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SugarSync Review

SugarSync Review

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  • Scheduled backup: Available
  • Disaster recovery: Available
  • Privacy & security: AES 128-bit
  • External data hard drive: No
  • Speed: Great
  • Online file sync: Yes
  • Continuous data backup: Available
  • Cloud storage: No

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Windows Windows
Mac OS Mac OS
Android Android
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Best For

Reliable file and cloud syncing service.

  • Easy to configure and use
  • Intuitive desktop client
  • Robust SugarSync iOS and Android apps
  • Secure AES-256 bit encryption
  • Higher price
  • No Linux app
  • No end-to-end encryption

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Personal - 250GB


Personal - 500GB


Business - 1000GB


SugarSync reviews have always been controversial. Some praise the tool’s ease-of-use and security. They recently revamped their apps – resolving issues that users encountered. But some reviewers claim it’s not up to par with competitors.

So, the question is:

Is the new SugarSync worth it?

Find out in this SugarSync review!

SugarSync Compatibility 

SugarSync download options include:

  • SugarSync app for Windows 7, 8.1 and 10
  • SugarSync for Mac 10.12 and higher

The minimum RAM requirement is 4GB. You can also use the SugarSync app on Android and iOS.

SugarSync isn’t available for Linux. You can only use the web application to access, download, and share files.

What Is SugarSync Good for?

Sync your files automatically across devices and protect your valuable information with a user-friendly file and cloud syncing service. The platform stands out with a sleek and intuitive interface, multiple integrations, and advanced security.

Try it out with a free 30-day trial, available for all SugarSync plans!


SugarSync reviews claim it’s one of the best folder sync software for beginners. To get started, go to and sign up. The web client provides a quick tutorial, guiding you through the main features. Installing and configuring the SugarSync desktop app is just as easy. As a bonus, when you get the SugarSync download for Mac or Windows, the platform gives you some extra storage.

Sugar Sync Features 

SugarSync has everything you need from online storage and file syncing software. It backs up your files, keeping them safe and accessible, provides collaboration tools, and seamlessly integrates with other software.

But there’s more:

SugarSync comes with unique benefits that set it apart from competitors.

Robust SugarSync Apps

Both desktop and mobile apps are sleek, fast, and functional. You can upload a file to the cloud with the click of a button. On mobile, SugarSync automatically backs up your photos and videos, making sure you don’t lose any precious memories. SugarSync reviews also praise the consistent experience and easy navigation.

SugarSync is user-friendly on both desktop and mobile, making backup and sync across devices an effortless, fuss-free affair.

Protected Folders

To protect you from ransomware, SugarSync uses a feature called Protected Folders. With Protected Folders, SugarSync keeps up to 12 backup versions of your folders.

To start using folder protection:

  • Right-clicking on any folder
  • Select “Create Protected Folder
  • Configure the number of copies
  • Set the schedule for backups – daily, every three days, weekly, every two weeks, or monthly.

Unlike file versioning, these backups count against your cloud storage limit. So, be selective about the folders you choose and the frequency you set up.

SugarSync Manager

The platform features an intuitive and functional manager for file organization and control. With a simple UI and a universal look across platforms, the SugarSync file explorer is easy-to-use on desktop, mobile, and web alike.

Rich Sharing & Collaboration Tools 

SugarSync comes with several handy file and folder sharing features:

  • Shared folders. Add clients, co-workers, or friends to your shared folder to work together on files. Control permissions by sharing as “read-only” or give users editing rights. 
  • Public links. Generate a public link for any file or folder to make them downloadable with no registration needed.
  • Outlook links. With the Microsoft Outlook integration, you can send public links instead of email attachments. SugarSync tracks the number of downloads, and you can disable the link at any time.

Another thing SugarSync reviews praise is the available integrations.

SugarSync Integrations 

SugarSync integrates smoothly with any software ecosystem – you can connect it to 2000+ different apps. Some of the most popular integrations include:

  • Sync information with G-Suite applications like Gmail, Google Sheets, Google Calendar, and more. 
  • Use Slack to let your team know about new files and folder updates.
  • Optimize your project management by automating SugarSync’s interaction with Trello, Asana, Basecamp 2, and Wrike 
  • Streamline marketing activities with SugarSync’s MailChimp and HubSpot integration, as well as seamless social media communication.

