How Many Google Searches Per Day are There?

Google is highly regarded as one of the top tech companies in the world, alongside Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook. Yet, it’s even more popularly known for being the most used search engine on the internet.

But, just what do the numbers look like behind this claim?

Keep reading to find out!

How Many Google Searches per Day are There in the World?

As the number of Google users continues to rise, it’s not surprising that the total daily searches have grown exponentially. As a matter of fact, there are around 40,000 searches every second, which translates to over 3.5 million searches per day.

(Source: Internet Live Stats)

Other Jaw-Dropping Statistics About Google

Just the number of searches per day likely verifies that Google is indeed the world’s largest search engine. However, below, we’ll provide even more stats and facts to reveal the true scope of its dominance.

Google’s Search Engine Market Share

Google search statistics show that it’s indeed the largest search engine, with a market share of 91.4%, compared to its competitors. Bing has 3.14%, Baidu has 1.76%, Yahoo has 1.53%, Yandex has 0.92%, and DuckDuckGo has 0.66%.

(Source: GsStatcounter)

Number of Google Searches by Country—Top 5

According to the latest data from Statista from April 2021, the top 5 countries with the highest number of desktop searches are:

  1. India – 95.45% 
  2. Brazil – 92.58%
  3. Spain – 91.97%
  4. Italy – 91.34%
  5. Hongkong – 91.12%

(Source: Statista)

How Many Google Searches Have There Been in the US?

Even though the United States wasn’t a part of the top five countries with the highest search queries, it still had a substantial share of desktop searches as of July 2021, with 13.46 million. 

No recent searches have been recorded yet, but we expect to see continued growth once the reports come out.

(Source: Statista)

Trending Searches in the US

The top three trending searches on Google in the US for December 6th, 2021, were Patriots with over 2 million, Pearl Harbor Day with over 500 thousand, and Tommy Fury with over 200 thousand searches.

(Source: Google Trends)

Top Google Searches in 2021 (July to September)

Given the brand names and reputation of the companies below, it makes complete sense that they were the most searched on Google so far in 2021. 

  1. YouTube – 1.4 billion
  2. Facebook – 1.1 billion
  3. WhatsApp Web – 618 million
  4. Google – 543.3 million
  5. Gmail – 414 million

(Source: Semrush)

Number of Google’s Global Employees by Gender

Google is a massive company and therefore has an enormous global workforce. As far as the gender of its employees, Google search demographics from July 2021 indicate that 66% are male and only 34% are female.

(Source: Statista)

Wrapping Up

Google statistics is an exciting topic to discuss. But more than anything else, the numbers above demonstrate how this giant tech company got to its current status of being the number one most used search engine.

So, just how many Google searches per year are there? Given the number of searches every second (over 40,000), that’s about 1.2 trillion searches per year. And we anticipate that these numbers will continue to grow in the years to come.


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