5 Tips to Increase Customer Conversions in Kansas City

A business depends on its customer base to be successful. Without a reliable group of people who will buy your products or services, it is very tough to turn a profit. Outside of product development, your main strategy for convincing people to make purchases is through marketing initiatives. 

Turning someone from a regular consumer into a customer is a process known as conversion. Once they take the desired action, they have been “converted.” A high conversion rate is the goal of every marketer because it indicates that the work they are doing is enough to convince people to make purchases. 

How can you increase customer conversions with marketing tactics? Here are some ideas your business should work on.

Streamline Website Design

Your website may be the first point of contact for many of your potential customers. Maybe they Google a related search term, and your site is one of the first to pop up, so they click on it. How do you get them to stay on the site and then make a purchase or take another action that brings them closer to buying? 

First, you need them to stay on the site for as long as you can. The longer they stay, the more information they are gaining as the likelihood of a conversion increases. A good user experience is the key to keeping website visitors engaged, and it starts with a streamlined design. Work with a Kansas City digital marketing firm that specializes in web design to create an astonishing website for your company.

Harness Influencers

If your audience includes younger generations, then social media such as Instagram are crucial to your campaign strategy. You can grow your audience further on this platform, resulting in more conversions, by partnering with influencers who are relevant to the industry. A company that makes fitness clothing could partner with a Yoga influencer to access their following while providing value to the influencer’s audience. You can work with them through sponsorships, affiliate marketing links, or individual sponsored posts. Getting your company name in front of a broader audience can lead to higher conversions. 

Create a Podcast

Podcasts are a very popular medium nowadays. People will listen to them while exercising, commuting, cooking, or while relaxing at the end of the day. A great podcast can be informative, funny, creative, or anything that appeals to listeners. Starting a podcast for your business could be a great way for you to demonstrate expertise in the industry and offer helpful solutions to your target audience. It is also a simple platform for advertising your products, but this needs to be wrapped up in providing value with the content of the podcast. Podcast statistics indicate that there is a ton of potential for your business to grow with a solid plan in this medium, so consider how it could become another important channel that leads to conversions. 


The more trust a brand develops with its audience, the more likely it is to see action on the part of the customer. Part of building trust, especially in 2024, is creating a personalized experience for individuals. Artificial intelligence can be very helpful with this initiative, analyzing individual behavior and predicting the best time to send an email or market a certain product to them. When customers find a personalized experience for them, whether that means using their name in a message or recommending a product based on past purchase history, they see that the company understands their needs. Invest in personalized experiences for all your marketing collateral if possible, to increase conversions. 

Focus on Benefits Over Features

Every product or service has features and benefits. The features are the technical capabilities of the item. For example, a comfortable slipper may have a fuzzy inside and rubber soles for better grip. The benefits are what a product does for the customer. In the case of slippers, one of the benefits is warmer feet. Focusing on the benefits of your advertising and going as deep as you can with them is generally a far more effective strategy to drive action with your marketing. The deeper the benefit, the more it will connect to the emotions of the audience members, forcing them to really consider the purchase. 

Craft a Conversion Strategy for the Coming Year

Whether you are dissatisfied with the current sales trends in your company or you simply want to maintain consistent growth, a strategy for increasing conversions is crucial when setting goals for the future of the business. Use some of the methods discussed above to start building a plan for the coming year so that your team can hit the ground running and start strengthening that profit machine.


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