SugarSync also integrates with other cloud storage services like Dropbox,, and Google Drive.

SugarSync Security  

SugarSync uses AES 256-bit encryption to process all file transfers.

How strong is this?

256-bit private key has 2256 possible combinations. This is a 78-digit number of combinations to check if you’re trying to break the encryption. Even a supercomputer would take millions of years to crack it.

In short: SugarSync encryption is unbreakable. 

The Protected Folders feature is another layer of security for your files. By keeping folder backups, SugarSync prevents ransomware attacks to your information.

The only disadvantage of SugarSync’s security is the lack of end-to-end encryption. This means the company does have access to your files – and could hand them over to law enforcement if served a notice.

SugarSync Login & Setup 

Getting started with SugarSync is as easy as breeze. The SugarSync Windows 10 download and set up took me less than ten minutes. You have to manually select the folders you want to sync through the File Manager.

SugarSync does the rest for you, backing up the information to the cloud. Once on the cloud, you can also sync the files locally on other devices for offline access. You can also share files and folders either privately or by creating a public link.

SugarSync Devices 

SugarSync is available on iOS and Android, and it has most of the desktop app functionality. Use it to backup your photos and videosfree up space on your phone, as well as access and manage files on the cloud.

The SugarSync Android app installed quickly and worked smoothly on my device. The features I loved particularly included:

  • Stream music from SugarSync – the app has an integrated media player that allowed me to stream songs I had uploaded on my account.
  • Automatic photo & video backups – make sure your memories are safe by setting up auto-sync.
  • PIN for extra privacy – keep your files safe from prying eyes by setting a PIN code for access to the SugarSync app.

Upload & Download Speed 

The platform doesn’t restrict your speed, no matter if you’re a free or paid user. That said, some SugarSync users report occasional slow upload speed, usually due to the bandwidth throttling.

When you first install SugarSync, the speed is automatically set to 80% of bandwidth (Medium). To change it, go to Preferences ->  Bandwidth and use the slider to set upload speed. Drag it up to High (100%) to make sure the file/folder uploads quickly or choose Low (10kB/s) to save on network usage.

SugarSync Pricing & Plans

There are three SugarSync plans for individual use, as well as a corporate use plan.

The platform is easily one of the best personal cloud storage options because all personal plans come with the same benefits. Sync folders across all your devices, with unlimited file size or upload speed. If you run out of space, you can upgrade to a higher tier:

  • 100GB for $7.49 per month
  • 250GB for $9.99 per month 
  • 500GB for $18.95 per month

Use the referral program to get even more storage space. Even if your friend cancels after the 30-day trial, you get to keep 500MB extra. If they sign up for an account, both of you get 10GB extra.

SugarSync for Business

SugarSync corporate solutions start at $55 per month (or $550 per year) and guarantee:

  • 1TB of storage space
  • Admin control through the advanced dashboard.
  • Dedicated phone support to quickly solve any SugarSync problems.

With a business plan, you have more control over your account, and you can make sure operation-critical information is safe.

Admins can delegate accessset storage limit permissions, and remote wipe devices. If an employee leaves the company, for instance, you can easily delete files and restrict their access to prevent privacy breaches.

SugarSync Support 

SugarSync’s help center and support team pleasantly surprised me.

You can get in touch with SugarSync customer service via email, a ticketing system, or phone.

Before that, check the SugarSync knowledge base. It is extensive, and it can usually answer your question.

When researching for this SugarSync review, I contacted customer service twice, and both times they answered emails in under 1 hour. This is far quicker than average, and it’s one of the main advantages of choosing SugarSync.

NB: The SugarSync cancellation system recently changed. Before, you had to contact the SugarSync team to cancel your account. Now, you can do it from the web app. Go to My Account -> Current Plan -> Change and click on “Cancel Account.” Your account will be suspended at the end of the billing cycle.

