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TruthFinder Review

TruthFinder Review

TruthFinder Review

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  • Basic information available: Yes
  • Contact information and social media available: Yes
  • Criminal records available: Yes
  • Free plan: No
  • Mobile app: Yes, for Android and iOS
  • Dark Web monitoring: Yes

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Best For

Accurate people search and background check

  • Easy to use
  • Provides detailed information
  • Up-to-date reports
  • A free mobile app is available
  • It doesn’t offer a free plan or trial
  • A lot of unnecessary warnings while compiling reports

One Month of Unlimited Phone Reports


One Month of Unlimited Reports


Two Months of Unlimited Reports


Our TruthFinder review will explain everything you need to know about using this public record search engine. So, if you’ve ever wanted to know more about someone new in your life or reconnect with a friend or a relative — you’ve come to the right place!

Continue scrolling to learn more about one of America’s most trusted background search brands.

What Is TruthFinder?

TruthFinder is an online public record search engine that’s been helping Americans learn more about new acquaintances and reconnect with friends and family since 2015. Its services offer people an easy way to access all sorts of public records.

For instance, you can use TruthFinder to perform advanced background checks to reveal contact information, criminal records, employment history, social media accounts, and more.

Once you select your person of interest, TruthFinder will scan hundreds of millions of county, state, and federal records, social media profiles, and even Deep Web information to gather results. 

It will then create a custom report containing personal information, birth/death records, possible relationships, criminal and traffic records, contact info, and much more.

Features and Services

Now that you know a little more about what TruthFinder is and what it does, let’s take a look at some of its most essential features and services.

Reverse phone lookup

This service helps users identify a person by inputting a telephone number. It can be beneficial for preventing scam calls, recognizing a catfish, or learning more about an online seller.

While users can simply search for a phone number on Google, this usually doesn’t show any information for private numbers. On the other hand, reverse phone lookup on TruthFinder can provide a substantial amount of data for most numbers.

People search

You can easily find anyone’s contact information and personal details with this service. All you need are their first and last name. However, if you know their city or state, it can generate thorough results even quicker.

Background check

Being a TruthFinder member allows you unlimited background checks for basically anyone —family members, friends, roommates, business partners, neighbors, and the list goes on.

Reverse address lookup

As one of the top public record search engines, TruthFinder offers this feature to help you find the address of family or friends, learn more about people in your neighborhood, or even determine if a property is worth renting or buying.

Public record search

This feature grants you insight into sensitive information that you previously had to file a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain.

However, now you can simply type a name into and access practically anyone’s birth/death records, criminal reports, bankruptcies, detailed location history, social media profiles, and more.

Online phone book

Not too long ago, you needed a bulky phone book to find someone’s phone number. However, with TruthFinder, all you need to do is type in the person’s name to obtain a current number, location history, and other contact info.

Dark Web scan

Unfortunately, according to most cybersecurity companies, victims of identity theft rarely know it’s happening until it’s too late.

But, thankfully, TruthFinder offers a thorough personal background check and can even monitor your info to notify you if your data has been compromised and is on the Dark Web.

Plans and Pricing

When it comes to price plans, TruthFinder offers you three tiers that primarily differ based on how often you’d like to get charged.

One Month of Unlimited Phone Reports

This option is quite limited, as it offers only the reverse phone lookup service with no background checks. However, it’s available for a very affordable price of $4.99 per month.

One Month of Unlimited Reports

If you choose to go with one month of unlimited reports, TruthFinder will cost you $28.05 per month. You will get access to much more data than with Unlimited Phone Reports, but it’s a pricier option.

Two Months of Unlimited Reports

Lastly, the two-month plan will cost you $46.56 for two months (or $23.28/month). Moreover, your membership will be automatically renewed after 60 days. In fact, all plans have automatic renewal, but you have the right to cancel your subscription at any time.

Customer Support

TruthFinder has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau! Moreover, you can find everything you need to know to get started and solutions to the most common problems on their help page.

A lot of customers have expressed exceptional satisfaction with the online support team. According to many positive TruthFinder reviews, the service was timely, professional, and helpful in resolving issues.

