quality of a password manager. You can generate strong passwords of varying lengths, randomness, and difficulty, and save them with your manager.

A personalized username is a norm, but for some accounts, you may need strong and random usernames. NordPass’s username generator is a comprehensive tool for generating usernames based on a keyword.

Sharing Credentials

It’s not a common practice, but sometimes you need to share your passwords with someone. It’s usually needed in corporate structures that rely on shared software.

Using NordPass to share your password with someone will ensure that nobody can intercept it in the process. The password goes from your encrypted vault to theirs. But make sure you share your password only with someone you trust.

Password Strength Checker

This tool is available on the NordPass website, and you can try it out for free

It shows the relative strength of your password, what changes you can make in its composition to increase its strength, how long it will take to break your password, and whether or not the password has been exposed in previous data breaches or not.

Easy Password Management

You can save all the information that you need to secure, like your login credentials, passwords, credit card details, and secure notes, by placing it inside the NordPass vault.

You can easily import passwords already saved in your browsers or another password manager. The vault is easy to access and manage.

NordVPN and NordLocker

These two are not NordPass tools, but rather two separate associated products. NordVPN is one of the most trusted and widely used VPNs, and NordLocker is a file encryption tool that helps protect your files.

You can use it for storing your data on the cloud, your own PC or phone, or an external hard drive.

You only need one account to access them all, but you will have to pay separately.


NordPass is easy to install on any device and add as an extension to your browsers.

Creating an account and setting up your master password involves a few steps, but it’s a quick process.

Mobile App

If you are using the free version, you can’t use NordPass across all your devices. So if you log in to your mobile NordPass app, you will be logged out from the desktop version.

The app is functional, interactive, and intuitive, making it easy to use. It mirrors the desktop app and has all the underlying features.

Ease of Use

By not instilling its password manager app with tones of useless features and add-ons, NordPass has made sure that its app, both desktop, and mobile, is easy to use. You don’t need interface guidance to get a feel for the app’s features.

It might get a little tiresome if you enter every login “item” manually. But if you export data from another password manager (most commonly the shift is from Google Password Manager), or respond to the NordPass’ Autofill prompts, you won’t have a problem.

Some users report getting an error stating, “NordVPN password auth failed”, however these reviews are from the beginning of 2020, and the issue, if any, seems to have been resolved.


NordPass’s Autofill feature is standard, consisting of the same functions as those of the other password managers.

Though there isn’t a Safari extension yet, NordPass’s Autofill works flawlessly on other browsers.

Keep in mind that it can’t remember addresses.

Plans & Pricing

NordPass price plans are fairly simple. There are two:

  • Free: It’s perfect for users who spend most of their time on one device. You can save unlimited passwords, notes, and credit cards. You can sync with other devices, but you can’t be logged in to multiple devices at once with NordPass. You don’t require a credit card to use the free version, and it doesn’t have an expiration date.
  • Premium: Monthly billing is the costliest: $4.99 a month. If you buy the two-year premium plan, you will be charged $2.49 per month. There are multiple payment options, including crypto. The premium version allows you to connect 6 devices at once. Additionally, it allows secured item sharing and keeping a trusted contact list in the vault. You get a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the service.

There is also a NordPass business plan. A business needs to contact NordPass directly to get a quote. Also, there is a standard 10% NordPass discount for students for the 2-year plan.


Currently, support is only available through email. If you have a query that isn’t covered in all the helpful literature they have posted on their website, you can send them an email at [email protected].

They are likely to reply within a few hours. At most, you will have a reply within a day.

The customer support is courteous, helpful, and very on-point.

NordPass User Reviews

Most of the NordPass password manager reviews that we found are positive. Some are overwhelmingly positive, and even the lowest-scoring ones are not that bad.

It has a 3.9 rating on Playstore based on 665 votes. The features that are best liked are their simplicity and security, and the drawbacks include no organization features inside the vault and no sorting tools.

Overall NordPass reviews are positive. It’s important to note that it’s still very new, just about 7 months old. Once it starts gaining a larger user-base, more problems might crop up. How NordPass evolves in response to these issues will establish how good a password manager it really is.

Considering NordVPN’s success, the prospects are hopeful.

Our Verdict

We found NordPass to be exactly the two things that it promised to be: simple and secure. Its security is augmented by the fact that it’s based in Panama, one of the few truly privacy-friendly jurisdictions. It also comes under a strong VPN service, whose developers are familiar with every trick in the book.

It’s focused more on individual users, and its features are rather limited, especially for users with extensive data sets. But other than that, it’s an amazing password manager that seems poised to rub shoulders with the giants in the field soon.

Alternatives of NordPass

There are several viable alternatives to NordPass.

NordPass vs Dashlane

Dashlane is one of the most prominent password managers there are. It also comes with a zero-knowledge protocol, and military-grade encryption algorithm: 256-bit AES. It’s a bit pricy, but it comes with a VPN, and it also tracks dark web activity for your ID/info.

NordPass vs. Google Password Manager

Google Password Manager is the default choice for most users who opt for a free service. But compared to GPM, NordPass has more features, better accessibility, and better encryption. It’s also automatically backed-up and protected behind one master password.

To Wrap Up

We hope that after reading this NordPass review you now have a good idea about the product. We believe its simplicity, security features, state-of-the-art encryption, and a decent free version make it a smart choice for most everyday users. It’s secure and simple enough to use, even for users who don’t yet have any experience with password managers.


What is NordPass?

NordPass is a password manager that is a great option if you need to remember a lot of passwords. It remembers them for you and keeps them secure, so when you need to log in to a website or an app, NordPass can automatically fill in the blanks. You only need to remember one master password and keep the recovery code provided during the signup process safe. Because if you lose that and forget your master password, you may have no other option then to wipe the NordPass vault clean.

How to use NordPass?

When starting with NordPass, it’s a good idea to go through their Getting Started article for your particular device. Its installation is easy enough, and so is making your first account. You may need to turn off your Chrome-based Google Password Manager so that NordPass can take its place as your primary password manager. Once you have set up the master password and can access the vault, the process from then on is a breeze.

Is NordPass safe?

Yes. Until now, there haven’t been any complaints of data breach and leaks. Its zero-knowledge architecture and multi-factor authentication make it as safe as most of the industry-standard password managers.

Is NordPass free?

Yes. It has a free version, but it’s limited to 1 device. If you need simultaneous connectivity across all your devices, you will need to buy its premium version.