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by Nikola Djordjevic

Get in Touch with Us!

We love helping out and hearing from you! So contact us at [email protected] if you’ve got questions related to our site’s content. If you ever need quick answers on growing your business’ website, we’re here for you!

The same goes for reviews of website building apps and tools. If you happen to provide any of these services, just shoot us a request stating the product or service you’d like us to test. Be sure to include your relation to the company as well as a few words on the product itself. Once we evaluate that it’s appropriate for our audience, we’ll gladly do an in-depth review.

When You Should Refrain from Contacting Us

It’s true. We really do enjoy getting messages from our readers. There are cases, however, when contacting us would be a waste of your time and ours.

If you’re unhappy with a service or product we reviewed due to the company’s policies, this is one of the times when getting in touch with us is not your best option. We have no say in the policies of the companies and products we review.

Another instance is if you’re reaching out to ask for a paid review, offer link exchanges, or if you’re looking to sell links. We aim to feature only 100% genuine, unbiased reviews for our readership so we definitely will not be entertaining these sorts of requests.

Excluding these cases, you’re absolutely welcome to shoot us a quick message! Email us to get in touch with your questions, comments, or suggestions. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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