How Many Virtual Assistants Are There?

As an ever-increasing number of people want to work from home, many executives hire remote workers to do day-to-day tasks customarily performed at the office. Therefore, virtual assistant positions have been on the rise.

But, what exactly is the number of virtual assistants in the world?

We’ll tell you that and more below!

How Many Virtual Assistants Are There?

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This number is hard to pin down and depends on how we define the term. If we consider any remote freelancer as a virtual assistant, we could say there are over 30 million globally.

However, if we focus only on employees with the actual title “virtual assistant,” the figure is more like 25,000.

More Stats and Facts About Virtual Assistants

If you want to find out more stats and facts about virtual assistants, continue reading!

An employer can save up to 78% in operating costs by hiring a virtual assistant.

(Source: Time Doctor)

Compared to hiring an in-house worker, an employer will save money with a virtual assistant by not having to pay for office space, desks, and other miscellaneous equipment.

Moreover, according to a recent survey, an executive in the US can save up to $11,000 if they’re willing to hire employees who work remotely. Plus, there are now some great companies that can help you find the perfect virtual assistant specific to your business needs.

The most common tasks performed by virtual assistants are scheduling appointments and making phone calls.

(Source: Investopedia)

Other virtual assistant standard tasks include managing emails and making travel arrangements. However, some of these remote workers have specialized skills like bookkeeping, marketing services, etc.

Around 82% of virtual assistants in the US are female.

(Source: Zippia)

An additional 13% are male, while we don’t know the gender of around 4% of the virtual assistants in the US. However, unfortunately, even though more women are in the industry, men are better paid as they get $1 for every 97 cents women earn.

Around 70% of virtual assistants are white.

(Source: Zippia)

The virtual assistants statistics and demographics indicate that around 14.8% are Hispanic or Latino, while African Americans account for 8.7%. About 3.5% of all virtual assistants are Asian, and 0.6% are Native American.

The average base salary of a virtual assistant in the US is around $4,600 per month.

(Source: Indeed / MyVirtuDesk)

Furthermore, over 87% of all virtual assistants are paid hourly. The average hourly rate in the US is around $20, which amounts to over $60,000 annually.

The virtual assistant industry growth rate is one of the top ten fastest in the remote career categories.

(Source: FlexJobs)

FlexJobs ranked “Virtual admin” sixth out of fifty different remote career categories. The only categories that came before were HR & Recruiting, Operations, Internet & Ecommerce, Insurance, and Graphic Design.

More than 60% of all virtual assistants are college graduates.

(Source: MyVirtuDesk)

The figure above clearly shows that most workers in this field are educated and qualified.

Additionally, around 59% of those employed as virtual assistants work at it as a full-time job, meaning they spend 40 hours per week.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know some virtual assistant industry statistics, you may consider it a viable career choice or an option when searching for employees for your company. Plus, all current stats indicate that this type of remote work will continue to grow!


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