SugarSync User Reviews 

SugarSync backup reviews used to be quite critical. Some of the main issues included:

  • SugarSync was down too often.
  • The platform was too pricey.
  • Free trials were hard to cancel (you had to contact customer service personally).

Thankfully, SugarSync has made several improvements over the past year. SugarSync reviews from 2020 praise the improvement in functionality and ease-of-use. The company has improved several technical aspects of the service, making it much more reliable and enhancing the user-friendly UI even more. And, yes, you can now cancel your SugarSync account with the click of a button.

SugarSync Review: Our Verdict

Easy-to-usesecure, and versatile, SugarSync has improved tremendously over the past year. While some aspects still need polishing (e.g., the lack of a Linux client,) the platform is still one of the best online storage options for personal and corporate use.

SugarSync Competitors

How does SugarSync stack up to other syncing and storage options? Let’s find out:

OneDrive vs. SugarSync

OneDrive excels at sharing and collaboration, and it has the same highly efficient customer support as SugarSync does. However, OneDrive doesn’t sync external hard drives, nor does it have the protected folder functionality. They also set file size limitations.

Google Drive vs. SugarSync

Google Drive shares a lot of the limitations of OneDrive. Your file uploads have a size limitation, and you can’t set automatic backups. Syncing external hard drives or NAS servers is also off the table.

Dropbox vs. SugarSync  

Dropbox is a popular SugarSync alternative, offering a lot of similar features.

With both services, you can use protected foldersversion and restore files, and automatically backup photos and videos from your phone.

However, Dropbox lacks in the sharing and collaboration aspect – you can’t control folder permissions, nor can you share multiple folders at once.

SugarSync Review: Final Thoughts

SugarSync reviews used to criticize the high prices and limited functionality. With the latest updates, SugarSync became a worthy competitor to giants like Google Drive and OneDrive. Whether you need to backup your precious memories or safeguard essential company data, SugarSync has your back. Try it SugarSync free today!


What is SugarSync?

SugarSync is an easy-to-use cloud storage and file sync platform. Use it for online backupssyncing information across devices, and collaborating on files and folders. Their simple UI, the unlimited number of devices for all plans, and their commitment to security make SugarSync one of the best cloud storage solutions.

How do you use SugarSync?

Get started with SugarSync by signing up on the website. You can choose a free account or start a free trial for one of the paid plans. The 30-day free trial requires you to add payment information, but it can be canceled at any time.

The SugarSync download is available for Mac and Windows, as well as different mobile devices.

Once installed, you can start syncing folders. From the desktop app, click “Manage Folders” and select the folders you want to backup. Avoid syncing folders with active programs or databases in them (e.g., Outlook) – to backup Outlook data use the app integration instead.

To share files/folders, go to the “Sharing” tab on your SugarSync account. Click “New Share” and select whether you want to share privately or as a public link.

Speed up collaboration by importing your contacts from Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook, or adding them manually.

You can see and manage your shares from the SugarSync app and cancel folder sharing at any time.

What is SugarSync manager?

SugarSync doesn’t automatically sync all of your folders. Instead, you select folders/files to sync via the file manager. With the SugarSync manager, you can control and organize your files and manage sharing and permissions.

Is SugarSync secure?

Yes, SugarSync is a secure cloud storage and file-sharing software. The platform uses 256-bit encryption for all data transfers, making sure nobody can intercept and steal your information. For additional peace-of-mind, use the Protected Folders function to create regular backups of your most important folders and protect them from ransomware.

Is SugarSync HIPAA compliant?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) applies to health information protection and safeguarding.

If your business handles personal health information, your cloud service provider should sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA). The BAA confirms the company’s HIPAA compliance and ensures they will safeguard health information on your behalf.

Even though SugarSync is an excellent solution for most businesses, it’s currently not HIPAA-compliant.

Is Sugarsync offline?

Yes, locally sync data to your device to make them accessible offline. Once the file/folder is synced to the cloud, you can easily sync it to any other device running SugarSync. Just make sure both the source and receiving computer have SugarSync installed. Since the platform doesn’t limit the number of devices for any plans, you can use this option to keep files accessible and backed up across computers, phones, or tablets you use.