How Much Is Instagram Worth?

In 2010, founders Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom introduced Instagram as a video platform for photo and video sharing. 

These days, Instagram is the world’s largest photo and video-sharing platform. It’s also the most popular platform for social media marketing for brands and business owners.

By February 2011, Instagram was worth around $25 million. But let’s see how much it’s worth now. 

Let’s dig in!

How Much Is Instagram Worth?

(Source: Net Worth Spot) 

Instagram has risen to the forefront of digital marketing and advertising. The net worth of Instagram in 2022 is around $1.6 billion.

However, this is just an estimate because the actual net worth is never announced to the public. Some even calculate it to be around $2.56 billion if earnings beyond the company are considered.

More Stats and Facts About Instagram 

Instagram has more than a billion monthly active users, and 60% of its users use the platform to find new products.

Here are some more exciting statistics and facts about this famous social media platform.

How much is Instagram’s annual revenue?

(Source: Business of Apps)

In 2020, the estimated Instagram revenue was $26.8 billion; in 2021, it increased to $47.6 billion.

In 2012, Facebook, now Meta, bought Instagram for $1 billion. It was an excellent investment since, in 2021, Instagram’s revenue accounted for nearly 50% of Facebook’s total revenue.

How much is a 10k Instagram account worth?

(Source: Inselly)

An Instagram account’s worth depends on factors like follower count, engagement rate, niche, growth rate, and demographics. 

On average, an Instagram account with 10k followers is worth about $100. However, as mentioned, the value of your Instagram account isn’t solely determined by the number of followers, so this is just an estimate.

How much is a 100k Instagram account worth?

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The more followers, the more the Instagram account is worth. A standard rate is $10 per 1,000 followers, but this can differ depending mainly on the sponsor and contract. 

On average, a 100K Instagram account is between $700 and $900.

How many verified accounts are there on Instagram?

(Source: Statista)

According to a study conducted in 2020, 73.4% of the accounts with more than 1 million Instagram followers are verified. Additionally, 22.4% of the accounts with 100,000 to 1 million followers are verified. 

Regarding the number of followers, Instagram’s own Instagram account has the most followers. Next on the list are Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylie Jenner, and Lionel Messi, respectively.

How much is an Instagram post worth?

(Source: Influencer Marketing Hub)

Sponsored posts demonstrate how a particular brand’s product fits seamlessly into the influencers’ life and how it can fit into the lives of their followers. 

People with over 100k followers earn around $700-$900 per post. Those with 500k followers can charge between $2,000 and $3,000 per sponsored post.

However, celebrities like Kim Kardashian can charge $300,000 for one social media post across all her platforms.

Wrapping Up 

We hope we were able to create more awareness about this platform’s influence. 

Maybe no one can give the exact estimate of Instagram‘s net worth in 2022, but the fact remains that the platform isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So, take your phone and create some amazing Instagram-worthy content!

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