What Is the Average Salary of a Web Developer?

Web development is a competitive, diverse industry that is constantly evolving. New technologies and other innovations are introduced continuously, which means web developers must work hard to stay current on the latest trends and coding languages.

Most jobs in web development are considered impressive careers in terms of salary, benefits, and advancement opportunities.

But how much does a Web Developer make a year? Keep reading to find the answer here.

What Is the Average Salary of a Web Developer?

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The average salary of a web page developer in the USA is $89,960, which is $46.13 per hour.

Entry-level salaries begin at $66,533 a year, with most web developers earning up to $126,750 a year.

More Stats and Facts About the Salary of a Web Developer

Web developers are among the highest-paid online careers in the world. The greater their knowledge in a particular field, the higher their salary.

Here are some more interesting statistics and facts about web developers’ salaries.

Washington is the city in which web developers earn the most.

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Tech-heavy cities like New York, Washington, and Los Angeles rank the highest regarding web developer salaries.

The average salary of a web developer in New York City is $78,108 a year. Second on the list is Washington, with an average salary of $78,054 a year, and Los Angeles, with $73,970 a year.

Which web developer has the highest salary?

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Known as the owner of PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX, and many international companies, Elon Musk’s net worth is estimated at $207.3 billion. He is the highest-paid Web Developer in the world. He is actually $152 billion richer than any other Programmer worldwide.

His influence in the technology industry has resulted in many advancements worldwide, and he has also demonstrated efficient skills and programming expertise.

Over 241,462 Web Developers are employed in the US.

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78.2% of Web Developers are men, while 21.8% are women. Most  web developers work in NYC and Chicago, Illinois, but Washington is the best state for web developers.

The finance industry pays the most for web developers.

The average Front End Web Developer salary is $105,344 in the US.

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They also receive an average additional compensation of $11,305, resulting in average total compensation of $116,649.

Web Methods Developer is the highest-paid Web Developer job in 2022.

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The salary range for a Web Developer of this type is between $109,500-$177,000 a year.

A Web Methods Developer is in charge of creating computer software in the webMethods environment. They use different programming languages to build the architecture of new systems before integrating them.

Wrapping Up

Web development is one of the world’s most popular career fields and rapidly growing industries. Yet, despite the growth of the industry, salaries continue to rise. And the demand for Web Developers is booming.

It’s an excellent time to be a developer of any kind. And now that you know the average web development salary, you may consider changing career paths.

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