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Tailor Brands Review

Tailor Brands Review

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  • Supported formats: PNG/JPG/EPS
  • Logo maker: Available
  • Charts and maps: No
  • Print formats: N/A
  • Infographics: No
  • Image editor: No
  • Customer support: Great
  • Business doc formats: N/A

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Best For

Logo creation

  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Great value for money
  • Extensive range of branding tools
  • Mobile app available
  • Lacks interpersonal communication
  • No contact number







A logo is the most crucial part of a brand’s identity. It’s also what helps create brand recall essential if you hope to attract and retain a broad customer base. 

With Tailor Brands, you can get a customized logo that can help you create a unique brand image for your business.

In our Tailor Brands review, you’ll learn about the company’s strengths, weaknesses, the benefits it offers, and so much more.

So, let’s dig in!

What is Tailor Brands?

Tailor Brands is a logo design and branding platform founded by three friends who are designers and creatives themselves.

They claim that it’s the first of its kind to be powered by AI. With Tailor Brands, you don’t have to have a design experience to create a logo design in minutes.

Device Compatibility

Tailor Brands reviews pointed out the platform’s lack of available extensions for the application. You can only access it via its website through your laptop.

However, the company also offers an application called “Logo Maker by Tailor Brands.” The application is available for both iOS and Android so that you can design a logo on the go.

Supported Formats

You don’t only get a vast range of graphic design features with Tailor, but you can also download your Tailormade logo or presentation in multiple formats:

  • High-resolution PNG
  • High-resolution JPG
  • A vector EPS file

What is Tailor Brands Best For?

Our Tailor Brands review for 2021 found out that if you need a quick logo but lack the graphic designing skills to create one, then Tailor Brands, an online graphic tool, is what you’re looking for.

Not only that! It can also help you make social media posts and brand merchandise in sync with the logo and the brand identity you’re striving for.

Ease of Use

The studio of Tailor Brands may not be as advanced as its competitors in terms of graphic designing tools, but it is incredibly easy to use.

With the test we did for this Tailor Brands website review, we can confirm that the user interface is very straightforward as the target audience for the product is non-graphic designers.

It’s suitable even for complete beginners, which is awesome because people tend to purchase a plan if they find the user experience on the site is pleasant.

It allows you to save all your designs. You can also access a wide range of resources to learn how to use Tailor’s digital design tools.


Our Tailor Brands review wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t scrutinize Tailor Brands’ best features. We want to ensure that we leave no stones unturned for the sake of an accurate review. So, without further ado, let’s dig in.

Templates and Designs

An essential part of creating this review was researching the templates and designs available. All we can say is — you can kiss standardized templates goodbye!

The automated logo generator offers a lot more customizability, which is excellent because the first impressions on a website are based on its visuals and designs.


To begin your logo-making process, you will first have to answer a short questionnaire about your company.

We suggest that you prepare beforehand and have a concise brand image in your head. You will even have to answer questions about the font you’d like.

That’s one of the coolest features that make Tailor Brands stand out among logo-making tools.


The next step we did for this Tailor Brands review, which is the same for everyone, was to develop a tagline or your brand’s name. A logo’s essence lies in its text or its visuals, and this is the step where you define both.


Once you submit all the information, the logo software will generate multiple options that you can choose from. Once you select a logo design, you can then further optimize it and change its color, size,  and so on.

Working with Tailor is like working with a personal designer — just without the hefty price tag associated.

Tailor Brands Pricing and Plans

Tailor Brands offers three pricing plans to its customers — Basic, Standard, and Premium. Let’s take a look:

Tailor Brands Basic Plan

  • $9.99 per month — you can get a discount if you pay for the entire year, reducing the cost to $3.99 per month.
  • Features included are a high-resolution logo with full ownership.
  • Access to social media logos and the logo resize tool.

