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About ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is a premium editing software to help writers find and fix errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar, reduce overused words and phrases, and optimize word choice. The software also provides feedback on the style and structure of writing to help improve readability as well as detailed reports on consistency, sentence length, and diction. All in all, ProWritingAid analyzes written content from more than 20 different aspects and provides detailed reports on each to help you improve all areas of writing.

ProWritingAid premium plus also includes plagiarism checks along with all other features in the premium plan.

Although there is a free version of ProWritingAid, it only evaluates short documents with word count up to 500. Also, you have to copy the content and paste it on the software to get it checked, which adds an extra step into the writing process. To be able to get documents of any length analyzed by ProWritingAid and that too while you are working on them, you need to upgrade to the software’s premium version, which is paid. 

ProWritingAid Coupons 2020

Since premium and premium-plus tiers of ProWritingAid are paid services, people often look for ProWritingAid discount coupons. Several third-party discount coupon websites offer ProWritingAid promo codes and coupons. Here are some of the latest ProWritingAid coupon codes:


Coupon DescriptionOriginal PriceExpiration DateApply Coupon
50% Off On Lifetime Plan$240
25% Off On All Plans
30% Off On Your Purchase
20% Off on All PlansDecember 2020


What ProWritingAid Coupon Codes the Company Offers?

ProWritingAid offers 20% on subscriptions to students. To benefit from this offer, all you have to do is to submit your academic email address on Student App Centre, and a ProWritingAid discount code will be sent to your inbox.

How to Redeem ProWritingAid Coupon Codes?

If you are using a coupon code from a third-party website, simply click the ‘Get Deal,’ ‘Activate Deal,’ or ‘Show Code’ button to activate the deal or to reveal the ProWritingAid promo code.

The button will either redirect you to the ProWritingAid website with automatic application of the promo code or will provide you a ProWritingAid coupon code, such as in this case:

Once you have a ProWritingAid coupon code, follow these steps to avail it:

  • Visit the Pricing page on
  • Enter the code in the Enter Discount Code tab provided just below the packages.
  • Click Apply to get the discounted rates.
  • Click the Purchase button on your desired plan, and you will be taken to the Payment page.
  • Enter the payment details, and press the Make Payment button to complete the purchase at discounted rates.

Who Is ProWritingAid Coupon for?

ProWritingAid coupons are for every writer who wants to get access to the premium or premium-plus features of the software without having to pay large sums of money (who doesn’t want that?).

Other Deals Available for ProWritingAid 

In addition to offering a 20% discount to students, ProWritingAid offers the following amazing deals to its users:

  • Free Trial – ProWritingAid offers a two-week free trial to let users test various features of the software and figure out if it’s actually useful for them.
  • Free Plan – The basic subscription plan for ProWritingAid is available free of cost for everyone. The plan, however, analyzes your writing on 19 areas as compared to over 20 in premium and premium-plus packages. There is also a word limit of 500 for documents, and the plan can only be used online.
  • ProWritingAid Discounts on Bulk Purchasing– ProWritingAid offers up to 25% discount on the purchase of more 3 and more licenses. Here are some discount details on bulk purchasing:


  • 10% discount on 3 to 4 licenses
  • 15 5 discount on 5 to 9 licenses
  • 20% discount on 10 to 15 licenses
  • 25% discount on 16 or more licenses

There’s also an affiliate program that allows the users to also work as promoters of the software and earn money in return.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

ProWritingAid allows its users to cancel their subscriptions anytime. It also offers a 14-day money-back guarantee for premium plans. However, to prevent the misuse of refund policy, the platform only offers a refund once to a user.

Saving Tips and Tricks for ProWritingAid without a Coupon

If you are unable to get a ProWritingAid voucher code, there’s another ProWritingAid money-saving option for you, i.e., bulk buying. 

Just ask around to see if anyone else in your family, friends, or colleagues is also willing to buy ProWritingAid subscription; you only need three more people. Join hands with them, and buy a bulk package to get a subscription at a reduced price.

Why Choose ProWritingAid?

As discussed at the beginning of the article, every writer can benefit from good editing; however, this is easier said than done. In-depth editing of written content can sometimes take more time than writing it. ProWritingAid helps writers and editors speed up the process of editing by analyzing a content piece for over 20 areas of writing. It not only highlights the words, phrases, and paragraphs that need to be rewritten or improved but also provides suggestions.

So, why waste time in identifying and fixing grammatical and structural issues when you can get it done in a couple of minutes through ProWritingAid? Use a ProWritingAid coupon to get a plan at a reduced price and let the software take care of these issues while you focus on generating amazing ideas.





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