Dell Technologies Invests in Anti-Ransomware Startup Calamu

The global capital investment firm Dell Technologies Capital has recently made a venture investment in Calamu—an anti-ransomware startup founded only this year.

Dell Technologies Capital is a part of Dell Technologies, the tech giant popularly known as a maker of high-end computers and digital technology solutions. The capital investment firm has been supporting early-stage companies to help push their enterprise technology innovations.

Dell Technologies Capital’s managing director, Raman Khanna, issued a statement saying that the recent partnership with Calamu was rooted in the potential they saw with the new startup to revolutionize enterprise data storage, management, and security.

He was quoted to further state that Calamu’s unique data protection holds tremendous power in providing a solution in the continuous battle against ransomware and cybersecurity threats.

On the other side of the story, Paul Lewis, founder and CEO of Calamu stated that the company was purposely looking for bigger technology platforms to partner with.

Dell’s leadership and expertise in enterprise technology suited the startup’s vision of partnering with larger data platforms. He hopes to leverage this opportunity to improve the company’s technology further.

Right now, the partnership focuses on Calamu Protect technology that performs data protection processes, such as hashing, compressing, and data encryption.

It breaks the data into three encrypted fragments and stores them in three different locations via different public clouds. Theoretically, an attacker would need to combine all those three fragments to gain access to the data (which would still be encrypted).

Calamu Protect is still in the beta testing stage and will only be available after a few months. Once released, the expectation is that hackers will only get useless data even if data breaches do happen.

However, the data will remain accessible to its rightful user. Hence, unless a phishing attack provides the user’s credentials to the hacker, the data will remain secure. Calamu’s technology could also potentially detect a ransomware attack. However, no further information is available at this time as to how exactly it would do this.

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