Tailor Brands Standard Plan

  • $19.99 per month — you can get the cost per month reduced to $5.99 by paying for the entire year up front, and as per Tailor Brands reviews, the standard plan is the most popular one.
  • High-resolution logo
  • Ownership
  • Tailor social media logo
  • Logo resizing
  • Vector EPS files
  • Special logo generator
  • Business card design tool
  • Stationery tool

Tailor Brands Premium Plan

  • $49.99 per month or $12.99 per month if you pay for the entire year upfront.
  • High-resolution logomaking
  • Ownership of the product
  • Social media logo designing
  • Customization
  • Vector EPS files
  • Seasonal logo generator
  • Stationery and business card graphic tools
  • Social media analytics
  • Automated updates

Our Tailor Brands review of the price leads us in finding Tailor Brands coupons, where you can get massive discounts. The coupons range from 25% to 50%, 70%, and 80% discounts. Plus, Tailor Brands also has a free version for testing the waters.

Customer Support

As with every tool, we took the time to test the customer support options to give you the best Tailor Brands review possible.

On the website, you get access to frequently asked questions and a massive range of blogs and tutorials on making the best of the platform.

It also has a pretty new YouTube channel for tutorials and DIY videos. Another plus point we see for Tailor Brands since most people would rather watch a YouTube tutorial  than read a product’s instructions.

But what about contacting the customer support team? Here’s what we discovered while researching for our Tailor Brands website builder review:

You can only reach out to them via email, and the absence of a phone number makes communication difficult.

But there’s something that caught our attention. Tailor Brands has live chat support, which most people prefer to get customer support, including us. It quite compensated for the lack of phone support. However, it took them a few hours to respond to our message.

Tailor Brands User Reviews

The majority of user reviews we saw were positive. Small businesses, in particular, seem to depict a heightened level of trust in the company’s services. The platform’s ease of use and the flexibility it offers, in particular, seem to be the main reasons for its popularity.

However, Tailor Brands has Reddit users quite dissatisfied with the company’s customer service. The company must address these reviews since most people’s purchasing decisions rely on online reviews.

Tailor Brands Alternative Platforms

The two most popular alternatives for Tailor Brands are the Wix logo maker and Looka. However, the number of tools and services offered by Tailor Brands gives it an edge over its competitors.

But let’s see how they stack up with each other!

Tailor Brands vs. Wix

Wix is indeed a popular brand, but it’s more well-known as a website builder than a logo-maker that Tailor Brands is known for, so there aren’t any apples-to-apples comparisons here.

But in fairness to Wix logo-maker, it has also built quite an impression for logo-making, if only for its ease of use, which Tailor Brands also bear.

Tailor Brands vs. Looka

Now, this is where we can make an apples-to-apples comparison since both brands became famous as logo-makers.

Both are powered by AI and have tons of designs to choose from. You can use both for free, and both are easy to use.

But Tailor Brands’ edge over Looka is that it has lower pricing, with the basic plan at only $3.99 a month when paid yearly, while Looka’s is at $4.99 a month per year.

So, with almost the same features but one is cheaper than the other, which one would you choose?

Our Verdict

To conclude our Tailor Brands review, we can confidently say that you won’t be sorry if you trust Tailor Brands to help you with your logo.

The Tailor logo maker is incredibly easy to use and affordable, providing its customers with optimal value for money. The interface is pretty straightforward, and the design process is as uncomplicated as possible to cater to beginners and novices.


Are Tailor Brands Tools Safe?

Tailor Brands logo maker is entirely safe to use. Even with the basic plan, you have full ownership of the logo you generate, so there are no chances of being stolen.

However, you should keep a careful eye on the logo of your choice as it may be incredibly similar to that of your competitors.

How Do I Cancel Tailor Brands Subscription?

You can choose to cancel your subscription any time you want, but know that Tailor doesn’t offer refunds. To cancel it manually, you can click the cancel button on your subscription setting.

How do you use Tailor Brands?

Using Tailor Brands in creating a logo is as easy as 1-2-3. Actually, make that 1-2-3-4-5-6 because there are six easy steps to follow:

  1. Enter your business name on the search bar.
  2. Choose a logo type from the selection that the page will show you.
  3. Select up to three font styles you like so that the AI will know your preferences.
  4. Design your logo with its logo creator.
  5. Customize your design based on the selections the AI created for you.
  6. Download your logo, and you’re done.

Our Tailor Brands review can’t praise enough the simplicity of this process.