You can get in touch with them by phone or email. The number to reach one of TruthFinder’s US-based agents is (800) 699-8081. You can call this number any time between Monday–Friday at 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM PST (10:00 AM – 10:00 PM EST).

Alternatively, you can send them an email at at any time.

Ease of Use

In the hopes of providing you with a comprehensive review of TruthFinder, we decided to test it out to see if it lives up to its positive reputation.

For starters, it earned bonus points for having a website that’s easy to use and navigate. Plus, it’s quite intuitive, so we knew what we needed to do from the get-go.

To begin our search, we typed our person of interest’s first and last name in the appropriate text boxes without providing any information regarding the city or the state where the person lives. Those fields aren’t mandatory, but they can help narrow down the search results.

We found many people under the same name, so we filtered the results even further with the location. Surely enough, this helped us find the correct record within seconds.

Overall, we feel that TruthFinder performed an accurate background check and provided us with more information than we expected.

TruthFinder Alternatives

In the section below, we’ll compare TruthFinder to some of the best people search sites available in order to help you determine whether it’s right for you.

PeopleLooker vs. TruthFinder

In terms of their user interfaces, these two are quite similar. In fact, both platforms are very straightforward and can search for information about US citizens only.

Both search engines can compile reports with very little input data — first and last names (optional city and state). With this info, you can get criminal records, social media profiles, address and address history, and so much more.

However, a few differences between the two can make one a better option than the other. For example, this alternative doesn’t perform Dark Web searches. But, on the other hand, TruthFinder doesn’t offer unclaimed money searches.

Their prices are also pretty similar, and while TruthFinder is a bit more expensive, we preferred its features and services over this competitor.

Checkr Background vs. TruthFinder

Although both options perform people searches, Checkr is primarily a screening platform for employers. So, as an individual, chances are you won’t find it very useful.

Employers can use Checkr to perform background checks on their potential or current employees. The platform offers many resources to help their clients understand the basics and the importance of background checks.

Companies of all sizes use Checkr — from startups to corporations like Netflix. Its primary purpose is the exact opposite of TruthFinder’s, as it explicitly forbids utilizing the platform for background checks.

In conclusion,  Checkr background is specifically intended for businesses. So, if your goal is to reconnect with a distant cousin or an old friend, this platform is likely not what you’re looking for.

BeenVerified vs. TruthFinder

Service-wise, both companies offer similar options: people search, reverse phone lookup, white pages, public and criminal records, etc.

However, this particular alternative to TruthFinder provides users with helpful guides and articles regarding common legal, safety, lifestyle, real estate, crime, and even relationship questions.

Yet, either of these platforms can compile comprehensive reports using data from public records. So, there’s no clear winner here.

Overall, both its competitor and TruthFinder reviews are very positive. Many people use these public record search engines to perform checks on potential dates, reconnect with distant family members, and get in touch with old friends.

Therefore, deciding which one will work best for you will depend on your personal needs and expectations.


Now more than ever, ensuring your online safety is essential. With TruthFinder, we’re confident that you can do so quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

So, whether you want to learn more about a new love interest or connect with an old friend, we believe this company offers valuable services at an affordable price.


Is there a totally free background check?

There are some free background check tools available online. However, they’re not very reliable, as the sources they use are often limited.

Paid services like TruthFinder access various public records and other sources to compile their reports. Accessing those sources more often than not isn’t free and, therefore, they have to charge for their services to keep themselves in business.

Can I do a background check on myself?

Yes! In fact, many people do this to find out if any of their personal info is available on the Internet. For instance, TruthFinder offers a monitoring tool to check if someone has leaked your data onto the Dark Web. Given that the deep web makes up roughly 90% of the world wide web, this is a feature worth noting.

Is TruthFinder legit?

TruthFinder is a legitimate public record search engine. It has helped many people reconnect with relatives, old friends, as well as perform background checks before dates. So far, the platform has over 60,000 five-star reviews, placing it at the top of the market.

Is TruthFinder safe?

Yes, it’s entirely safe to use. The research and testing we did to create our TruthFinder review serve as a testament to that claim. Therefore, once you become a member, you’ll be able to get unlimited reports on anyone within the US borders, safely from the privacy of your own home.